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Hi. Can we please get some romantic Jason Todd…

Jason Todd x Innocent!Reader. image. This wasn’t really specified as yandere or not so I dn’t put anything related in to it.

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Insecure (Jason Todd x Reader) – Tumblr

Requested by @antecedents675: Reader x Jason Todd: reader does not feel confent near Jason (because he is so hot and and he can have any girl he just …

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shits n’ giggles — jason todd x reader

jason todd x reader -fluff fluff fluff – mentions of dick grayson … now his body turned, your voice sounded innocent not accusing but …

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Red’s Gift (Jason Todd x reader) – Tumblr

Red’s Gift (Jason Todd x reader) A/N: Its pretty late but I originally wrote this for Jason’s birthday and forgot to post.

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batshit crazy — Key to my Heart {Jason Todd x Reader}

Key to my Heart {Jason Todd x Reader} warnings: robbery, bruises, a bit of violence a/n: i … Or do you just enjoy hurting innocent women?

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batboys x reader – innocent; jason todd – Wattpad

see, jason todd was charged with [random woman’s name]’s murder. the woman was, supposedly, his neighbor, and she was critically shot, three days ago, with …

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Cutie and the Beast – Jason Todd x Reader – Ellana-Ravenwood

Cutie and the Beast – Jason Todd x Reader YES ! I LOVE THIS !! Ahem. Sorry. Have I ever mentioned that Jason is my favorite Robin ? No ?

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Are You Fucking Kidding Me? (Jason Todd x Reader)

Are You Fucking Kding Me? (Jason Todd x Reader) What is a short Jason Todd fic? I don’t know her, so I broke this into two parts, again.

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Innosense(Jason Todd imagine) – I write fanfic sometimes

Reader x MHA; pronouns are “She/Her”; Quirkless (because I honestly couldn’t think of anything). Age: All characters are 18+ Warnings: Fluff, …

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Atlas {Jason Todd x Reader} – Drea – Tumblr

Atlas {Jason Todd x Reader} MASTERLIST REQUEST HERE Word Count: 3720 … that so many bad people got to live and kill good innocent people.

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y/n x Jason Todd
y/n x Jason Todd

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Let us fall deep, head first in love shall we — Hi. Can we please get some romantic Jason Todd…

Most definitely! It’s that outward affection and love that opens the batfamily up to their obsession to begin with. It would depend on when exactly the darling is introduced into the family though.

If the darling is adopted by Bruce before he adopts Dick then he would have grown up with them. They would have been the one to really comfort and console him after his parent’s deaths, holding him while he cried and just overall being there for him when Bruce wasn’t. I imagine the darling would have been the one to really be a part of Dick’s life living at the manor. Like, I have the thought of the darling being the one to help Dick with his homework or being the one to show up at school functions either alongside Bruce or by themself. Even packing him little lunches or snacks, both for school and when he grows up and starts working at the police department.

Honestly, no matter when the darling comes into Dick’s life he would be the most accepting of them right off the bat, especially seeing how invested Bruce is with them and overall how genuine and loving they are.

Jason would cling to the darling if they had been around before he came to the manor. He’d really take to the affection and care they directed towards him. He would show off as much as possible just to earn their praise. Any moment he could get with the darling would be monumental to him. They would be the one he would go to to vent or just for reassurance when he needed it. He’d really crave for them cheering him on for even the smallest thing, it’d mean a lot to him. Anything Bruce didn’t give Jason, he’d seek out in the darling. They would be the first one he thinks of when he gets resurrected, fearing they had forgotten him or that they had replaced him too. It would take everything in him not to go and run to them right away not only for comfort from everything he’s been through, from Joker’s torture to dying to being brought back to life, but also for validation and reassurance that everything was going to be okay and that he was still their ‘Little Jay-Bird’. And that he always would be.

If the darling came after he had already been resurrected and went through everything with Joker then he would be wary of them, especially because of just how important they were to Bruce. It would take him some time to come around to it but I could see him really taking to them eventually. He would hold them to the same regards as he does Alfred. When he finally came to accept that the darling was genuine in their love and affection for not only the family but just in general, Jason would hold such a soft spot for them. There’s no doubt that Jason is touch starved and when the darling greets him with a hug or ruffles his hair whenever they get the chance he can’t help the warmth that bubbles in his chest. He can’t even pretend to act like he doesn’t like it either. It would be a process for him but eventually he’ll come around to them and then he’ll be one of their most overprotective guard dogs, even towards Bruce.

I feel like if the darling was there when Tim came along that they would of course welcome him with open arms but they would still probably be dealing with the loss of Jason. So, they would either give him even more attention and care because they’re compensating for what they can’t direct towards Jason anymore or they would feel like Bruce was using Tim to fill a void. Either way, they would still give Tim affection and love no matter what it would just depend on how much they’d give. Tim would most likely be drawn to the darling because of their nature and just how genuinely they care about him, a complete stranger to them. He would really appreciate them checking in on him, especially when he’s pulling a third all-nighter in a row cause he’s so focused on the case at hand. He would be even more touched if the darling went out of there way to try and stay up with him so that he wouldn’t be alone. That would really mean something to him, even if more times then not they end up falling asleep. It’s the thought that counts after all. I also totally imagine that Tim could easily fall asleep either on the darling or with them nearby, like their presence alone is soothing and comforting to him that he feels he can relax and unwind with them.

By the time Damian comes around the darling would probably already be involved with the family. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Talia or Ra’s mentioned the darling during Damian’s growing up when they would discuss Bruce so he’d probably already be aware of them. It would be something else if Talia and or Ra’s held the darling in some kind of high regard so when Damian does finally meet them he already feels a connection/attachment to them just from what he’s been told. In this case he would be an overprotective guard dog right off the bat.

It would really surprise Damian to be treated so openly affectionate. Like, his father doesn’t even ruffle is hair nearly as much or with the same amount of warmth as the darling does. Nor has Damian been given so many hugs in the span of a day. He would really melt into the affection whenever given it. It would get to a point where he expects a certain amount of affection on the daily and when he doesn’t get it he’ll either sulk or he’ll think he’s done something to warrant the deduction in his daily allowance of affection and love. Also, you have no idea how much Damian has come to love those little sticky note messages in his lunches for school or patrol cause of course the darling left him one once and ever since he’s been hooked on them. He absolutely adores them and keeps every single little one he’s ever gotten from them. (All of the Batfamily does the same cause no doubt the darling writes them little messages in their little batlunches or something too, even Alfred.) Damian can’t start his day without having a little sticky note from his aunt/uncle, even if it’s a stupid little doodle that you can’t tell what it is.

Damian would definitely cling to the darling because of how they love and treat him and he is totally a little brat about keeping their attention and time for himself. And he doesn’t like to share, more times then not fighting the others for who’s turn is it to have the darling’s attention. Even bickering with Bruce about it when Bruce tries to come in and spend time with his (adoptive) sibling.

Overall, all the batboys would become very attached to their aunt/uncle, especially due to their open affection and care for the boys. As much as the boys would fight over their aunt’s/uncle’s time and attention they would always come together to protect and take care of them no matter what. It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch for the family to refer to the darling as the glue that keeps them all together, cause that is exactly what they are to them. They would hold an extremely important role amongst the Batfamily members and because of that god forbid if anything we’re to happen to them.

Insecure (Jason Todd x Reader)

Insecure (Jason Todd x Reader)

Requested by @antecedents675 : Reader x Jason Todd: reader does not feel confident near Jason (because he is so hot and and he can have any girl he just wants). But Jason adores Reader and doesn’t understand her worries.


Words: 1091

Masterlist. (If anyone wants to be tagged in my imagines (only with Jason, Tim, Dick, Damian or all of them, etc.), just let me know, kisses)

When you got inside the apartment you shared with your boyfriend you just threw the keys on the kitchen table making your way to the bedroom. Jason knew that something was not okay with you, so he decided to investigate as he always does.

‘‘Babe, is something wrong?’‘ He asked peaking into the bedroom, not daring to come in.

You didn’t answered. Yes, it was something wrong, something wrong with you. You were conscious that you weren’t the most beautiful woman on Earth and that you had flaws, maybe a lot of them, and that Jason was this tall, handsome guy with the most perfect hair and the perfect blue eyes.

You knew all those things.

All your life you grew up being the less attractive one. When you were in high school you changed like four groups of friends and you were always the one boys didn’t looked at. You were the sidekick, the person who was watching her friends hanging out with boys on a daily bases while you didn’t even went to prom because no one invited you.

It all started this morning. Once a week you always go to do the groceries, sometimes if he is not on a mission Jason comes with you, he likes to help you around as much as he can. Well, this day was today, and you were actually in a really good mood until you met an old friend from high school.

She looked good, she always did, you almost felt jealous because you didn’t had her body or her face, but you decided to ignore that feeling. You grew up being very insecure because your family always told you how you were the ‘’ugly duck’’, of course, they were joking, but it wasn’t a thing to joke about. It came back in the 6th grade when one of your classmates told you how ugly you are with your silly hair and that ugly smile you had.

You smiled at her, said hello and like a normal human being you introduced her to Jason. You didn’t wanted to, but you knew that if you wouldn’t do that, he would probably be upset thinking that you don’t want him to meet your friends. It wasn’t that, you were scared she will take him away from you.

While Jason left searching for the things on the list you made last night, your friend looked at you in shook.

‘‘Oh my God! I can’t believe that’s your boyfriend! I mean, look at him and look at you!’’

That comment ruined your entire day. She probably didn’t meant it, you knew she had the face and the body but not the brain, but it still hurt, knowing it was the truth.

You gave her a smile when all you wanted to do was cry. You felt so bad and ugly and awful. The rest of the time spent in the supermarket and on the way home you were quiet, only nodding when Jason asked you anything. You couldn’t stop thinking about that.

All you wanted to was lay down and cry your pain out, but you couldn’t. You kept that inside until you got home. You didn’t wanted Jason to see you, you were scared that if he finds out about your insecurities he might broke up with you. You read once in a book that boys like girls who love themselves, the confident ones and you believed that.

‘‘Babe..’‘ He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a tight hug. ‘‘What’s wrong? Please, don’t cry!’‘ He was gently moving his hand back on forward on your back, trying to calm you down. You didn’t realized but you were crying, sobbing.

Jason was scared and didn’t knew what to do, he couldn’t stand watching you like that. It broke his heart.

He put his hands on your face, trying to make you look at him. But you felt embarrassed and you wanted him to stop looking at you, in that moment you believed you were the most ugly person in the universe.

‘‘Babe, please, tell me what’s wrong.’‘ He begged you, pressing a kiss on your lips. ‘’Is it because of that friend you met at the supermarket? Cause since then you’ve been really quiet.’’

You just nodded, trying to stop yourself from sobbing.

‘‘What happened? Just tell me her name I’ll make her regret whate-’‘

‘‘Why are you dating me?’‘ You asked all of the sudden.

‘‘What do you mean?’‘ He looked at you confused.

‘‘Why are you here with me? I’m not even half of what you deserve. I mean, look at me.’‘ He was even more confused as he was before, but after a few seconds of thinking he knew what you were talking about.

‘‘[Y/N], I love you more than anything. I won’t give up on you for nothing in this world, okay? Please, stop thinking about stupid things.’‘ He pressed another kiss on your lips, this time a little rough.

‘‘I just…I know I’m not that beautiful and I don’t have that great body, and I know you look like a God, I’m aware of that, but I don’t understand why people like to make me feel stupid and bad about myself all the time.’‘ You wiped away the tears from your face, but your face was still wet.

‘‘Babe, look at me! I love you and in my eyes you will always be the most beautiful, gorgeous and brave woman I ever met. You’re not even half of me? [Y/N], you’re the only reason I am here, you’re the only reason I am happy. And I love every single hair from your head, every single mark you have on your body, every flaw you think you have, because these flaws make you who you are and I am totally in love with you.’’

You couldn’t help but smile. ‘’You sound like those guys from romantic movies.’‘ You laughed. ‘‘Keep going, I like it.’‘ He laughed, pulling you in another tight hug you love.

‘‘For real now, babe, stop giving a shit about what others think or say about you. I know how great, wonderful and beautiful you are and so should you.’‘

‘‘I love you, Jay! Thank you! ’‘

‘‘I love you too! Now, tell me the names of those people who ever told you you aren’t beautiful, I have to pay them a visit.’‘

‘‘Are you planing on killing them?’‘ You joked.


‘‘You know that means you have to kill like my entire family except my parents and my grandma.’‘

‘‘Fine, then I’ll just hurt them a little.’‘

shits n’ giggles on Tumblr

jason todd x reader

-fluff fluff fluff

– mentions of dick grayson

– gender neutral <3 ➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿ “jay i cant read a single thing you wrote on the grocery list.” you huff, squinting your eyes and tilt your head at the list with both dick grayson and jason todd trailing behind as you three wander down the the many isles of the market attempted to get the grocery’s for family dinner. “my handwriting is not that bad.” you could hear the eye roll in his voice even though your back is turned and your body trekked forward. reaching out your hand you grab a packet of ranch seasoning from the top of the shelf, turning your head slightly to see the two boys pointing and grabbing miscellaneous items from across the shelves behind you, smiling as dick began to open his mouth in agreement. “it’s awful jaybird.” your lips opened to agree with his older brother and your best friend since teen years but quickly shut as jason landed a loud smack to the back of dick’s head which was followed by a groan and a death glare that is coming much too early in the morning. “let me see it.” jason asked in your direction, gentle but of course laced with annoyance, as you twisted around the cart to retrieve it. handing it over to your boyfriend you continue down the aisle, hand gripping the cart preparing for the turn down into the next abyss of groceries when the same strong speaks up from behind you with heavy footsteps indicating he was coming up right behind you, “it clearly says eggs, eggplant, elbow and bow tie pasta, and chicken thighs.” jason’s hand briefly wraps around your waist to grab your attention and turn with you as the you swing the cart around. head turning from the straight direction you were headed you look up at the green eyes of jason todd who was smirking proudly handing you back the list. your eyes narrow into slits, examining his face already calling his very awful bluff of understanding his own handwriting but dick was first to beat you to it as he circles around the cart, walking backward down the aisle to keep his attention on either of us. “that’s all you could read isn’t it?” jason’s head twisted, smirk wiped off his face as he reached for a miscellaneous bag of chips from one of the many shelves surrounding you and tossing it into the bag, avoiding his older brothers question at all times. your head fell to your feet, shaking as you contained a laugh but ultimately loosing as dick let’s out a loud snort and knee slap. now the two of you are laughing, the cause stemming from the fact jason can’t lie to you and has an awful poker face when it comes to you as well but now dick and yourself are simply laughing, hunched over belly laughs as jason stands next to the now stalled shopping cart with a blank face. “ha. ha. so funny.” your boyfriend finally spoke after a few minutes of his partner and brother laughing in a random store aisle over something they probably can’t even name at this point. “can we get going now?” jason always hated grocery shopping and really only tolerated it when you were with him or if it was for alfred, which both of those things were true this time, but today he really just wanted to head back to the manor and spend time with you in the library like the two of you had planned. but of course, dick grayson showed up for family dinner tonight, which jason normally never minds (he never voices he doesn’t mind, he usually says he does) but when dick is home he usually steals you. which is valid of course, dick was your friend first, dick introduced the two of you and for that jason was always in debt to his older brother. jay and you had met before his untimely death, went on a few dates and jay was thoroughly hooked on you, he still is. the two of you were never official but everyone knew something was going on, so much so bruce would invite you over for family dinner with him and jason every saturday. to repeat, jason doesn’t have a good poker face when it comes to you. what jason didn’t expect when he finally came home, after years of training and trying to get over you with mindless sex (he hated every minute of it) he was shocked when you hadn’t moved on. you still lived in gotham and ran with the wayne’s. you helped with damian and tim at this point, became great friends with cass and duke, had a job at wayne enterprises, and even sometimes went in the field with the bats either at home or with dick in bluhaven bruce had basically adopted you. it had been two years since jay came home and the two of you picked up like he never died or left? you never knew how to explain or come to terms with what happened but regardless you two were happy now. but jason always still feels worry in his gut when dicks around. he fears you leaving him, a damaged good, for someone like dick, no he fears you will leave him for dick. he knows it’s irrational and it would never be true, you went five years without even kissing another guy, so why would you leave now. it’s a dumb thought but it’s valid and you two talk about this dumb yet valid thought every time dick comes to town and the two of you go out and do things together. but today he just needs you time, he wanted to shop with you alone but dick asked if he could come so jay said yes because he knows you missed him. he’s like your older brother, so again the thought of you leaving him for dick is dumb and he knows it, and you miss him when he’s not around. “yeah, yeah jay we can.” dick chokes our through his last fit of laughter, turning around to grab the cart from your boyfriend and being his start back down the aisle making sure the three of you have everything on the list. your final laughs come out, big old smile on your face as turn your attention to jason who is patiently waiting for you to start walking. “jay?” your voice was gentle and small, your hand coming up to circle around his bicep as the two of you being the very slow walk down the isle. “mhm.” you could hear the tinge of hurt just by the small humming, not from the teasing but from his own mind, his own thoughts. before you even think your feet stall, slamming against the tiled floor of the supermarket, grab the edge of your boyfriends leather jacket and pull his head down, slamming your lips against his own, allowing the world to slip away and it just be the two of you amongst the array of stars filling the sky. slowly pulling away from him, keeping your foreheads touching and your hands gripping his leather jacket, you can feel his smile, the warmth of it as you open your eyes to stare into his glowing green orbs, smiling just as wide and warm back. “that was for?” he teased, dragging the vowel out as his hand cone to circle your waist every so lightly. he was never a fan of PDA and neither were you, so you doing this in such an open place surrounded by people was very random and not usual but neither of you seemed to be complaining. “because i love you.” your tone serious and gentle, pressing one more soft kiss to his lips before pulling back entirely and allowing him to stand up straight. a small hum and his attempt to suppress his every growing smile had your stomach turning up into flips with butterflies. “i love you to darling.” he swore his mind went blank because of the joy and you think your heart will fly out of your chest but the two of you somehow keep it calm and collected by some grace of god. he nodded his head in a form of asking if you were ready to leave, happily complying your hand loped around, holding onto his arm, both of your bodies turning toward the end of the aisle with dumb struck looks on either of your faces. you were sure and jason was sure that his thoughts were  dissipated for this trip home for dick and that alone left you feeling much more content inside and him as well. coming to the end of the aisle the two of you were met with a grinning dick grayson who simply couldn’t stop smiling, turning his attention from you and to jason, fully ready to tease his younger brother. his eyes all pouty like he had just watched the notebook and a large smile turning into a smirk. “awe jaybrid, i knew your heart had grown two sizes since you came back to life.” before you could stop either of them jason’s arm was ripped from your hold and cart was left abandoned by dick as he was running for his life and your boyfriend was ready to take it from him. “your so dead dick!”

What? I Don’t Get Any Love? I Showed Up, Didn’t I? — Red’s Gift (Jason Todd x reader)

Red’s Gift (Jason Todd x reader)

A/N: Its pretty late but I originally wrote this for Jason’s birthday and forgot to post. Anyways, please enjoy <3 Word count: 1,237 Themes: fluff, implied smut ————————————————————— Home. Home sweet home. Jason tiredly stumbled into the apartment, muscles sore and strained from his previous fight with black mask. Shutting the partly bent window of his room, he discarded his guns, shirt and pants quickly following suit. Although it was 3am, he still wanted a shower nonetheless. That’s the least he could give himself for his birthday. Speaking of which, he almost totally forgot about it. Had it not been for the phone call you gave him in the morning, wishing him the very best and praising him with that sweet, beautiful voice of yours, he would’ve never remembered. Especially with that busy schedule of his. The simplicity of your conversation had managed to bring his mood up and encourage him to have a good day. Jason would probably never admit himself but, you really made him soft. Grabbing his towel, he nonchalantly tossed it over his shoulder, trudging passed the dresser. He was planning to head to bed and avoiding giving you a call as he concluded you were probably in a deep sleep by now. That was, until he saw your angelic silhouette, stretched out over his kitchen counter. With the door etched wide open, he could see you mindlessly moving around, searching for something so furiously in the cabinets. Your messy bed head was clearly recognizable, -and adorable of course-. The soft, black fabric of your oversized shirt fluttered over the back of your thighs, further rising up and revealing the rather enticing view of your sleek legs and dark panties when you leaned down to pick up a stray candle you had accidentally dropped. He bit his lip at the sight, feeling a hard-on growing already. Before fixating his attention on the dirty thoughts that arose, with the slight movement, you revealed the partly but brightly lit cake, shades of yellow, red and orange shadowing over the scarlet cake design. An inkling of joy spreaded over his body as his eyes focused down on the sight of you making something in his honor. With everything he had been through In his life, he was incredibly lucky to have you. To have someone who really cared and someone who he could come home to. Not only that but, he felt lucky to have someone who truly loved him as he was. Dropping his towel down on the bed, Jason slowly made his broad, muscular form over to you, eager to see your beautiful face smiling up at his. Once behind your form at a fairly close proximity, his hands gently reached over to hover over your hips before finally closing in and eagerly grasping your soft skin. Simultaneously, his lips closed in over the nape of your neck, pressing down to leave a soft, lingering kiss, “Hey, sweetheart”, he whispered softly, his hot breath traveling over your neck and sending a sparkling shiver up your spine. You instantly tensed at the feeling, head perking up, and a bright, beautiful chuckle trailing over the room as you turned, eyes lit with admiration as they met with his own, icy blue ones, “Hi baby”, you beamed, your body sneakingly moving over to hide the cake. Quickly averting your eyes, you enthusiastically turned in his arms, the close proximity and warmth of his body sending you straight into seventh heaven. As a result, Jason’s lips quirked up into a sexy smirk. He knew you knew he saw the cake, yet, you still tried to make it a surprise. Just for him. His heartbeat accelerated in speed, pounding with fondness and warmth. You were so sweet, yet, you were pretty terrible at hiding things from him. Just as your arms moved behind your form, you locked eyes with him again, panic lingering on your face as he witnessed your secretive movement. Jason smiled at the cute little frown you made when you dropped your hands to your sides, renounce clear in your actions, “You idiot, you ruined the surprise”, you playfully whined, smacking his shoulder with a heavy hand, “Ow”, he whined in reply, raising his hands up as you accusingly pointed a finger up at him, “In my defense, you weren’t good at hiding the cake”, you made a noise at that, yelping in delight as he suddenly grasped your waist, gently lifting you up and placing you in a sitting position on the counter. Pushing forward, he settled himself snug between your legs, the small accidental press of his boxers igniting the sexual tension between your forms. You ignored it, feeling the warmth of his body radiating onto yours. Placing his strong arms on either side of your waist, Jason chuckled lowly, the sound gravelly and husky as he leaned down to softly peck your nose. You sighed, attempting to fight the smile that stretched its way over your face but failing miserably, “Its not like I wasn’t gunna find it anyways. I was raised by a detective ya know”, you rubbed his arm, begrudgingly nodding, “You still could’ve played it off”, “Not as fun”, he taunted, grinning widely at the way you rolled your eyes, “Anyways”, You turned, grabbing the cake that had been long forgotten behind your back. Upon bringing it in between your bodies, Jason took the time to admire the faint burn and glow of the fire flickering over your sparkling eyes and entrancing features, “Happy birthday Jay.”, you smiled, cheeks churning to a deep red upon noting the rather hard and attentive stare he had on your face, “I love you and I wish you many more” An indescribable expression lingered on his face, forcing you to second guess yourself before he returned a genuine, beautiful smile of his own, blush crawling over his ears, “Thank you, (Y/n).”, he languidly sweeped a hand under your chin, your breath getting stuck in your throat within the process, “I love you so much” your eyes glimmered, taking in and consuming his slightly scarred but handsome face. You watched as he glanced down, gently pulling the cake from your hands before fluttering his eyes closed and blowing out the candles, “Don’t be an ass”, you coughed at his antics, scoffing as the smoke made its way up to your face, “Sorry doll, just got caught up in the moment,”, he winked as he chuckled heartedly, settling the cake on the counter before solely focusing his attention on you, “Wait”, you coughed, whisping the burnt candle smell away from your nose with your right hand, “Did you make a wish?”, Jason shook his head, a content expression present on his face, “Nope”. Your eyes widened in alarm, head tilting to the side in confusion, “why didn’t you-“ “I already have everything I need in front of me”, he cutted in firmly, affection swimming around in those cerulean eyes of his. Just as you opened your mouth to retort, Jason grasped your cheek, trailing your face closer and closer to his. Leaning down, he kissed your lips passionately, hands tightening their grip around your waist the longer he delved in. You did the same, skimming your hands over his biceps and up to the nape of his neck, tugging at the soft raven strands which messily rested. After a second you both pulled away, a love struck look hazing over your eyes as he rested his forehead on yours, “About the many more birthdays thing, I hope Its true. Last time I went to hell, It wasn’t really fun”, you stifled a sweet chuckle, eyes crinkling in pure joy. Jason watched, another smirk making its way to his lips, “I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.” You nodded, gently kissing his cheek, “I sure hope not, birthday boy”, you pulled away from his embrace, gently resting your hand on his built chest . He tensed under your touch, enraptured by the way you flirtatiously fluttered your lashes at him, “I still need to give you your birthday gif-” Before you could finish your sentence, you suddenly gasped, bliss taking over your features as his rough, calloused hands tenderly and slowly, slide up your smooth inner thighs, massaging the soft skin, closer and closer to your clothed region, “Think we should get started on opening it. I’m a little impatient, baby doll”, you flushed at his words, rosy hues shading your cheeks, “Alright loverboy. But first, lets make it to the bedroom.”

Key to my Heart {Jason Todd x Reader}

warnings: robbery, bruises, a bit of violence

a/n: i know this is a bit of a damsel in distress type of story, but im pretty proud of it and i hope you all like it 🙂

You woke up to a loud bang coming somewhere from inside of your apartment. Startled, you looked at the alarm clock which flashed the bright red numbers; 3:27 AM. Did Jason sneak in? Perhaps he forgot something when he left 5 hours ago. You pulled the covers off and placed your feet onto the cold wood floors. What if it wasn’t Jason? What if it was a burglar? Suddenly you felt terrified, there weren’t any good weapons in your bedroom. You grabbed your phone and texted Jason and asked him if he was at your house. You knew he had to be on night patrol somewhere in Gotham.

In the meantime, you had to think of a good weapon to use. A lamp? No. A jewelry box? No. A shirt? Nope. Perfume? Maybe. You grabbed your perfume off the dresser and took the cap off. There was shuffling outside of your room, and now you were absolutely positive that there was someone in your house.

Taking short steps with your perfume nozzle aimed outwards, you said in a shy voice, “Jason? Jason, is that you?” The man appeared from the bathroom and grabbed your arm, pinning it behind your back. You lifted the perfume and sprayed into the holes of his ski mask.

“Son of a bitch!” The robber yelled, blinded by the chemicals. Quickly, you ran towards the kitchen to grab a knife, and the tall man chased after you, knocking a lamp and glass bowl over in the process. You opened the drawer and pulled out a chef knife, but he grabbed your wrist, first. The two of you struggled, until you kneed him in the groin. He struggled to stand back up. Before you could harm him, the door of your apartment crashed inward.

Jason stood in the doorway, with his helmet covering his face. The second he saw you and the man on the floor with your face in terror, he charged towards the criminal. Jason snatched the man by his shirt and brought him onto his feet. As soon as the man fully stood up, Jason punched him in the jaw. The criminal tried to defend himself, but Jason wouldn’t stop pummeling him. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size? Huh? Or do you just enjoy hurting innocent women? I should kill you,” His helmet made his voice ten times deeper than normal.

The man was unconscious and covered in blood, but Jason continued to hit him. “Jason? Jason stop,” you said softly trying to pull him away from the robber.

Jason didn’t stop until he heard you quietly crying. He turned his head to look at you and his heart broke. He reached behind his head and unlocked his helmet to show his face, hoping it’d comfort you. He stood up and wrapped his arms around you, holding you to his chest.

“Did he hurt you?” Jason asked as he wiped your tears away.

“No,” you whispered.

Jason examined you for a moment, and he saw your bruised wrists. “He fucking did.”

He turned to go back to hurting the unconscious man, but you grabbed his arm before he could. “No Jason, please don’t.”

He stopped and contemplated his next action for a second. Then, he held your hands.

“Y/N, I want you to move in with me. Nobody will harm you if you live with me in my apartment. I promise you.”

“It’s really okay Jay, I don’t want to burden you.”

“Burden me? I already had the key made,” He reached into his front pocket and pulled it out, a shiny purple key with a little pink heart on it, “I wasn’t really sure when to give it to you…I know the design is cheesy and you probably think it looks dumb but I just figure-”

Before he could finish, you crashed your lips into his. After you finally pulled away you smiled up at him, “I love this key and I can’t wait to live with you.”

batboys x reader

-this is what watching too much lie to me does to someone; ;)))

-warnings : some swearing;


jason todd was an interesting case. all the evidence pointed to him, charged him as guilty, yet [your name] felt like it was more to the story. she tried analyzing everything he said about the case, how he pledged innocent, but how he wouldn’t say who really should be charged with the accusations.

see, jason todd was charged with [random woman’s name]’s murder. the woman was, supposedly, his neighbor, and she was critically shot, three days ago, with jason’s gun. another neighbors sweared that they saw jason get out of her apartment before they found the body of the old sweet woman, but jason still said he’s innocent.

“i need you to tell me again what happened.” she calmly said, although she was mentally freaking out. the process was in a few days and she had nothing so she could prove his innocence.

“as i told you before, i went to my neighbor to give her some bills that accidentally were sent to my place. i gave her the bills and she gave me some cookies she just baked, and then i went back in my apartment. and next thing i know, the police men bring me here, for absolutely nothing.” the young man recalled the horrible night, and [your name] could tell he was telling the truth, and that he cared for the old woman.

“ok. do you have anyone who you’d trust with your gun?” [your name] asked, making jason raise his brow.

“what? ahm, i think so…” he stopped, thinking. “aiden smith. he’s a friend of mine, old childhood kind of friend. i told him the combination to the safe i keep the gun in.” he thought for a while before remembering this detail.

“i’ll talk to mister smith. do you think he could’ve done it?” she replied, writing the name down on her notebook.

“he might. his family disowned them after he lost half a fortune in a casino. he could have been jealous of me or something. i don’t know, but i know i didn’t do it.” he whispered the last part.

he really didn’t want to be charged with a murder he didn’t comit, and pay for it instead of the man who should pay for it. he put all his faith in [your name] [your last name], hoping that she’ll be able to prove that he didn’t do anything.

[your name] was able to contact aiden and she arranged for them to meet later, for lunch. when she got to the place they agreed on, he was already there, standing at a table and looking at the menu of the place.

“hello, mister smith. thank you for agreeing to meet with me.” she said, taking a seat in front of him.

“call me aiden, darling.” he responded, flashing her a smirk. she already hated the guy. “what can i do for you, [your name]?”

“jason todd, my client, told me that you two are friends, old friends. is that true?” she asked, looking carefully at the man, analyzing his gestures.

“yeah, it is true. shame he’s going to go to jail. i never thought he’d be so aggressive, although i know he was violent before too.” the man spoke, and [your name] could tell he was lying.

“oh, really? can you tell me a time he was violent before?” she asked, watching as his eyes fixed her.

“i remember that two years ago, he had a girlfriend. i don’t really remember her name, but he used to beat her a lot.” he said, not taking his eyes off the young lawyer in front of him.

he was definitely lying. people tend to look to their left when they’re trying to remember something, and he definitely didn’t search for that memory : he made it up.

“i’ll make sure that he would be charged with that felony as well.” she lied, watching as aiden smirked.

“it’s a shame the old woman had to die, she made some really good cookies.” he said, making [your name] raising her brow.

“oh? how would you know?”

“i ate some of them three days ago.” he said nonchalantly.

“three days ago? interesting.” she murmured, writing these information down on her notebook. “where were you three days ago?”

“i was with some friends.” he replied, scratching the back of his neck. liar.

“so you ate ms. [random woman name] cookies three days ago, but you were with some friends?” she watched as his eyes went wide, realising his mistake.

“are you insinuating i killed that woman?” he gritted through his teeth.

“no, mister smith. i’m sorry that came out in that way.” she quickly said, smiling. “can you recall what you did three days ago with your friends?”

“we went out to eat at Grifs, and then we went to get some drinks at the bar near it. after it, we parted and i went home and watched grey’s anatomy.” he answered, not really caring.

“ok. can you say it backwards now?” she knew he couldn’t say it, because he just made it up.

“ahm, i watched brooklyn nine nine, and then… i, uhm…” he tried to remember what he just said, but he couldn’t. the girl shut the recording on her phone quickly, sending it to a friend of hers that was in the police department.

“mister smith, i will need you to come down to the station with me.” she calmly said, but aiden was not having it.

“back away or i’ll shoot anyone in here.” he spat out, getting a gun out of his pocket.

everyone around panicked, getting under the tables, crying and screaming. [your name] was rather calm about the situation, but everyone’s panick made her anxious. she called the police, keeping the phone behind her, while she listened to the man with the gun and backed away.

“just because i couldn’t say what i did that night fucking backwashes doesn’t mean i killed that woman! the gun has jason’s fingerprints!” he yelled, watching as [your name] raised her brow at him.

“you could have used gloves.” she shrugged, seeing as the man grew angrier.

“jason will go to jail for this murder, and i’ll make sure of it! it doesn’t matter he didn’t do it, all that matters is that he will go to jail, instead of me. you’re not going to be able to say anything.” he screamed, before aiming at the woman’s heart.

because she was able to move before the bullet hit her, he shot her shoulder, the impact making her fall down. she tried to not scream of pain, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

“it doesn’t matter if i’d say anything. i recorded your answers and i already sent them to the police. as well as you’re little confession earlier, the police on the phone heard it all.” she raised her phone with her good hand, smirking at the man who looked defeated.

after one minute the police came and arrested aiden smith. they found his fingerprints on jason’s safe, and his confession was all they need to charge him for the murder.

[your name] was taken to the hospital where her injury got taken care of, and now she was just standing on a hospital bed, waiting to be released. a knock on the door broke her out of her thoughts.

“come in.” she said, watching as jason todd entered the hospital room.

“hey, [your name]. i wanted to thank you for not giving up on me, when everyone else did.” he scratched the back of neck, smiling sweet at the woman.

“that’s what i do, jason. so, how is it? to know that you’re free and not charged with a murder you didn’t commit?” she asked, trying to brighten up his mood.

“it’s nice. i’m sorry that you’ve got shot because of me.” he murmured.

“i didn’t get shot because of you, you can’t blame yourself for it. plus, it’s just a scratch.” [your name] chuckled.

“i wish i could make it up to you, for what you did for me.” he said, groaning. and that’s when she got a plan.

“you could take me out, on a date.” she replied, watching carefully his reaction.

she found jason attractive from the moment she first asked him questions about the case. seeing as he is a free man now and he didn’t do anything, [your name] could only try.

“really?” he asked, getting closer to her.

“why would i joke about something like this?” she asked, crossing her arms in front of her.

“deal. how about tomorrow night, at eight?” he smiled at her, handing [your name] his phone. the girl quickly typed her number in before giving it a call, so she could have his number as well.

“works for me.” she smiled back, genuinely happy.

*Taps Bandana* Infinite Ammo

YES ! I LOVE THIS !! Ahem. Sorry. Have I ever mentioned that Jason is my favorite Robin ? No ? Well now you guys know. So here’s some love for my favorite batboy/Badboy !! Oh, and thank you very much, my writing loves you too (hum…), and I hope you’ll like that :

You can find my masterlist here : @ella-ravenwood-archives


-Jason…what are you wearing ?

Without looking up from the newspaper he was reading, cup of coffee in one hand, Jason answered :

-It’s a cardigan.

Jason and Dick were sitting on the counter of the kitchen, in Wayne Manor, and were having breakfast. They were often the first awake in the house, sometimes, like today, being up even before Alfred, and they always took their breakfast together, talking about anything.

This morning however, Jason didn’t come from the stairs that lead to his bedroom, he came threw the front door. Dick was going to ask him where he slept last night when his eyes were met with the…”cardigan”. Anyone that didn’t know Jason wouldn’t have found what he wore strange, it fitted him pretty well actually. But Dick knew Jay. And a…”cardigan”, was so not his style. Not at all. He had to ask about it.

-…Ok, but why are you wearing it ?

-Hum, to be warm ?

-I mean, where’s you’re usual leather jacket ?

Jason rolls his eyes at his older brother and ignore the question.

-No but for real though Jay, where the Hell did you got a…”cardigan” ? Sorry I’m just so weirded out right now…

-My girlfriend knitted it for me.

Dick froze and stared stupidly at his brother, mouth open.

-Your…girl…You have a girlfriend ? And she…knits ?


-Care to elaborate ?


-Come oooon.

-What do you want me to elaborate on anyway ? I do have a girlfriend, yes, and she knitted me a cardigan. There’s nothing else to say.

-What do you mean there’s nothing else to say ? You, the bad boy of the family, date…

-Listen Dick, drop it alright ? It’s not a big deal. Besides, if all of that intrigues you so much, just come over tonight to have dinner with us at her place. And you’ll meet her. She bakes some of the best cupcakes I ever ate.

Tim, Bruce, Damian and Alfred entered at this moment, and Tim said :

-Who bakes the best cupcakes you ever ate ? I’m interested !

-Good, because I actually came over this morning to invite you guys tonight for dinner over at my girlfriend’s place. I’ll text you the address. And before you say anything, it’s her idea, not mine.

Bruce raised a curious eye brow at him :

-You have a girlfriend ?

-Who knits him cardigans !!

-…Have you been drinking Dick ? This early in the morning ?

-No, look at him Bruce, look at what he’s wearing !

They all stare at Jason, who just rolls his eyes once more and, finishing his coffee, stands up.

-Yeah well, see you tonight then guys. I’m counting on you, you’ll hurt her feeling if you don’t come. She’s a sensitive girl. So see ya.

And on that note, the man leaves the kitchen, grabbing his backpack on the way, whistling a jolly music rhythm. They were so confused…Jason had a “sensitive girl” as his girl ? What ?

-What the fuck is even a “cardigan” anyway ?

Alfred cannot hold a chuckle at his master’s word. You know that Bruce Wayne is troubled when he starts to swear…


You smile as you hear the lock of your front door click, reminiscing last week, when you decided to give Jason a key to your apartment. It was definitely one of the best idea you ever had, as somehow, he was more often over now than ever, since he had the keys.

He threw his stuffs on the couch and went to the kitchen, where you were baking a fresh batch of cupcakes and other chocolate chip cookies.

He came behind you and wrapped his arms around your chest, bending down to do so, and buried his face in your neck. He was almost twice your height, and you had quite a petite frame, so much that by holding you like he was, if anyone was looking at his back, he wouldn’t notice you in his arms.

You giggle as his short stubble tickled your throat, sighing as his lips left feather light kisses on it.

-So, are they coming ?

-Yes. They’re suppose to.

You turn around his his embrace, and wrap your arms around his waist, his head goes to rest on top of yours, and he breathes in the honey smell of your hair.

-Suppose to ?

-They’ll come. They’re too curious.

-Curious about what ?


You pull away and he smiles as you try to hide the blush growing on your face. He loved the way you’d get flush whenever someone took any interest in you. You were so shy and cute…and he was a loud mouthed Beast. He always wondered how you ended up together, it was so unlikely.

He met you while on duty as Red Hood, and saved you from a group of thugs. Very cliche…Except that before he could even do anything you had stabbed one of your opponents in the thigh with a knitting needle, and smack another one with your heavy purse full of books. He still saved you but he was so impressed…and when he saw your bright (E/C) eyes, and your (H/L) (H/C) hair swiping in the wind. He would never admit it, but it was definitely love at the first sight. However, being in costume he couldn’t do anything…Fate reunited you two though. Or at least, he strongly believed it was fate.

You worked in a bakery near downtown Gotham, and for some reasons, he found himself one morning craving for a croissant, and entered your shop. And here you were. Everything happened for a reason, he thought.

From that day on, he went to buy cakes and such (even though he didn’t really have a sweet tooth) just to see you, until he gathered the courage to ask you out. He saw multiple men before him ask you, and you always turned them down.It didn’t really surprise him that men were swarming at you. You weren’t the most beautiful woman, but there was something about you that was just so damn attractive. He couldn’t quite put a finger on it, but…damn. It was silly of him to feel great whenever you turned someone down, as he didn’t even know you, but still…He felt great whenever you turned someone down.

When he asked you out, he was ready for you to tell him no…which never happened. On the contrary, you looked at him, blushing, and smiled shyly while saying : “I’d love to…”

That was almost a year ago, and it was a miracle that he kept the relationship a secret. It wasn’t because he was ashamed of you, not at all, he was just…he wanted to make sure things were serious before doing anything. He got hurt so much in his life, he’d rather his family not know that he was dating someone if she decided to just dump his ass all of a sudden. He didn’t want their pity. He didn’t want anyone’s pity.

Which is why he loved you so much. Threw that year spent in your arms, he told you about his life story, and instead of pity, you showed him love, affection, understanding. When, a few weeks ago, he told you who he really was, and why some nights he suddenly disappeared, you didn’t even flinch. Why would you ? You loved him, it didn’t matter if he was a night vigilante. On the contrary, you approved greatly of it. Unfortunately, like a lot of kids in Gotham, you lost your parents when you were young. Your father was killed by a police officer while he was stealing from a jewelry shop,and your mother died of a heroin overdose. You strongly believed the city needed Batman and his sidekicks. Or like you liked to say : “Red Hood and his sidekicks”.

Short story long, you were perfect for him. When they people see you they usually think your a mis-match. You, small, cute, nice and positive, him, all leather jacket and ripped dark jeans, broody and menacing. But they couldn’t be more wrong. You were very complementary. And you had more in common than anyone could think…You weren’t as nice and cute as everyone thought you were, and he wasn’t as mean and dark as people pegged him.

As cheesy as it sounded, you were just perfect for each other.

At this thought, Jason can’t help the smile on his face and takes you back against him, hugging you tightly. He grabs the under of your thighs, and lifts you on the kitchen counter where you sit. Like this, you don’t have to go on your tip toe to kiss him, and he only has to bent slightly his head to reach your lips.

The kiss is short and sweet at first, but rapidly turns passionate and hungry. His hand slowly go up your naked thighs, up under your skirt and…

-Jason, stop, I gotta prepare this dinner honey. We don’t have time for any of that.

-Any of that ?

You blush.

-You damn well know what I’m talking about.

-Maybe I do, but I’m not sure…care to elaborate ?

You smack him lightly on the shoulder, and his smug face annoys you, you push him away, and get back on your feet, faced with his abs once more, as you’re really quite shorter than him. He was wearing a muscle shirt, and it took all your will to look away and not reach under his shirt to palm at his perfect body…He smiled smugly at you. The little shit you the effect he had on you. Unfortunately for him, you also damn well knew the effect you had on him, and with a sexy sway of your hips, you went to bent forward to grab hot cupcakes from your oven. He bent his head slightly, and you snatched his hand away when he laid it on your ass.

-I said no.

And on that note, you went back to your cooking and baking, under his amused gaze. No matter how small you were, you could be quite convincing when you wanted to. Strict. Though he could see in your eyes that you were going to make it up to him later in the night, when she didn’t had tons of thing to do, and it was just the two of you.

He smiled fondly at you, and, after watching you work for a bit, he went to get some sleep, as the night before, he didn’t get any. And it wasn’t just because of his nightly patrol…


Someone knocks on the door and your heart goes wild.

Of course, it was your idea to invite them for dinner, but still, you were super nervous about meeting your boyfriend’s family. Not because his dad was the famous Bruce Wayne or some shit like that, just because it was a huge step in your relationship. So far, he only spoke about them, and clearly had no intention of presenting them to you…until a few weeks ago, when he finally told you his secret (you were so glad he was “Red Hood” and that he wasn’t cheating on you, by the way…or that he wasn’t some drug lord).

Jason went to open the door, still wearing his cardigan, and hugged his brother and father as they entered. He guided you to your small living room, now crowded with giant men. Seriously, even the youngest one, who couldn’t be more than ten, was taller than you. What the Hell ?

You smiled shyly at them, and they returned your smile awkwardly, visibly surprised and somewhat confused. You knew why. Again, you and Jay, when people first saw you together, don’t seem to match well. It’s only after they see the two of you interact, playful and full of love, that they realize that you’re actually great for each other.

-Guys, this is (Y/N), my girlfriend. Who yes, knits and stuffs. (Y/N), my dad, Bruce, and my bros, Dick, Tim and Damian, but you can call that one “the brat”.

Jason’s dad and his oldest brother hold on the youngest one, who was about to lunge at your boyfriend, and you can’t help but smile a bit. They were exactly like you imagined them. You couldn’t help but notice that Jay was the tallest of the brothers, as tall as his father, who really was a damn giant.

You didn’t feel impress though, pass the initial shock of the fact that even the kid was taller than you, you were fine. You were used to be the smallest person in the room, though you made a mental note to ask Jay for a massage when they were all gone, as looking at them put quite a strain on your neck.

After some civilities to meet them and all, you went on the table.

The meal you prepared was magnificent, but you couldn’t help but notice the little one pouting. Your motherly instinct (though you were still quite young) kicked in :

-What’s up Damian ?

-I’m vegetarian.

Damian’s voice rang coldly in the room, as he looked at the meat you prepared. Dick hit him lightly behind the head, and Bruce shoved him in the shoulder a bit, making their intentions clear : you were not going to ruin the night boy.

-I know, Jay told me, I made a special vegetable casserole for you, hope you’ll like it…

She looked at the boy expectantly as she laid a plate full of delicious steamed vegetables in front of him. He took a bite, and just nodded at her, a smile almost showing on his lips. And once again, they all stared at you, kinda stunned.

How could you be so sweet and date Jason out of all people ? It was so confusing.

Threw the night though, you showed them your wits and cleverness, and your conversation was so interesting that even Damian didn’t get bored and took part in it.

Bruce could see what Jason saw in you. You had a lot of thing in common with her, but you also were much more positive and bubbly, and he understood why his son needed someone like you in his life. If he was honest, years ago, when he still believed in the possibility to have a relationship, he would have hoped for someone like you. Who obviously accepted him for who he was, no matter how flawed, and who brightened his world a bit. A perfect match.

Dick was totally jealous, but was also extremely happy for his brother. And when he thought about it, you were more the kind of person he would be best friend with than anything else…Still though, he was totally jealous.

Tim liked your way of being, liked how unimpressed with all of them you were, even though you knew who they really were. He liked your eyes, because in it, he saw nothing but softness and niceness, with a hint of mischievousness, and he thought that it was perfect for his brother. He was an observant boy, he could see the look Jason gave you, and the one you gave him. And he was just happy for his older brother, because that guy suffered enough.

Damian approved of you. But he would never admit it. He thought it was funny how small you were, and felt the weird need to protect you. Multiple times in the future, Jason would thank him for keeping an eye on you when he couldn’t. Damian approved of you, and that was already a lot. He’s also the one that found the nickname to call the both of you : “Cutie and the Beast”. It made Jason’s brother laughed a lot, him ? Not so much. You thought it was great.

The day you really met Alfred, you guys became friend instantly, and baked all day. Of course you would.


The dinner went on perfectly, and you kept your promise about making things up to Jason. That night was one of the greatest night he ever had…


So sure, you were small and he was a giant. You were often smiling and he was brooding most of the time. You liked soft and cute things, and he was gruff and rugged. You were a cutie who knitted and baked, who liked period dramas and romcoms, who was oversensitive and who loved to just snuggle. He was a hard man, leather jacket and all, almost a biker looked, ear pierced and metal fan with messy hair, full of sarcasm. You looked the complete opposite…But only at first sight. If people looked a bit more, passed their initial confusion as why you were together, they would see it. They would see you were made for each other.

You and Jason didn’t seem like a good match, and yet, no one else in the World could be more perfect for each other.

I’ll Write It Myself — Are You Fucking Kidding Me? (Jason Todd x Reader)

What is a short Jason Todd fic? I don’t know her, so I broke this into two parts, again. Also, you can pry italics from my cold, dead hands. I had so much fun writing this, I really enjoy this debate. After this, I have a Harley Quinn!daughter request to write, so keep an eye out for that one.

Summary: As an ER nurse, you deal with a lot of shit, but Red Hood is not one of those things.

Warnings: Injuries are mentioned? It’s not very gory, this is very dialog heavy

Word Count: 4,000

You’ve seen a lot of shit working as a nurse in the emergency room. Last week, an eight-year-old who still wore pulls ups came in, despite being physically and mentally capable of learning how to use a toilet at an earlier age. Three nights ago, you watched a mother hug her teenage son and sob with relief after the doctor stitched his wrists up after a suicide attempt. Yesterday, you performed CPR on a three-week-old only for the infant to die. Some nights were better than others.

Then the Red Hood shows up in Gotham.

He’s fighting crime, you guess, but geez, is killing people really necessary? You might understand if it was someone like Joker or a serial killer or something, but this guy isn’t even going after the masked psychopaths that run around Gotham. He’s going after drug dealers. And not just throwing them in prison, no, he’s murdering them.

Seriously? Gotham is practically a superheroes’ playground, but this guy, this Red Hood is running around murdering drug dealers? Yeah, you understand what they’re doing is illegal, but come on, rape is also illegal and you don’t see rapists showing up dead on the news. Instead, you see some dude who was selling crack on the corner, dead.

And yeah, you might be slightly biased against using death to solve problems as someone who entered a field dedicated to saving lives, but this Red Hood dude? He’s kind of an idiot.

After a twelve-hour shift ending at 6 AM, you head to your apartment, hoping to relax, but that plan is promptly thrown out the door when you open your apartment door to see no one other than the Red Hood sitting on your couch, pointing a gun at you, and holding his side.

Are you fucking kidding me?

“Shut the door,” He orders quietly, his voice sounding just as gravely and deep as you figured it would.

You sigh, flick the lights on, and shut the door.

“Pretty convenient for you to break into a nurse’s apartment when you’re bleeding out,” You state boredly, setting your things on the counter. “I have a feeling that wasn’t luck.”

“You’re going to help me,” He threatens, cocking the gun.

You roll your eyes.

“Or what? You’re gonna shoot me and bleed out on my couch? Stellar plan.”

He slowly lowers his gun, probably hoping for more fear to be struck in your heart as opposed to sass.

“Will you please help me?” He asks quietly.

You huff to yourself and shake your head. Unbelievable. But, you go to your bedroom and dig out the trauma kit gifted to you by your sister’s military medic husband. Stupid murdering criminal or not, he’s trying to do some good in the city, you guess, so you’re not going to let this dumbass bleed out on your couch.

“Scoot over,” You command as you walk back into the living room then sit down next to Red Hood and snap on a pair of gloves.

He shifts and removes his hand, letting you look at the deep stab wound which is oozing yellowish discharge and has scabbing gathered around the edges. It seems to be an old wound that got infected then reopened. A ripped Kevlar vest is discarded on the couch. How the fuck?

“I wasn’t going to shoot you,” He mutters.

“Really?” You retort sarcastically, digging for disinfectant in your bag. “You know, I was always taught that you only point a gun at someone you have the intention of shooting,” You glare at him, but he looks away sheepishly.

“It was supposed to be extra motivation. It’s hard to tell who hates me and I’m kind of desperate.”

“I wonder why,“ You mutter sarcastically.

You grab a pair of scissors from your bag and cut a bigger hole in his shirt to expose more of the wound then begin cleaning out the infection.

“I’m guessing you’re not my biggest fan.”

“Wow, you’d really give Batman a run for his money with that whole “world’s greatest detective” status,” You remark dryly.

“Well, do I even get to hear your gripes against me?”

You sit up and stare at him.

“Why bother asking? I know you don’t give a shit,” You continue cleaning the wound, your teeth grinding against each other.

He shrugs.

“Yeah, not really,” Red Hood admits. “But you’re keeping me from dying so I could at least listen.”

“How the hell did you do this?” You demand, ignoring his last question. “It looks like you got stabbed, but you were wearing Kevlar. Who gets stabbed in a gunfight?”

“Someone that isn’t expecting the other guy to be carrying a knife sharp enough to cut through Kevlar,” He snaps.

“It’s almost like people have started picking up on your M.O. and are arming themselves,” You roll your eyes. “Crazy.”

“Seriously, what is your issue with me?!”

You pause to put away the disinfectant and pull out a suture kit, but before you thread the needle, you stop to look Red Hood in the eye through his stupid helmet.

“I’m in a field dedicated to saving lives. What do you think my issue with you is?”

He scoffs.

“Great, another person with the morals of Batman. Should I also toss down some pillows before they hit the ground? They’re drug-dealing pimps!”

“Yeah, they’re pieces of shit, but out of all the shitbags in this city, you’ve decided that drug dealers are the ones worth killing?! I’d understand having them arrested, but murder? It’s overkill,” You grumble, beginning to stitch up his side.

“You underestimate how much of the crime in Gotham is controlled by the drug trade.”

You roll your eyes again.

“Yeah, maybe I do, but who died and gave you the power to be the judge, jury, and executioner?”

“I’m cleaning up Gotham! I’m doing what Batman won’t do!”

“Have you ever considered that the ideas of good and evil are subjective?” You snap. “It’s not always so black and white. Sometimes people make mistakes or get desperate and they’re scared. They think this is their only out and they’re too wrapped up in their own lives to consider the consequences. They don’t deserve to die! Send them to prison!”

“You haven’t seen the type of evil that plagues Gotham,” Red Hood responds darkly.

“Oh bullshit! I see the worst side of humanity every fucking night! Three hours ago, I helped a doctor stitch up a two-year-olds head because her mom’s shitty boyfriend grabbed her by the legs and slammed her into a wall because she was crying. Even I know that this shit isn’t black and white.”

“Yeah, you’re right, send them to prison, then five months later they’re walking the streets again, doing the same shit! People don’t change.”

“You don’t give them the chance to change.”

“They’ve already proven they don’t deserve that chance!”

“For dealing drugs? Come on, you gotta see that killing them is kind of extreme!”

“I don’t.”

You groan, shaking your head.

“This is why I didn’t even want to bother to have this conversation. I know I’m not going to change your mind.”

“I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going after drug dealers right now to get someone else’s attention.”

“So, what about all these people you’re killing to “get someone’s attention”? What are they? Means to an end?”

“I don’t see one less drug-dealing pimp on the street being a bad thing.”

“I don’t see one more drug-dealing pimp in prison being a bad thing. You murdered five people last night–”

Red Hood scoffs.

“That they know about.”

You roll your eyes and tie off the last stitch then prepare the bandages to cover the fresh stitches.

“It doesn’t fucking matter,” You growl, wrapping up his side with gauze and tape. “You murdered five people, all under the age of twenty-two last night.”

“Your point?”

“My point is they’re stupid kids who don’t deserve to die!” You snap. “They’re young and stupid and unaware! Let them go to prison! They don’t deserve to die!”

“Like I said, all of this is to take out someone bigger.”

“Really?” You raise an eyebrow. “And who’s this “bigger” person?”

“You’ll see soon enough, and you’ll thank me,” He hisses.

“Right,” You nod, placing the last piece of tape. “I’m sure I will.”

As you pack up your supplies and gather any bloodied material, you walk Red Hood through the aftercare for his stitches.

“Keep them covered for forty-eight hours and try not to reopen them. You really don’t want to stretch the skin too much. Don’t shower for twenty-four hours, then you can start washing them with soap and water. Rest and laying down will help with pain and swelling,” You glance over at him, slowly nodding along with what you’re saying. “If it gets infected again… Go to the hospital or something.”

Red Hood nods then slowly stands up, carefully puts his jacket on, and heads to your window. He slides the window open and rests a foot on your window sill.

“Hey!” You protest. “What did I just say about not stretching the skin?!”

“I don’t think your neighbors would be pleased to see me roaming the hallways,” He remarks dryly. “Besides, I don’t need some drug lord to know I have a loose end in this apartment complex.”

“Whatever,” You groan.

Rip your stitches out, see if I care, dumbass.

“Thanks for the stitches,” He fully steps out the window then pauses and pops his head back inside. “Oh, and those five dudes you saw on the news? The ones under twenty-two or whatever? Yeah, they were dealing to twelve-year-olds,” Then he disappears with the last word.

Twelve-year-olds? Even you will admit, that’s pretty despicable, but still.

“Good riddance,” You mutter to yourself, going back to your bedroom for a shower.

Red Hood is an asshole.

Two weeks passed and as you hoped and expected, you didn’t open your apartment door to a gun being pointed at you. You figured that night was the last night you’d see the Red Hood unless he was on the news, and you were very content with that. While the news of killing the dealers who dealt to kids was surprising and slightly admirable, you had no desire to see him again.

So, you can imagine your annoyance when you open your apartment door to see a familiar figure sitting on your couch.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” You groan. “What, no gun this time?”

Red Hood chuckles.

“Well, I would just because, but I don’t have the means to hold my arms up right now.”

Your eyebrows furrowed together and you drop your stuff on the counter before walking over to him.

“What the hell did you do this time?”

“I uh… Dislocated one shoulder, which I would put back in place myself, but my other elbow and wrist are broken, so I kind of… can’t.”

“Uh-huh…” You say slowly then eye his leather jacket, hiding his arms and shoulders. “Hopefully we don’t need to cut this off, because I’m not sure I have scissors strong enough to get through leather on hand.”

“You better not cut my fucking jacket,” He grumbles.

“Well, you should’ve thought about that before dislocating your shoulder and breaking your elbow and wrist!”

“Right, because I definitely left my apartment thinking you know what would be fun tonight? Getting my ass kicked!” Red Hood retorts sarcastically.

“Who did you lose to?”

“Nobody,” He snaps.

“Really? Because this doesn’t look like a victory to me,” You gesture at his arms.

“The other guys look worse,” He responds smugly.

You roll your eyes.

“Yeah, I’m sure they do,” You mutter digging two splints, tape, and gauze out of your expansive first aid kit. “You bleeding anywhere?” You ask, sitting down on the couch next to him.

“Not this time,” He grumbles.

“How are your stitches healing?” You ask, unraveling the gauze.


“Alright, let’s try to get your jacket off,” You focus on his right arm first, the one with the dislocated shoulder, and carefully push the jacket off his arm.

He winces, barely audible, but you manage to get the jacket off his right arm.

“Now this side will be fun,” You groan, moving over to Red Hood’s left side.

You easily pull his jacket off his left shoulder, but once you reach the elbow, the jacket gets stuck. Understandably, his elbow has swelled so pushing the jacket down isn’t an option.

“You really don’t want me to cut this?” You ask, frowning at the leather.

“If it’s avoidable,” He responds in a pained voice.

Although he’s been fairly quiet, you know he’s in a lot of pain.

“Okay,” You sigh, thinking over your options. “Well, we’re not going to be able to push it off. Your elbow is too swollen… But, I could grab the cuff and carefully pull it off. It’s going to hurt really bad though–”

“Do you think you could get it in one yank?”

“Um… Maybe? But that might mess your elb–”

“I don’t care. I don’t want to sit here for twenty minutes while you try to be gentle. Just yank the damn thing off.”

“…Okay,” You blink. “Um… let’s see… How much can you straighten your arm?”

He pulls his arm out at a slightly awkward angle.

“That’s the best I got,” He says through gritted teeth. “And I can’t hold it for long.”

“Right,” You quickly stand up to get the best leverage, then grab the cuff with both hands. “Okay, ready?” Then you yank as hard as you can and the jacket comes off.

Red Hood yells then doubles over in pain, his head against your coffee table. He continues cursing, banging on the table before finally sitting up, breathing heavily through his helmet.

“Holy shit, you weren’t kidding about it hurting.”

“Yeah,” You nod. “But it’s off and your jacket isn’t cut, so the next question is what do you want to be done first– your arm splinted or for me to relocate your shoulder?”

He groans.

“Wow, they both sound like so much fun.”

“Splinting probably won’t be that bad after pulling the jacket off,” You note. “I found an old wrist brace in my stuff so I’ll use that on your wrist then the splint for your elbow.”

He nods along, probably still recovering from the force it took for you to yank his jacket off so you start splinting his elbow and wrist.

“You’re actually going to have to rest,” You tell him, finishing up the tight wrappings. “Broken bones are no joke, you’re actually going to have to rest if you want to heal.”

“Yeah, yeah I know,” He grumbles.

You move to his shoulder and maneuver his arm into place.

“Alright, you ready?”

He nods.

“Okay, I’m going to count to three. One, two–” Then you shift his shoulder into place, rolling the ball back into his socket.

“Shit!” Red Hood doubles over. “I thought you were going to count to three!”

“It’s a trick for putting stuff back in place,” You explain, putting away any extra supplies. “If I had put your shoulder back when I said I was going to, your body would tense up in preparation and make it harder to put it back.”

“Right,” He grumbles, rolling his shoulder then stands up to leave. “Thanks for the help.”

“Wait,” You call to him as he reaches the window. “Why did you wait so long to tell me that the dealers you killed were dealing to kids?”

He shrugs with one shoulder.

“Does it really matter to you?”

“Kind of! I’m not on board with killing people,” You remind him. “But at least it makes slightly more sense.”

“I don’t go around justifying myself to people. You rather agree or get the hell out of my way.”

“What a motto,” You roll your eyes. “Do you kill everyone you don’t agree with?”

“You’re still alive,” He points out.

“How reassuring. What, do you have only child syndrome or something?”

“Stop trying to guess shit about me, you suck at it,” He snaps. “See you next time, doc.’‘

“I guess I don’t get any say in that matter, do I?”

“As long as I’m the one holding the gun, nope,” He winks, stepping out of your window.

“Guess I’ll just have to invest in a gun then,” You retort.

Red Hood snorts and fully steps onto the fire escape outside your window.

“You won’t shoot me.”

“You don’t know that!” You protest.

“Yeah, I do,” Then he hops off the railing, already ignoring your advice to rest his injuries.

“I might,” You mutter to yourself. “Go break your arms again, see if I give a fuck,” You mumble angrily, walking to your bedroom.

Red Hood still an asshole.

Two months later, you open your apartment door to be greeted by a familiar gun. You sigh, locking the door behind you.

“I thought we moved past the whole “threatening me with a gun” thing?” You roll your eyes.

“Last time doesn’t count,” Red Hood reasons through a pained voice. You notice he’s laying down this time instead of sitting up. “I couldn’t hold up a gun.”

“What did you do this time?” You ask boredly.

“Got blown up,” He responds casually. “I think I got some stuff stuck in my chest.”

“If you stain my couch, being blown up won’t be your biggest problem tonight,” You growl at him.

“Love it when you threaten me,” Red Hood remarks with an eye roll.

“Shut up,” You mutter, grabbing your trauma kit. “I don’t know how I became your personal “doc in the box”,” You grumble, sitting down next to him.

“Because you keep helping me.”

“I don’t know why I keep doing that either.”

“Probably morals or some shit.”

“How ironic of me,” You remark.

Red rolls his eyes.

“I have morals.”

“Would’ve fooled me,” You retort, looking over the shrapnel lodged in his chest.

“Last time I talked to you, you seemed impressed I actually killed people doing really shitty things.”

“I know every drug dealer you kill isn’t dealing to kids. It doesn’t cancel each other out.”

“They all have the potential to,” He points out.

“Yeah, and every person has the potential to be a serial killer, but you don’t see me going around murdering every person I can find,” You snap on a pair of gloves then use a pair of tweezers to begin picking out shrapnel.

“No, but you certainly wouldn’t let the ones holding a knife to people’s throats go free.”

You clench your jaw, already annoyed.

“Who tried to blow you up?”


“Nice,” You nod. “And somehow, you still think you’re in the right.”

“You don’t know shit about Batman or the things he’s done.”

“You sound like every other masked psychopath in this city with a vendetta against Batman.”

Red snatches your wrist, squeezing tightly.

“I am nothing like them,” He growls out.

“Really?” You ask, unphased by his grip on you. “And what makes you different?”

“I’m being what Gotham needs.”

“That’s a pretty subjective answer, if you ask me. You don’t think someone like Two-Face at one point thought he was being what Gotham needed? Or what about Catwoman and Poison Ivy? They seem to be a lot like you.”

“The villains that run around Gotham, they don’t fear Batman,” Red releases your wrist. “You wanna know why? Because they know he won’t kill them. But they’re scared of me because they’ll know I’ll finish the job. Gotham doesn’t need justice. She can’t even carry out justice. She needs an iron fist, vengeance.”

“Gotham needs a lot of things, someone else going around killing people is not one of those things,” You mutter, dropping the last piece of shrapnel on a paper towel you laid out.

“You’re right, we don’t need anyone else going around killing innocent people, so it’s a good thing I’m not killing innocent people.”

“So, what happens when that line becomes blurred?” You ask, sitting up for a moment to look at Red Hood. “What happens when your judgment becomes clouded and it turns out the people you thought were evil aren’t actually evil? What happens when you start killing innocent people?”

“I won’t let it get to that point.”

“Nobody thinks it’ll get to that point,” You point out, beginning to clean out the cuts.

“Yeah, well, I have certain… past experiences that set me apart.”

“Really?” You raise your eyebrows. “And what’s your tragic backstory that sets you apart?”

“None of your business,” He snaps. “And also not what I am referring too. Didn’t anyone tell you about what happens when you make assumptions?”

You roll your eyes then grab a pair of scissors and cut a small section of Red Hood’s shirt only to be met with the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in all your years of practicing medicine.

“Is this…” You stare at the scar longer, just to be sure. “Is this an autopsy scar?!”

“Don’t worry about it,” He brushes you off quickly.

“Holy fuck it totally is,” You curse. “Who are you?!”

“You know, the whole point of the helmet is for you to not know the answer to that.”

“You literally have an autopsy scar! And you’re not going to give me any explanation for that?”

“Nope. It’s none of your business, sweetheart.”

“Don’t call me sweetheart,” You growl.

“Then stay out of my business.”

“You brought your business to my apartment when you broke in and threatened me with a gun!”


“What do you mean “and”?!”

“And none of what you just said makes me obligated to tell you shit!”

“I’ve kept you from dying, multiple times!”

“So? You’re not the only one.”

“Are you fucking serious?! Dude, you have an autopsy scar! Do you know what that means?!”

“I would love to hear your thoughts.”

“You rather got tortured by someone who is seriously twisted, or you straight up died and were dead long enough for an autopsy to be performed and are now somehow alive.”

He pauses then slowly nods.

“Yeah, that actually just about sums up what happened.”

“Which one?”



“I gave you an explanation! Can you just finish?!”

“None of your explanation makes sense! How are you alive?!”

“I don’t know!” He snaps. “And I’ve had a shitty night so I’d really like to leave so can you please finish?!” His voice cracks on the last word.

You frown but know you’re not getting any further explanation. Instead, you finish stitching Red up without another word. He stands up and carefully puts his jacket back on and walks toward the window. Before opening it, he stops and glances back at you.

“I’m… I’m not fully sure how I am alive. All I know is I woke up in my coffin. I died a few years back and a lot of shit happened and now I’m here, for better or for worse.”

You stare at him for a moment then frown.

“Are you… okay? Not physically, but mentally?”

He chuckles humorlessly.

“Not really. Dying kind of fucks you up. Coming here is fun though. You don’t take any of my shit and it… It makes me feel like myself again. Thanks for the stitches, Doc,” Then he opens the window and disappears into the night.

You stare dumbfounded at the window. Red Hood is still an asshole, but he just got a whole lot more complicated.

Part two is soon! Wow, I went from never writing multiple parts to needing to split them up because I really love writing for Jason. I’ve also been so blown away by all the love I’ve received on White Flag. Thank you guys so much!

Part 2

I write fanfic sometimes

Innosense(Jason Todd imagine)

Requested: Yes

Request: A fluffy imagine, Hades and Persephone AU with Jason Todd?

Summary: The ruler of the underworld,Gotham, Jason, wants to marry you, a very innocent and pure person.

Word count: 646

Warning(s): I couldn’t make it super fluffy, I’m sorry.

You didn’t want to be here. You were above all this! You were too innocent to be roaming Gotham alone, where you came from, there was nothing but fields and beautiful nature that you could roam in peaceful bliss for as long as your heart was content.

But here you were, Lost in a city full of crime and criminal scum. You were lost to say the least.

Roaming the streets you suddenly get pushed into a dark alley, a knife putting pressure on your neck. You scream, but a leather gloved hand quickly covers your mouth. That’s when Jason first saw you, he saw what was happening from far away, and even though he had no obligation to do so, he felt compelled to help.

“Let them go,” He somberly says, towering over the person that was attacking you, they quickly scurry away from you, recognizing who they’re talking to. “That is no way to treat a gorgeous lady,” He sighs, but lets the villain run away.

Jason was captivated by you beauty, you innocence and he wanted to be the one to take that away and make you the goddess of his world, the queen to his throne. He was an expert at smooth talking, and everyone knew that, but you were blinded by his flirtatious personality.

Months went by and the relationship got a lot more serious as time went by, and Jason fell more and more in love with you. You adapted perfectly to the Gotham lifestyle, your innocence fading, just as Jason wished.

It was about a 5 years after you two had first met when he asked your father who also happened to be his older brother Dick, for your hand in marriage. His brother Dick consented to the marriage—or at least refused to oppose it. Yet he warned Jason that Kori would never approve this coupling, for she would not want her daughter spirited off to a sunless world.

Jason would go off to prove to his brother that he made the right voice, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, you had changed something in him. You gave him peace of mind, calming him when he feels rage, making him happy when he felt sad.

Dick was right, Kori was mad for her daughter’s marriage, Kori soon came to collect her daughter, but could not find a trace of you. Distraught and desperate, Kori searched high and low for her daughter. She traveled to the farthest corners of the earth, searching for nine full days and nights without ever stopping. Kori was in a fury. She destroyed everything in her way as she bewailed the loss of her daughter. When she finally found you and saw the happiness in your eyes when you were with him she finally decided to stand down and let you make your own decision even though she was rather reluctant .

You were overlooking your kingdom, the dark gloom of the city and the mist making it look more threatening than ever. An arm wraps around your waist, and a kiss is pressed to you temple. “You make the perfect queen to by kingdom, even though you’re nothing like you were when we first met, I fall in love with you more everyday.” Jason says, causing you to turn toward him. “They fear you darling, you’re the best thing that could have happened to me, that could have happened to Gotham !” He explains lovingly, pushing a strand of loose hair behind your ear. “I’ve spent most of my life here with you, and I would do it all over again,” you gently smile.

Jason suddenly dips you backwards, kissing you with the passion of a thousand suns . A display to the People of Gotham of the unity of the people in charge, striking fear into everyone in your path.



With love,





Word Count: 3,720

Prompts: ii. and vii. ❝i am calm. i am nothing but calm all the time.❞ ❝no, you’re not. you’re fifteen seconds from starting a fight at all times.❞ & ❝i’m surprised you haven’t killed him yet.❞ ❝i keep trying but nobody ever let me get that far.❞

“JASON CALM DOWN!” I pressed my hand against his chest, looking into his eyes fiercely, we didn’t the time for his temper. He broke away and walked away but not before he shot the guy in the leg. “We weren’t here, or the next one goes in your brain.” He said slowly and then turned back to me. His piercing blue eyes felt almost cold, I blinked in shock. I’ve seen him angry more times than I can count but this was unsettling.“I am calm. I am nothing but calm all the time.” He said through clenched teeth, making me scoff as we jumped off of the roof. We broke out into a sprint, by now I regained my composure. “No, you’re not. you’re fifteen seconds from starting a fight at all times.” Jason was a hothead, he was so angry at the world. He tried his hardest to make sure it was safe at night but he felt like he didn’t make a difference so he was pissed off. He was pissed off that so many bad people got to live and kill good innocent people. The bad people got to tear mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, from their families. So his solution ironically was to do the same thing. He would kill those who he thought deserved it. Contradictory but his temper always got the best of him. Normally I would let him be angry, but not tonight. We had an agreement with Bruce, we needed his help. The agreement included no killing. As much as Jason hated it we couldn’t do it ourselves this time, it was bigger than us.

For months we had been trying to investigate why the number of children missing spiked. At first, it was hard to notice. Street kids those who wouldn’t be looked for. Then foster kids would be adopted more frequently finally, normal kids began to be abducted. Street kids would never leave each other, they were the closest thing to a family they had. So when they began reaching out to us we got worried and looked into it. We went around Gotham talking to them, they knew who we were and confessed everything. “Something is going on Jay. Something big.” We climbed on his bike and went back to our apartment. We had been living together shortly after we started working together. We would always end up together at the end of the night too tired to go back to our own apartment. So we decided to get an apartment together. We each had our own rooms because we needed time apart sometimes. That was one of the most important things I learned. Sometimes you just need to be alone. It can be overwhelming spending so much time with one person. Especially the lack of sleep, and frustrations over unsolved cases, it all just took a toll on us. He took his helmet off and sighed running a hand through his hair. I pulled up my computer and looked into news articles. Of course, nothing had been mentioned about street kids. I was just about to put the paper down when my eyes drifted to a suggestion.

Percentage of foster kids adopted in Gotham rises

“No fucking way.” I breathed, Jason loomed over my shoulder. I looked back at him, we shared a look. This wasn’t a coincidence, someone was taking kids. No bodies were being found so why were they being taken? I had a couple of theories already. I stood up from the screen and pulled on my jacket, “Where are you going?” He asked following after me, keys still in hand. “To find out what the hell is going on.“ We tried to figure it out ourselves but it seemed like we were always 10 steps behind. So I suggested we get help. Outright, Jason was outraged I even suggested it so I walked away and let him cool down. Sure enough, he came around once he began thinking straight. I handed him his helmet, I had already turned his bike on, I smirked. He tossed his cigarette, “Not a fucking word.” He growled as I tossed it to him and he caught it.

He got on and sped off, to the Wayne Manor. He scowled, as we arrived at the gates. The doors opened and he pulled in, we were greeted by Alfred. “To what do we owe this surprise?” He asked and I elbowed Jason, he remained silent. I rolled my eyes at his immaturity, “It’s nice to see you again Alfred. We’re here to talk to the boys.” Jason turned to me, even angrier than before. Alfred looked between us and I gave him a polite smile as he walked us in. I lowered my voice, “Don’t give me that shit. You know the boys are going to listen in if we want them to or not, better they know straight instead of getting crooked details.“ I rolled my eyes and gave him a begging look. I took my hand in his, I knew this isn’t where he wanted to be and I was trying to keep him calm.

He huffed and then we arrived at the study. It took a while to get there since the Mansion was so big. Jason was boiling, he was so dramatic. We were greeted by Bruce, Dick, Tim, and Damian. “Both of you are here this can’t be good.” Damian commented as Jason growled, “Fuck off, Demon spawn.“ I gave his hand a squeeze and then looked at him Dick sighed as he and Tim exchanged looks. Bruce was deadly silent, waiting for us to explain why we were there. I wasn’t going to speak this time, Jason had to say more than 4 words. I cleared my throat and nudged Jason giving him a stern look. He shuffled forward and rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. “We need your help.” He said directly looking at Bruce, both holding their glares. It was amazing how incredibly alike they both were, and they refused to see it. I brushed my fingers over his knuckles, they were icy cold. His rings were even colder making a shiver run down my spine. I didn’t even know if he was going to agree. Jason lost control the last time Bruce agreed to help us and I had to work without him. Jason was a pain the whole time, he kept asking for information but I wouldn’t give it. I knew if I did he would follow and piss Bruce off. Bruce didn’t speak for a long time. I assumed he was still holding the grudge.

“I’ll keep him in check.” I paused looking at Jason to make sure he didn’t make things worse. He pressed his lips together, no doubt restraining himself by biting his tongue. Still, he didn’t say a word. “Please we wouldn’t bother you if this wasn’t important.” The two finally looked at me. Tim stepped forward this time, he spoke in a flurry. He stumbled over his words, “You’re not bothering its really good to see you. Not just you. But not that it’s not good to see you. It’s good to uh see you both.” I smiled, some of the tension was gone now. Dick clamped a hand over Tim’s mouth to keep him from babbling further. The boys claimed he had a crush, I thought it was sweet. I looked up at Jason if looks could kill. Tim drove Jason crazy. Dick pet Tim and sighed as Damian snickered, “We talked about this Tim, too much caffeine makes you jittery.” Dick chimed in a sing-song voice, almost gloating he told him so. “Speak for yourself I don’t like seeing these ugly mugs around here.“ Dick smacked the back of Damian’s head and he growled.

Jason almost pulled me behind him, it was pure instinct. He was already on edge being back at the mansion. He hated being here, he felt so out of place. He felt like a failure the rest of the boys were still under his wing, it was like he was replaced and pushed out. I wouldn’t have dragged him here if I didn’t think I had to. He was immediately silenced when Bruce put his hand out to shut everyone up. He rubbed his temple and sighed, “Jason is an adult, he should be able to control himself. If he can’t and crosses a line again you’re both done.” Jason gripped my hand tighter, I knew he was seconds away from giving up keeping his mouth shut. His patience by now was paper-thin. I decided it would be best if I did the rest of the talking. “We understand.”

Alfred called Bruce away and he excused himself leaving us with the boys. I saw Tim nudge Dick, and raised an eyebrow. I only caught a fragment of what Tim said, “Please, just ask.” He rolled his eyes at his brother letting out a long sigh before he turned to me. “Is your wiring still acting up?” This caught Jason’s attention, the wiring in the apartment wasn’t acting up. He crossed his arms over his chest and waited for my response. I was confused for a moment until it hit me. In my other apartment my lights used to act up, I told Jason about it but he was asleep so I told myself I would tell him later. I never did. “Oh! No, I’m not in the apartment anymore!“ I said, making Tim’s head drop in shame. I mentioned something about the wiring and Tim most likely wanted to fix it. He seemed very interested whenever there were problems in my apartment, in fact, I’m sure he fixed every broken appliance. It was another reason to move in with Jason. “Oh,” Dick said and then looked to Tim, he stepped forward. “You found a new place already?” I looked at Jason. He squirmed under my glare, the boys seemed interested, they could sense it.

“Actually, I moved in with Jason.“ 3 jaws simultaneously dropped. Jason scowled at them and I smirked, “You didn’t tell them as I told you to.” My voice seemed nice but my eyes were screaming murder. What if they needed me and couldn’t reach me? This was something to bring up in private, judging by his look Jason knew that too. Jason turned to me and I pulled his arm and held a finger, “One second,“ I made it clear that we would continue the conversation later. The boys couldn’t hear anything but he was in trouble. There was no hitting so that was a good thing. Tim whispered, “They moved in together? What does that mean?” Damian rolled his eyes, and Dick sighed. We made our way back to them. “I’m surprised you haven’t killed him yet.” Damian paused, “And a little impressed you’ve put up with him for so long.“

“I keep trying but nobody ever let me get that far.” There was a swarm of questions I shut my eyes and put my head on Jason’s shoulder. My face turned bright red, Jason smirked and whispered in my ear. “I knew what the fuck I was doing darling.“ He said slowly taking in the fact that he was right. I underestimated the boys, and he was reveling. He pulled away and gave a short shout. They all stopped clamoring. “God, you guys were going to give me a headache.” I brought my fingers to my temple and looked into their eyes. “One at a time please.“ Dick pushed the two aside murmuring he had privileges. Despite being older, he was just as curious as to his younger brothers. “Why did you move in?” I looked at Jason pleading, and he shook his head. “Not touching these questions with a 10 feet pole.“ I groaned but accepted my punishment. Maybe there was a reason for the secret. I thought about my answer for a moment then replied, “Well it was more out of convenience. One of us would always end up at the others, and my apartment had bad wiring. So we chose his. He got tired of having to go to mine and get his things. So he suggested it and now we live together.”

Dick looked between us and nodded, satisfied with his answer. It was like an interrogation, and I was taking all of the heat. It was Tim’s turn he even raised his hand. I pouted, he looked upset. I never took the whole crush thing seriously. Now I could really see it, this whole time I thought the boys were just teasing him. “Are you two together?” He hesitated and I froze unsure of how to answer. I didn’t want to get his hopes up or break his heart but I honestly didn’t know what to tell him. It seemed like it, we lived together, we slept together, but we never really talked about it. I looked at Jason he held the same panicked expression. How do could we explain that sometimes we had sex and then never talked about it? I tilted my head to him, to signal for his help.

He gave me a look, I asked for this. I really did. Nevertheless, he saved me. He too was thinking of the hookups, making him smirk. I covered my face and turned away trying to regain composure. In fact, I knew under Jason’s shirt, there were purple marks trailing down his chest and I had ones that matched. He made his higher, and if my shirt were to shift, he could see. “We need to figure that out ourselves as well,” Jason replied. It was a valid answer, Tim didn’t seem to torn up about it. My hands absent-mindedly went over to rub my neck. Suddenly, it was hot. Judging by his look, Dick’s suspicions were confirmed. Damian broke the silence pushing past Tim. “Do you kill people?” I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. I ran my tongue across my bottom lip. I was so tempted not to answer. I knew it could backfire. Jason looked to me, wondering if he needed to save me again. I shook my head and looked back at Damian. “Due to my past, yes. I try not to now.” Growing up in a sketchy place, I learned at a young age you can’t depend on people. I fell in with the wrong people and made questionable decisions. However, every time I did kill I felt justified. I used to be as angry as Jason and I lost control a lot. But now working with Jason I calmed down, one of us needed to have a level head and I knew it probably wouldn’t be him. I felt dirty now. I really opened a can of worms with that one. When it comes to his brothers I will never doubt Jason again.

In the next few weeks, we worked closely with the boys. Each night we got closer, to finding the source. We spent most of our nights in the Batcave tracing leads. Jason was getting antsy, so he went out and patrolled. Lucky that he did, because he caught an abduction as it was happening. “On 45th! They took a group of kids into a van.” Jason’s voice shouted in my ear. Dick shot up from his seat. The boys pilled into the Batmobile. I took my bike and followed close behind. Jason gave us the coordinates. “How far out are you?”

“11 minutes.”

“We can’t wait that long.” I could hear the desperation in his voice. He knew exactly what those kids were going through. He was reliving his trauma. “Jason, if we blow this we lose them all. Wait for us. We can’t let a single one alert the rest of the group.” He went silent. Sensing the urgency we all sped up even more. The Batmobile was easily recognized and most civilians cleared a path. We arrived and saw Jason’s bike parked in a nearby lot. He was set up on the roof overlooking the building making sure no one got out.

“I’m sending the drone,” Tim called and released his bird into the air. He guided it into the building giving us a full view of what was inside. Children were in cages, surrounded by men with guns. In the center of the room, there was a table with computers. “They’re waiting for the signal.” Dick looked at all of us. “This has to be flawless. No mess-ups. We get one shot.”

“Tim, I want you on those computers. I want to know everything on there. The rest of us have one job. Make sure no one gets away.” Having received our orders we all grouped up. Tim ran another scan of the building. “Two from the roof, one from the back door, and two from the front.” Jason and I took the roof, Dick took the back door and Damian and Tim took the front.

We all waited for the signal. “Now.” Dick spoke into the comms. All at once, we each infiltrated the building. Tim went straight for the men by the computers. He took them out with ease and then uploaded his drive into the computer. Damian kept anyone away from the table. Jason and I focused on the guards who were standing by the children. We were mindful of their weapons and kept them away from the children.

Each of the men was bounded, ready for the GCPD. “Which one of you fuckers has the key?” Jason asked looking at each one of the men. Neither of them spoke a word. “Fine.” He grabbed the closet man and took his hand. He took his index finger and in a swift movement pulled it back. An agonizing scream came from the man, and a loud cracking noise followed right after. I moved to Jason, “Do you really want to traumatize them even more?” He thought for a moment and then looked back at the man. “What about this one?” He grabbed his ring finger and then man yelped. “It’s him!” He pointed to a blonde man across the room. I went over and reached in his pockets, sure enough, there was a key. I breathed a sigh of relief and began releasing the children. “How much longer on the drive?” Dick questioned Tim, “30 seconds.”

Dick nodded and looked at me. “Alfred I need GCPD and medical.”

“Right away, ETA is 3 minutes.”

Jason took the same man by the collar and dragged him out of the room. I followed after him. “GCPD will be here in 3 minutes. We stopped them. We know where all their warehouses are, and everything we need is on that drive.” I whispered to him but he didn’t budge. “I only need 2. This one’s a talker.” He moved away and then looked at the man. “Who do you report to?”

“He’ll kill me, he knows everything-” Jason didn’t let him finish before he landed a devastating blow right to his face. “I don’t have time for this. What is his name?” He grabbed his hair and held his face up. Blood trickled down his cheek. “But my-” Once again another blow landed on his face. The man coughed up blood, Jason didn’t ask again. He waited for another few seconds. As he went to strike him again, the man pleaded. “Wait! David Benjamin.” He managed to get it out.


Jason and I only got to stick around briefly. Our relationship with the police wasn’t as amicable. Due to our spotty record, we had warrants out for our arrest. Once the children were taken by the EMTs we went back to our apartment. Jason was sitting on the fire escape. He still hadn’t changed. The blood still seeping in his clothes. “Hey, come in.” Jason looked down and obliged. Once he got in I shut the blinds. I guided him into the bathroom. “Let’s get these off.” I slowly took off his gloves, he inhaled deeply. I looked over them, they were bloody and raw. I sighed and turned on the warm water. “The rest of these too.” My hands moved to his shirt and I pulled I off over his head. There were a few small cuts, but nothing that needed stitches.

Jason had been silent. I knew what was bothering him. He was thinking about those kids, he saw himself in each one of them. I guided him to the shower and helped him take off the rest of his clothes. I helped him into the shower and once he was under the warm water, it was like he was out of his trance. “Get in here.”

I hadn’t changed either. I was too worried about him. He was admitting that he needed the company. I agreed and stripped off my clothes. We both stood under the warm water. Neither of us spoke as we washed away the deeds of the night.

Once we got out of the shower we got dressed and sat on the bed. “We did it, Jason. They’re safe now.”

“I know.” He said softly. I took his hands and gently ran my fingers across them. He sighed and looked at me. “Let’s go to bed.” I moved to the lamp by the bed and shut it off. I pulled the covers on the bed back and climbed into bed. I sighed and felt the warmth comfort me. My body ached, but it was worth it. I felt Jason tug me closer to him. I moved closer and rested my head on his chest. He ran his fingers through my hair absentmindedly. “Thank you.” I looked up at him and he exhaled. “I don’t know what I would do without you.” He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on my lips. His other hand moved around me and rested on my side. “I love you.”

“I love you, Jay.”

After weeks of restlessness, Jason finally closed his eyes and slept peacefully.



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