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I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant: People …

People Say: I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant cheat and answers are proved on this page, This game is developed by ELIA …

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I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant

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People Say I always order … when I go to a Mexican …

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I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant People Say

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I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant.

I get my best eas when I’m ___. SLEEPING. SHOWERING. DRIVING. EATING. DRUNK ; You would probably find ___ in a magician’s bag. RABBIT. WAND. CARDS. HAT. BIRD.

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I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant

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I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant People Say


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The #1 Order to Never Make at a Mexican Restaurant …

But not all Mexican restaurants take the same stringent approach to … in a Mexican Pizza now and again, but we also don’t go to Taco Bell …

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Karen’s at a Mexican restaurant😂😂
Karen’s at a Mexican restaurant😂😂

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People Say: [I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant] -Answers » Puzzle Game Master

I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant: People Say Answers

People Say: I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant cheat and answers are provided on this page, This game is developed by ELIA GAMES and it is available on the Google PlayStore & Apple AppStore. The game concept is simple: a sentence with blanks and you have to find the 5 most given answers by other players to fill those blanks. Develop your imagination, your vocabulary, and your spelling. People Say is the latest game by the creators of Top 7 and Jungle Quiz. Here you will find all the answers to People Say on this page.

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I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant TACOS, BURRITO, NACHOS, QUESADILLA, ENCHILADAS

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I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant

Please find below all the answers for I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant . This question is part of People Say Level 23. People Say is a fantastic brand new game developed by ELIA Games (creators of Top 7 and also Relaxing Words). If you are stuck and are looking for all the possible answers for I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant then look no further as we have shared all the correct answers below.

I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant


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I always order … when I go to a Mexican restaurant. People Say [ Answers ]

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I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant People Say

Please find below all the I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant People Say Answers and Solutions. People Say is a brand new game developed by ELIA Games for both iOS and Android. Can you guess all top 5 answers for each of the questions given? If you are stuck and are looking for a specific solution then look no further. I have just finished solving not only I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant People Say but also People Say Answers All Levels. If something is wrong or missing kindly let me know by leaving a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant People Say


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when I go to a Mexican restaurant. People Say

I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant.

Explore the I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant. answers on this page. I always order ___ when I go to a Mexican restaurant. puzzle is part of People Say Level 23. People Say is invented by Elia Games, and is becoming very popular each day. The poupose of the game is to fill in the missing words of the sentence with the correct solution.


This clue is part of: People Say Level 23 Answers

I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant

Here you may find all I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant Answers and Solutions. People Say is a fantastic word puzzle game available for both iOS and Android devices. If you are stuck with this question and are looking for the possible solutions then continue reading below as our staff has just finished solving the whole game and posted the answers. People Say is a fantastic trivia game puzzle which will keep your brain sharp all day long. Make sure to update the game to the latest version so that you can get all the latest game levels.

I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant


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I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant People Say

Our page will help you with I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant People Say. This game is produced and released by ELIA GAMES which have also released the game TOP 7. You need to solve the missing words to complete the sentence given for each level and sometimes it gets very difficult for you to find the correct answer. Our team has shared all answers below so make sure to revisit our website.

I always order when I go to a Mexican restaurant People Say

How To Tell If You’re Eating At An Authentic Mexican Restaurant In Grapevine Texas

Signs You’re Eating Authentic Mexican Food Grapevine TX

Over the past several decades, Mexican food has grown in popularity in the United States.

It’s now the 3rd most popular type of cuisine in the country, thanks to an increasing Mexican-American population and interest in foreign cuisines.

Unfortunately, the high popularity of Mexican food has prompted a lot of imitators. These places claim to serve authentic Mexican cuisine but instead serve something closer to Taco Bell.

Want to make sure the Mexican food Grapevine TX you get is authentic? Keep reading. We’ll show the signs you should look for in a true Mexican restaurant.

Spanish is Spoken

If you hear Spanish spoken in the restaurant and the menu is written in Spanish, you’re on the right track. Try learning some basic Spanish words and get an idea of what you’re ordering:

Pollo: Chicken

Carne: Meat (usually beef)

Carnitas: Pork

Pescado: Fish

Camarones: Shrimp

That said, don’t stress out if you don’t understand all the words on the menu. In general, just about anything you try will be great. Go ahead and take a risk! Branch out; try different things.

Simplicity is Key

Many American style Mexican restaurants serve large burritos the size of a small pillow.

These burritos typically come stuffed with meat, rice, beans, salsas, and vegetables.

In authentic Mexican food Grapevine TX, burritos and tacos contain just the right amount of ingredients. The simpler, the better.

The same thing goes for your taco. An authentic one has lime, cilantro, and onion; lettuce and tomato is a sign of Americanized food. By the way, if the restaurant does not have any cilantro, it’s not the real deal.

Additionally, look out for “double-decker” food options. Burritos, tacos, and tostadas should only ever include a single layer.

Spicy is Not Necessarily Authentic

Some people assume that an authentic Mexican experience means eating food that brings tears to their eyes.

It’s true jalapenos and chili peppers are popular ingredients in Mexican cooking. But many traditional dishes feature mild flavors and aren’t spicy at all.

Pay Attention to the Salsa

While not all the food needs to burn your mouth off, every good Mexican place should have a spicy salsa.

Bonus points if the restaurant serves its salsa with homemade tortilla chips. Pico de gallo, a mild salsa with large chunks of tomato, is more American than apple pie.

What Hot Sauce is on the Table?

If you like a little extra spice though, feel free to add some good Mexican hot sauce. Pay attention to the label on the bottle to determine whether your restaurant is the real deal.

You should never see tabasco on the table at a true Mexican restaurant. Instead, look for Cholula, la Victoria, or something home bottled.

Corn Tortillas

Large flour tortillas take center stage at most Tex-Mex restaurants. In a true Mexican restaurant, however, corn tortillas are the star. An authentic corn tortilla is only about the size of your hand, not the size of a dinner plate.

Also, tacos served on tortillas should only ever be on soft tortillas. Hard-shell tacos are an American invention. If you want a hard tortilla, ask for a tostada.

Queso Chips are Not on the Menu

I don’t know about you, but I love queso . But, while it is delicious, its presence is a sure-fire sign the restaurant you’re in isn’t authentic.

And it’s not limited to queso dip either; smothering meals in queso sauce is not how they do it south of the border.

Real Mexican food Grapevine TX includes queso fresco, a mild white cheese. Often it’s crumbled on top of your dish, rather than melted in liquid form.

Check the Proteins

Mexican food features a variety of proteins, prepared in specific ways. Check to make sure the restaurant cooks the meat traditionally.

Shredded Beef

While crumbled ground beef is commonly found at Taco Bell, it isn’t traditional to Mexican cuisine. True Mexican food is served with shredded beef or steak slices.

Keep in mind that fajita beef isn’t traditional either. Sizzling fajitas are an American concoction, not a Mexican one.

Pork Al Pastor

Al pastor is a traditional pork dish made with spicy, marinated pork. If the restaurant serves “al pastor” with any protein other than pork, it isn’t traditional.

Do Not Eat at a Catina

If a restaurant has “cantina” in the name, the owners don’t anything about Mexican culture.

A cantina is a men’s social club. While these establishments would perhaps serve some small dishes, they would never serve an entire meal.

Lime Margaritas on the Rocks

Did you just order a frozen mango margarita? It may taste good, but it is certainly not genuine. Here’s how to get a real margarita.

A true margarita comes with lime served over ice cubes, garnished with a salted rim and a lime wedge. They’re never frozen, and they do not come in other flavors.

Try Authentic Mexican Food Grapevine TX Today

The variety of entrees and ingredients in Mexican cooking make it ideal for a casual evening, a date night, or a group night dining experience.

By looking for these signs, you will be able to tell if you are in an authentic Mexican restaurant, or if you are instead in a Tex-Mex joint.

37 Best Mexican Foods Ranked by Popularity

If you love spicy food, then Mexican is probably your go-to cuisine. While Mexican food consists of a mixture of spicy and milder dishes, there are lots of hot meals that you can order, and many restaurants enjoy challenging themselves to create the hottest meals possible.

Like many cuisines, Mexican food is packed with different dishes, all unique and special in their own ways. This cuisine, after all, is rich in history, so it makes sense that there are lots of different options within it.

If you are hosting a Mexican night or eating out at your favorite Mexican restaurant, you might find yourself wondering if you should play it safe with quesadillas or try something a little different. But the issue is that you might not know the best “something different” to try.

In this guide, we’re taking a look at 37 of the best Mexican dishes available. So, no matter whether you want to host a truly authentic Mexican night, or you want to try something new next time you are eating out, you are in the right place. So keep on reading.

Popular Mexican Food


Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a classic, and that’s what tacos are. Choose from a variety of different fillings, and even choose between soft and hard tacos. But no matter your choice, you are always guaranteed to enjoy this delicacy. Even if it is often rather messy to eat.


If you live in the Southern States of the USA, then burritos are probably part of your regular diet. They are insanely popular, and it is so easy to see why. Tacos are great, but burritos are even better because they add beans and rice to make this dish a full meal. On top of that, they are also cleaner to eat, which is why burritos are always a safe bet.


Stew isn’t a dish that you would usually associate with Mexican food, but Esquites is just that. This corn stew is a trademark in Mexican street food, and it comes in lots of different varieties depending on where in Mexico it originates from. Eat it out of a cup, and add chili powder, butter, and mayo as you see fit. It is different from regular stew, but it is equally delicious.


Speaking of corn, you should definitely consider giving Elote a try. Elote consists of corn on the cob seasoned with a variety of spices, and it is incredibly common in Mexican street food. It is usually served on a stick and eaten like an ice cream, and this is part of the appeal of this delicacy.


If you are visiting a Mexican restaurant for breakfast, then Chilaquiles is the dish to order. It is by far the most popular breakfast dish in Mexico, and it is easy to see why. Tortillas are chopped into triangles and fried or toasted. These are then topped with shredded chicken, beef, chorizo, and an egg. The egg is either scrambled, or served sunny side up and is then sprinkled with egg. As you can see, this is definitely a dish to try.


If you liked the idea of Mexican corn stew, it is likely that you will also love the idea of Pipian. Pipian is an extremely traditional Mexican dish, and it has a rich green appearance. The sauce for this stew is created using pumpkin seeds and poultry, and this is combined with beef, pork, or rabbit to create a truly authentic Mexican dish.


Mexican Mole is a dish that comes in many varieties. So, wherever you order it from, this dish will likely be different every time. Mole is about as authentically Mexican as you can get, so it is one that you should try. With ingredients such as tomatoes, chocolate, and chilies, it can at first seem intimidating, but these flavors complement each other perfectly and create a completely delicious dish.


As you are probably starting to realize, stew is actually a pretty common dish in Mexican cuisine, and that is why we come to Menudo next.

Menudo is a pork stew that is thought to have come to Mexico during the Spanish conquests. It is an old dish, and it has evolved a lot throughout the years, but it is still excellent comfort food.

Chicken Fajitas

One dish that has crossed over from Mexican cuisine into Western cuisine is Chicken Fajitas. But for once, this dish has not changed that much during this crossover.

The only real difference between Western Chicken Fajitas and Mexican Fajitas is the level of spice. Mexican Chicken Fajitas are spicier, but they are still delicious, so they are always a safe option to order.


If you are a fan of Mexican food, then you have probably tried enchiladas before. They are one of the most popular Mexican dishes in Western cuisine, and it is easy to see why.

Enchiladas can be filled with a variety of different fillings, and are commonly covered with a spicy sauce to finish. They are delicious, but you will definitely need a knife and fork to enjoy this dish.

Caldo Azteca

Alternatively, if you fancy giving a Mexican soup a try, then you should order Caldo Azteca. This translates to Aztec soup, and it is a chunky soup, packed with strips of fried tortillas, peppers, onions, avocado and cheese, all served in a chicken broth. It has a variety of flavors and this isn’t for everyone, but it is definitely something to try.


If you would prefer to try some dry meat, then Carnitas is the right option for you. Carnitas consists of pork meat which is chopped, then fried in lard. It is a slow-cooked dish, and this makes the pork full of flavor. It also makes it tender to eat. Once fried in lard, a secret ingredient is then added. Who knows what this secret ingredient is, as it differs from area to area, but there is no denying that it makes this dish taste great!

Torta Ahogada

If you like enchiladas, then you will probably love Torta Ahogada. Torta Ahogada is one of the most popular Mexican street food dishes, and it basically consists of a baguette that is drowned in a hot sauce. From the outside, Torta Ahogada can seem like it should be a mild dish, but it is actually incredibly spicy. But don’t forget, it is also pretty messy to eat, so have a napkin ready.

Birria de Chivo

Moving back to Mexican stews, Birria de Chivo is another great dish to try. This is a goat stew, and it is packed with flavor. From salt to spices and seasonings, there are lots of different flavors in this dish, all mixed in a tomato-based sauce.

While Birria de Chivo is traditionally a goat stew, it is sometimes created using chicken, veal, pork, or fish. So depending on where you order Birria de Chivo from, it might taste a little different.


Another Mexican dish that is pretty popular in Western countries is Quesadillas. There are lots of different fillings that you might find in Quesadillas, and the options in traditional Mexican quesadillas are pretty different from what you would find in most Western countries. They tend to be a lot spicier, but they are equally delicious, if not even more so.

Frijoles Puercos

Alternatively, you should consider giving Frijoles Puercos a try. Frijoles Puercos are also sometimes known as pork beans, and this is because their main ingredients are beans and meat from the pig.

Traditionally, the ingredients used to make Frijoles Puercos are chorizo, bacon, lard, serrano peppers, cheese, and some secret ingredients. It might not be your first choice from a Mexican restaurant, but it is something to try.


If you would prefer soup, then you should order Pozoles. Pozoles is a traditional Mexican dish that is usually made by combining hominy with meat. Additionally, a wide variety of vegetables and spices are added to this dish, and this ensures that every spoonful that you eat will taste completely unique and totally delicious.


One of the most popular dishes in Northern Mexico is Discada, and it is easy to see why people love this dish so much. Discada is a dish that is packed with a variety of different meats, including ground meat, chorizo, and bacon.

Additional ingredients, such as jalapeños and black pepper, are added to ensure that this meat is full of flavor. When you try Discada, you will notice that it has a distinct barbecue taste, and this just makes Discada even more delicious.


If you prefer beef to pork, then you should give Machaca a try. Machaca is another dish that is popular in Northern Mexico, and this is partly because it is incredibly versatile. Machaca consists of shredded dried beef, and it can be served in lots of ways. Whether you want it in tacos, as a topping for nachos, or in a stew, Machaca will always taste great.


Tamales are a word that you hear and immediately think of Mexico, which is why you might find yourself ordering them next time you visit a Mexican restaurant. Tamales usually consist of shredded chicken, pork, or mole, wrapped in corn or banana leaves. They are full of flavor, and a great option if you want a Mexican dish that isn’t messy to eat.

Huevos Rancheros

Eggs are quite commonly used in Mexican cuisine, and Huevos Rancheros are actually pretty similar to Chilaquiles. Except they aren’t served as a breakfast dish, instead they are served as a main meal. Huevos Rancheros begins with tortillas, which are topped with flavorful fried beans, and finished off with 2 sunny side-up eggs. Again, this is a messy dish to eat, so have a napkin at the ready if you order this.


Moving down to Southern Mexican cuisine, Tlayuda is an excellent dish to try. This dish begins with a large corn tortilla that is cooked in a griddle to get a crispy flavor and texture. On top of this, a mixture of dried pork meat, black beans, chorizo, cheese, and lots more is added. So you can enjoy this dish whenever you want to.

Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al Pastor are different from regular tacos, and that is why we would definitely recommend giving this dish a try. This is a historic Mexican dish, and it was most popular in the 1920/30s.

To create this dish, thin strips of pork are sliced off a spit and then placed upon a tortilla alongside pineapple, onions, and coriander. The tortilla is then rolled or folded depending on the restaurant you visit, and then it is ready to enjoy.


Another dish that uses tortillas as its base is Tostadas. If you have tortillas at home which have gone stale, then Tostadas are the dish to make.

To begin with, the tortillas are fried in boiling oil. Sometimes they are served alone, other times they are served with refried beans, cooked beans, and cheese on top. Either way, they are a quick and easy dish to make.

Gorditas de Nata

We haven’t really spoken about Mexican desserts yet, so let’s start with Gorditas de Nata. Gorditas de Nata are basically mini cream pancakes that are designed to be fluffy and soft to eat.

Most commonly, you will find Gorditas de Nata served on a Sunday outside churches in Mexico, but now a lot of restaurants offer them to their customers for dessert. So, if you fancy a sweet treat after your meal, you should definitely order Gorditas de Nata.


In Western Mexico, Aquachile is a very popular dish. Traditionally, it would have been created by mixing dry meat with water and chilies, but in recent years, the dry meat has been replaced with raw shrimp.

Additionally, more ingredients are now added to the mixture (including avocado, coriander, red onion, and more) to make this dish even more flavorful.

Mexican Corn Salad

If you fancy a healthier dish, and want to order a salad, then the dish to order is Mexican Corn Salad. Unlike Western salads, which almost always contain lettuce, Mexican Corn Salad does not. Instead, it is made using ingredients such as corn, red onion, jalapeños, sour cream, and Parmesan cheese. This creates a salad unlike anything you will have tasted before, and one that you will never grow bored with.

Chiles en Nogada

For a truly patriotic Mexican dish, you should order Chiles en Nogada. In this dish, all the colors in the Mexican flag are represented. Green poblano chilies, stuffed with picadillo, are used to represent the green in the flag, pomegranate seeds to represent the red, and a walnut-based cream sauce to represent the white. In reality, this is a rather basic dish, but it is one to order if you want to please the restaurant that you are eating at.

Churro Chips

If you want a snack from a Mexican restaurant, then you should order some Churro chips. This is a very basic snack, but you should order them with some sauces to dip them in, and then you will be able to enjoy them.

Pescado Zarandeado

So far, we haven’t really seen many Mexican dishes that use fish as their key ingredient. But Pescado Zarandeado is just that. This dish consists of stirred fish that is cooked upon a grill. The fish is seasoned with lemon and chili sauce, and it is finally smoked to lock in the flavor. If you love fish, then you will love this dish.


Ceviche is another dish that uses fish in it, except this time, raw fish is used. Tortillas are used to line a bowl at the beginning of this dish, and then this is topped with lots of different ingredients.

These ingredients include tomato, chili, lemon, coriander, and onion, along with raw fish. The raw fish used varies depending on where you eat this dish, but it is usually octopus, crab, shrimp, or clams.

Camerones à la Diabla

Speaking of fish, Camerones à la Diabla is another fish-based dish. In this dish, large shrimp are covered in bright red chili peppers, and this causes them to become very juicy. Shrimp isn’t for everyone, but if you are a fan, then this is definitely a dish to try.

Pozole de Pollo o Guajolote

Moving back to stews, we have Pozole de Pollo o Guajolote. This is a stew that is made using poultry, usually either wild turkey or chicken. There are lots of varieties of this dish, and depending on where you order it from, the appearance will be different. But every single variety of Pozole de Pollo o Guajolote tastes outstanding, so you need to give it a taste.


Another dish that was designed to use up old, stale ingredients is Migas. This dish is created using stale bread, which is then mixed with other ingredients.

These ingredients include egg, tomatoes, black beans, and paprika or garlic. It is usually served alongside some sort of meat, usually chorizo sausage. Due to this, Migas is full of a variety of flavors, and this makes every single bite delicious.

Alegria de Amaranto

If you want to have a Mexican sweet, then you should order Algeria de Amaranto. This is a sweet that is made using seeds of amaranth, which is mixed with honey or sugar to create a sweet flavor. The ingredients then set, and the tray-baked sweet is chopped into rectangles before being served.


You might not believe this, but Flautas are actually the traditional style of tacos. Flautas are tortillas which are rolled similarly to how you would roll a pancake after filling it with your favorite ingredients.

But instead of sweet treats, Flautas are usually filled with mashed potato, chicken, cheese, and other similar ingredients before being topped with sour cream and salad on top.

Guacamole con Chapulines

Finally, let’s wrap this up with Guacamole con Chapulines. This dish definitely isn’t for everyone, and this is mainly because it contains grasshoppers.

Not everybody likes the idea of eating insects, but grasshoppers are actually pretty yummy. The grasshoppers are sautéed, then served on top of a bed of avocado.

This dish is something a little different, so if you fancy a change, then this is the one to order. As long as you can accept the fact that you are eating insects, then you will likely love this dish.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Mexican culture is incredibly rich with delicious cuisine and these are just the best ones, in our opinion. Don’t be afraid to branch out when you’re eating out at a Mexican restaurant or even if you’re at home cooking for your family.

Which Mexican dish is your favorite? Let us know down below in the comments!

Best Mexican Food to Order

Tacos Burritos Esquites Elote Chilaquiles Pipian Mole Menudo Chicken Fajitas Enchiladas Caldo Azteca Carnitas Torta Ahogada Birria de Chivo Quesadillas Frijoles Puercos Pozoles Discada Machaca Tamales Huevos Rancheros Tlayuda Tacos al Pastor Tostadas Gorditas de Nada Aguachile Mexican Corn Salad Chiles en Nogada Churro Chips Pescado Zarandeado Ceviche Camerones à la Diabla Pozole de Pollo o Guajolote Migas Alegria de Amaranto Flautas Guacamole con Chapulines

The Best Mexican Restaurants in America 2022

Mexican cuisine is as iconic to America as burgers and fries. From the fast-casual drive-thru to the authentic taquerias experience, this cuisine is as diverse as it is delicious.

It’s pretty easy to find incredible tacos and complex Oaxacan moles in border states like California and Texas. But the proliferation of outstanding Mexican food stretches beyond the expected, to cities like New York, Portland, and beyond. It’s such a popular and dynamic family of food that you will likely have trouble picking out your favorite spot in your hometown alone, wherever it may be.

So, while this is by no means the definitive list of best Mexican restaurants in the nation, it is a collection of some of the finest. If you’re looking for an iconic experience, authentic dishes, or simply a great a meal, these options will never disappoint.

Plaza Azteca

A trip down the East Coast isn’t complete without a dip into Plaza Azteca. This Mid-Atlantic Mexican chain was opened in 1990 in Virginia Beach, VA by a chef from Jalisco, Mexico. The franchise became a fast favorite in the community, celebrated for its festive décor, fresh ingredients, and authentic taste. Ask a local and they’ll say they keep coming back for the in-house chips and salsa, especially the Plaza Azteca’s signature salsa blanca.


Guelaguetza has been described by many food writers as the best Mexican restaurant in America. And for good reason, as the Los Angeles institution makes some of the best mole outside of Oaxaca. Set in Koreatown, the place is warm, welcoming, and redolent with vibrant Oaxacan dishes. The mezcal cocktails are amazing and the family style platters, fit with an assortment of award-winning moles, are a joy to plunge into.

Nuestra Cocina

Portland’s Nuestra Cocina has been a model of consistency for years. The seafood specials are always fantastic and the house margaritas area easily some of the best in the business. The restaurant is responsible for one of the best chile relleno dishes in existence, a perfectly roasted poblano pepper packed with shredded pork, raisins, and almonds. When dine-in happens again, grab a seat at the bar and take in the delicious corn tortillas being assembled by hand.

Barrio Cafe

Established in 2002, Barrio Cafe has become one of the best Mexican restaurants in the American Southwest. The Phoenix eatery basks in national attention pretty much always. Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza’s Cochinita Pibil is mouthwatering, made from 12-hour-smoked pork hit with citrus and served with Yucatan-style pico de gallo. The tequila selection is virtually unmatched and the table side guacamole is legendary. It’s a must-stop for any hungry souls hanging out in or near the Valley of the Sun.

To be frank, there’s a ton of great Mexican food in LA. Coni’Seafood, though, stands above the crowd, an Inglewood restaurant that specializes in Nayarit-inspired seafood. At it has been doing since 1987, the second-generation restaurant still imports most of its seafood from Mexico, making for extremely authentic dishes. The ceviches are magical, along with a number of shrimp-centric entrees. If you like things fresh from the sea with the perfect touch of Latin flair, this place is for you.

Taqueria Coatzingo

This unassuming New York joint serves up some of the best tacos on the east coast, if not anywhere. Based in Queens, Taqueria Coatzinga specializes in finger-food from south of the border. It’s a straightforward, counter-service kinda place but the food would be fit for someplace much fancier. There’s an urban legend that suggests there’s no good Mexican food in NYC but this place refutes that instantly.

The Original Ninfa’s

A Houston restaurant with plenty of history, Ninfa’s is beloved for its assortment of tamales and enchiladas. The restaurant got its start in 1973 when Mama Ninfa is believed to have jump-started America’s love for fajitas. The establishment touts delicious Mexican comfort food along with a priceless slogan in “the best Mexican food in Texas since Texas was Mexico.”

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2022 Best Mexican Restaurants in the U.S.A.

When chef Silvana Salcido Esparza opened Barrio Cafe in 2002, she showed Phoenix that Mexican food is much, much more than tacos and burritos (though her tacos are dynamite). Her menu, filled with specialties from all over Mexico, includes cochinita pibil (dry-rubbed and slow-roasted pig) from the Yucatan. See More

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