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|| Kitchen Gun || BatFam_(Animatic)
|| Kitchen Gun || BatFam_(Animatic)

주제에 대한 기사 평가 jason todd x pregnant reader

  • Author: Laizy- boy
  • Views: 조회수 478,944회
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  • Date Published: 2019. 1. 6.
  • Video Url link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bom4cAT74hM

Jason Todd × Pregnant Reader

Requested by @GucciBread Plot: While Jason on patrol with Damian for the night, leaving you his 6th-month pregnant girlfriend alone. While some bad guys break into there apartment and try to hurt you, don’t worry Jason on the way! Mini note: ugh I’m still a teenager and have much experience with pregnancy, other than my mom ofc and my sisters who have been pregnant and one who is a nurse. I did had a weird conversation with my sister and did randomly google stuff- This could be done sooner if I didn’t stay up watching Catfish the t.v. show and drawing-

________________________________________________________________________________ It was around 6 pm While you and Jason where still at you’re shared apartment just sitting on the couch watching T.v, ” I love you” Jason randomly blurted out as he gently rubs your swollen baby bump ” Well that’s random” you giggled while licking you’re ice cream cone looking at him. ” Not as random as your craving Tho” He grins ” I love you and the baby,” Jason said as The H/c Female giggled and lean her head on her boyfriend’s, ” I love you two too” You laughed as you kissed the top of his head Jason moved his head from you’re shoulder and gave you a peck on the lips Jason Phone began to ring, he reaches to the coffee table and answers the phone, “what do you want Demon brat?” Jason said to the other side of the phone. ” Father wants you to accompany me to on patrol This night,” Damian said from the other line and hanged up, ” What brat not even a please or thank you” He tossed his phone to the side. “Are you gonna go?” You asked while getting up from the couch ” no, no, nooo,” he said pointing at the couch You sat back down on the couch ” No to what? To Patrol or more ice cream? If no ice cream I may be pregnant but I will throw hands” You said seriously staring up at you’re tall boyfriend. ” No to you get up! I want you and the baby to be safe” he said grabbing your hand and kissing the back of you’re hand gently. ” You overreact so much Jay-Jay!” You giggled ” Nah I simply just Adore you and love you and the baby,” He said letting you hand go and walking to the kitchen to grab you another ice cream cone ” I don’t think I’m going though, I don’t wanna leave you alone without anyone being with you, Everyone busy at the moment so nobody can stay with you,” He said while walking back over to the couch and sat back right next to you giving you your ice cream cone. ” Even when Someone did stay the night over with me, Nothing happens! Not even in the neighborhood and we live in Gotham for crying out loud” You said to him putting your legs over his lap. ” Kori is legit a giant glowstick babe” You chuckled as he massaged your leg, ” But-” he was cut off by you ” No But’s! If you don’t go Bruce will have my baby daddy’s head” You whined finishing your ice cream cone again. ” Fine, we still have a few more hours Baby doll,” He said moving closer to you kissing you on you’re forehead and wiping the ice cream off your lips. ” Cuddles?” You grin ” Yes. Cuddles, massages, and lots of snacks and watching Looney Toons” He responded while getting up and helping you get up to go you’re shared room. *Time skip* It was night time already, You woke up to an empty bed ” ow” You groan in pain from the soreness and sat down massaging you’re back gently. The T.V was still on playing Tom & Jerry Showing episode Spike protecting his son Tyke from Tom, ” How sweet, You’re dad will do the same for you My baby” You said softy feeling while rubbing you’re stomach feeling a kickback from the baby ” Owwy, You’re such a fighter” You giggled getting up carefully off the bed and walking to the kitchen, Only was the kitchen light and the mini nightlight in the living room. On your way to the kitchen you could hear footsteps, ” Its probably just the neighborhoods” You shrugged as you reach for a glass of water. On you’re way back to the room you felt a sharp object against you’re neck and tight grip at your waist, ” Don’t move or I’ll fucking kill you.” (me: wow I was just writing just beautiful story about a pregnant woman and now she being threatened-) Your eyes widen as you’re adrenaline hit you as you had to do something, You step on Man’s foot as he groans in pain as you trowed the glass of water at him. ” Damn woman!” He flinches away from the glass and quickly reached out to pulling by the shirt. Meanwhile Jason and Damian where at Patrol, ” That’s it I’m going back” Jason said getting up from the floor as Damian glared at him. ” What Brat? I don’t care I have a girlfriend who’s pregnant maybe when you find some you’ll understand” He said jumping to the next building rushing his way back to you’re shared apartment. Only a few minutes passed as he rushed to your apartment, He was walking up the apartment side stairs, ” What the fuck?” He walked faster up the stairs as he noticed the Window wide open, He slid inside quietly and noticed broken glass shattered on the floor and busty footsteps that didn’t belong to you. Jason reaches to his side and pulled his knife, He didn’t want to use his gun o shoot someone In Front of you or even exposed your child to violence even though he probably gonna kill someone with a knife. You could hear sodding from the kitchen, ” Y/N!!” He called your name as he rushed to the kitchen You were crying and shaking your head unavailable to speak from shook. The villain appears behind Jason and began to attack him while the two began to fight each other, You quickly got up and took the other way to get you’re room, as you got into the room you quickly grad you’re phone and began to call Dick who was thankfully in Gotham at the moment. ” Dick, Come quickly now,” you said quickly ” Hey! What’s wrong?!” he questioned ” COME QUICK!! SOMEONE BROKE IN” you yelled into the phone ” Oh shit! Okay okay! Calm down ill be there in a bit ill Call the others and The police!” he said trying his to keep you calm, ” omg Richard I don’t need you’re calming police voice even though it quite charming” you said to him forgetting about the situation quick until you heard glass smashing. ” Okay, I contacted everyone! We are there asap! Want me to stay on the phone?” He said rushing to the apartment. ” No, Jason will kill you” you hanged up and took a deep breath in and out rubbing you’re stomach. * Time skip bc it be like that tho-* ” We’re moving,” Jason said to you sitting next to you on the hospital bed, ” Where tho?” You said eating the brownies that were given to you, ” Our money barely pays for an apartment right now” you stated, ” Don’t mind me interrupting, I’m glad you and the baby are doing well” Bruce walked into the room giving you a bouquet of beautiful flowers. ” Awww Bruce thank you” You took them from him, ” Damn Jason why didn’t you get me flowers? Tim even got me flowers” you stated while giving him the flowers to but into the vase. ” Ugh… There was a flower place connected to coffee place sooo..” Tim said awkwardly taking a sip of his coffee. ” wow Timmy Tuner” you laughed at him as he shook his head ” Well I was gonna offer you too can stay at the manor again” Bruce randomly said ” Aw Bruce” you were cut off by Jason ” No I worked too hard to go back”

He protested ” Jason shhh, It will just be in till the pregnancy is over at least” you smiled taking his hand and resting it on the baby bump. “Fine” ” I love both of you,” you said ” I-I love you both too” Jason blushed ” AWWW JASON” everyone else teased him ” SHUT UP” ” stop yelling the baby already expose to a lot of violence and Jason get me more brownies or imma trow hands”.

_________________________________________________________________________________ I hoped you all enjoyed! Up next! Batboys reacting to seeing an abandoned baby on patrol!!

I’ll Write It Myself — Heir to the Throne (Jason Todd x Reader)

Hello, I love you all so much for being patient with me! I am super excited to share this! This is a continuation to my other two part fic For the Kingdom. You don’t need to read it for it to make sense, but it does give some background.

A huge thank you to the absolutely lovely @incrediblysadstudent​ who edited and made some really amazing suggestions. She also runs a writing blog where she writes the batfam so definitely go show her some love!

Warnings: Threats of violence, puking

Tags: @idkmanicantenglish (I’ve missed you, my love) @mayahoelland2013

Word count: 4,800

You lean over the toilet with a groan as you retch again. Jason frowns with concern, one hand gently pushing your hair out of your face as his other comfortingly rubs your back. You pause, giving yourself a moment to breathe and spit into the porcelain toilet bowl. Jason leans over and flushes the toilet as you tiredly watch the contents swirl around then disappear.

Sighing, you push past Jason’s hand on your back and fall against the wall, exhausted. Jason’s frown deepens, he hates seeing you like this. He tucks a loose piece of hair behind your ear, grabs the cup of water waiting on the bathroom counter, and brings it to your lips.

Your shaking hands wrap around the cup with Jason helping you tilt it, taking slow sips. As your grip on the cup gets stronger, Jason let’s go, opting to wrap an arm around your shoulder, bringing his lips to your forehead for a sweet kiss. You lean against his chest, your nose wrinkling at the bitter taste in your mouth.

“You alright?” Jason asks quietly.

“Yeah,” You respond, taking another sip of water to wash down the disgusting taste in your mouth.

“Are you though?” Jason’s tone hardens in seriousness. “You’ve been puking for the last two weeks and you’re exhausted all the time. I’m worried about you,” He admits, pulling you closer to his chest.

You stay quiet, staring down into the cup of water. Jason sighs, sounding irritated. He pulls his arm off your shoulder, running his hand through his hair with a frustrated huff.

“You’re hiding something from me,” He looks over at you, nudging your shoulder. You force yourself to look up at him and feel guilt pool in your stomach at the deep look of worry in your husband’s eyes. “We agreed to not do that so whatever is wrong, just tell me and we can deal with it together–”

“I’m pregnant,” You blurt.

Jason blinks, his face blank.

“You’re uh….” He swallows, blinking again in a mixture of confusion and disbelief. “You’re what?”

You reach for his hand, placing it on your still flat stomach.

“I’m pregnant,” You repeat, enunciating the two words slowly.

“You’re… Pregnant…” Jason echoes back. Hearing himself say the words seems to break through the shock as a small smile works its way onto his face. “Holy shit!” He curses with an excited grin, his eyes lighting up. “You’re pregnant!” He exclaims, his eyes flicking from his hand to your face, his smile growing larger by the second.

“I’m pregnant!” You confirm, your voice cracking as you nod your head. Tears of joy well up in your eyes.

“We’re going to have a baby,” Jason’s eyes well up as well, as he pulls you into a tight hug, burying his face into your shoulder.

You hug him back, squeezing with all your strength as a few tears slip, overwhelmed by how perfect this moment feels.

You didn’t mean to be secretive and worry Jason, but you two have been trying to have a child for a little over a year, so you wanted to be sure before you got his hopes up.

It’s hard to believe how far your relationship with Jason has come. What started as an unwilling arranged marriage has developed into a healthy, loving relationship. You were terrified of him, only knowing him through brutal battle stories in which his triumphs were bloody and his mercy was unheard of. The thought of marrying him terrified you straight to your core and made your insides burn with anger, but Jason has proved you wrong every step of the way.

He’s shown you his passion for his kingdom, his heart which is incapable of half-ass love, and his deep respect for everyone around him. Jason is full of passion, fire, and snark. While you two have your bad days and your tempers create blow out fights, you always find your way back to each other because at the end of the day, he’s the love of your life.

Jason pulls back from the hug, cupping your face with his hands, his thumbs wiping your tears. You can’t help but to giggle at the unshed tears brimming in his eyes. Jason huffs with a watery laugh too, leaning in and kissing you sweetly.

You frown, and pull back, your nose wrinkling.

“I just finished throwing up,” You remind him.

“Yeah, I could taste it,” Jason admits with a chuckle.

He rests his forehead against your, the excited grin never leaving his face as he runs his large hands across your stomach.

“We’re going to have a baby,” Jason murmurs to you in amazement, as if he can barely believe the words himself.

You place your hands over his.

“Yeah, we are,” You grin.

Jason kisses your forehead sweetly, pulling you close to him.

Long gone are the days of feeling pressured by advisors to make an heir, tense, fearful sex, and awkward conversations. You’re going to be parents and you can’t imagine embarking on this crazy journey with anyone else.

A week later, you and Jason are sitting in the kingdom doctor’s office. Jason nervously bounces his foot while Dr. Thompskin spreads cold gel across your stomach.

“It’s a little cold,” You giggle, feeling a chill run up your spine as you look toward your husband who smiles back tightly. Sighing, you reach out to Jason. “You have too much nervous energy.”

Jason takes your hand, pressing a kiss to the back of it and chuckles.

“Yeah, I guess I do…”

“Aren’t I supposed to be the nervous one?” You tease, squeezing his hand reassuringly.

“I don’t even know why I am so nervous…” Jason admits. “I mean, they’re in your body, you should be the nervous one, not me. I don’t even know if it’s really nerves, or if it’s just excitement. I mean, I’ve clearly been around pregnant people, but it’s different because it’s… you,” Jason rambles, his thumb rubbing small circles on the back of your hand.

“Jay, it’s okay,” You tell him, moving your hand to cup his cheek. “It’s okay to be nervous, I’m nervous too,” You smile gently. “But that’s why we’re here, to make sure everything is okay.”

“Speaking of which,” Dr. Thompskin interrupts, moving the wand around your stomach, and points at the screen. “There is your baby, looking very healthy.”

Your eyes dart to the screen as you and Jason stare in awe at the tiny pea sized dot hidden in the fuzzy black and white image. Usually, you don’t understand the hype around early ultrasounds– you can hardly see the baby– but staring at your baby, your heart soars with excitement. Faintly, under the sound of your heartbeat through the monitor, you hear another sound, thudding at a faster pace than your heart.

“Is that…” You feel your eyes fill with tears as a smile breaks out across your face, listening more intently for the steady, thudding sound. “Is that their heartbeat?”

“It sure is,” Dr. Thompskin smiles.

You laugh, your grin hurting your face. A few tears slip down your face and you look over to Jason who is smiling with glossy eyes.

“This is actually happening,” You whisper to him.

“Yeah,” He grins, looking toward you. He gently squeezes your hand and turns his attention back to the monitor. “It is.”

“We need to hang some calendars,” You announce as you walk into Jason’s office, holding lunch on a tray.

Jason stands and takes the tray from you, kissing you on the cheek. Despite only being three months pregnant, Jason barely lets you lift a finger.

“Why is that?” He chuckles, pulling your seat out then moving to sit behind his desk once you are settled.

“Because the advisors don’t seem to know how long a month is,” You roll your eyes.

Ever since you and Jason proudly announced the pregnancy, the advisors have practically been frothing at the mouth at the prospect of a male heir. While a female heir would be fine, she would be more likely to marry into another kingdom as opposed to expanding your kingdom like a male heir would. Of course, you and Jason don’t care; however, the advisors will not stop bothering you about the gender of the baby, which you don’t know yet.

“How many times do I have to tell them I won’t know the gender for another month?!” You rant. “It’s ridiculous!”

The guard posted at Jason’s door snickers at your rant. You turn with a grin.

“Something funny, Quill?” You ask.

“Nothing, your Highness,” Peter stands at attention like the trained knight that he is. “But I think you’re overestimating the advisors abilities to read a calendar.”

Jason starts cracking up while you sigh in exaggeration.

“Shit, you’re right!” You exclaim, resting a hand on your stomach. “You know what will be worse? When we find out the gender, they’re going to “suggest” names.”

“You know they’re going to suggest old names after past kings,” Jason rolls his eyes. “Like Olaf.”

“Olaf?” You repeat back with raised eyebrows. “Yeah, let’s name our kid after the snowman in a kid’s movie,” You roll your eyes.

“You could give them a really intense name,” Peter suggests. “Like Slade or something.”

You pause for a moment, knowing that name is familiar.

“Slade like the mercenary that recently assassinated the King of Cintra?” You ask.

“Oh…yeah… maybe not,” Peter says quietly while Jason just grins.

“So, I’m guessing we’re not going to go with outside suggestions for names?” Jason asks with a knowing smile.

“Probably not,” You snort, resting a hand on your still flat stomach, considering various names.

“And it’s…” Dr. Thompskin moves the wand slowly. “A boy!” She announces.

“Oh man,” You glance over at Jason, who’s holding your hand, his eyes fixated on the monitor. “The advisors are so not going to leave us alone now.”

“Fuck them,” Jason breathes, dismissing the idea of letting the advisors ruin this moment for you too. He kisses you sweetly, moving his other hand to your growing stomach. “We’re going to have a little boy,” He whispers.

You grin, pulling Jason in for another kiss then look back at the monitor, feeling tears of joy well up. You can’t wait for him to get here.

“Your Majesty,” A lady curtseys while her lord husband bows. “We want to congratulate you!”

“Thank you,” You smile politely, resting a hand on your now present baby bump, while the other rests on your aching lower back.

“We heard it is a boy!” The lady grins then rushes forward, placing her hand on your stomach. “Boys always kick the hardest!” She winks.

You blink, resisting the urge to shove the woman’s hands off you, but instead stiffly smile.

“Yes, it is. He hasn’t started kicking yet, but I’m sure he will soon,” You tell her through clenched teeth as she rubs your stomach.

“Excuse me,” Jason’s voice smoothly cuts in.

“Your Highness,” The lord bows and the lady curtseys, removing her hands from your stomach thankfully.

“My queen is needed elsewhere,” Jason says assertively, pulling a protective arm around your waist to put distance between you and the noble couple.

“Of course, your Majesty,” The couple bows again and Jason guides you back to the head table, his hand rubbing your sore lower back.

Banquets are an annoying necessity to royalty, especially when they are a king’s coronation banquet to an ally kingdom. When you were younger, you didn’t enjoy them much since your parents often bartered you out to dance with handsy princes, but since marrying Jason, you’ve come to enjoy them more.

Any lord or prince who would hope to dance with you is sent away cowering after one look from your husband. Instead, you are given an excuse to dance with Jason all night; however, being pregnant at a banquet brought its own set of headaches.

At five months pregnant, you’ve developed a noticeable baby bump through your dresses. Despite being the queen of the kingdom, your subjects seem to take your pregnancy as an invitation to touch your stomach without permission, give advice and tips (or weird old wives tales), and share as many opinions as they can. Although you are appreciative of your loyal subjects, you also tire faster and you have to pee all the fucking time, so your nerves get quickly shot at banquets.

“How are you doing?” Jason asks, turning you away from any prying eyes by shielding you with his body.

“Oh, you know, tired of people touching my stomach,” You roll your eyes.

Jason frowns.

“We’ve been here long enough, I’ll talk to Dick so we can leave–”

You stop listening to Jason when you feel feel a strange fluttering in your stomach, almost like bubbles. It flutters for a moment then stops. What was that? It didn’t feel painful, just a little strange. You look down at your stomach, questioning your unborn son then it does it again–

Your eyes widen with realization and you snatch Jason’s hand up, placing it where you feel the fluttering.

“What are you–” The fluttering happens again, cutting off Jason’s sentence. His eyes lock with yours, looking for confirmation. “Is that…?” He trails off quietly.

“He’s kicking,” You grin, feeling tears bubble in your eyes.

You can’t help but tear up, this pregnancy making you so emotional that it feels as though you’ll cry at anything.

“Oh my gosh,” Jason grins, moving to place both hands on your stomach as your son kicks again. “Hey, little guy,” Jason whispers.

“He’s definitely in there,” You smile. You giggle as you feel him kick harder at the sound of your voice. “I hate to admit it, but that woman was right, little boys do kick hard.”

Jason laughs, rests his forehead against yours, both of you enjoying the feeling of your son kicking at your hands.

“Everything okay guys?” Dick walks over, oblivious to the moment you two are having. “I saw another person touching Y/N’s stomach and you looked ready to bite their head off–”

You and Jason glance over at Dick with huge grins.

“Am I interrupting something?” Dick raises his eyebrows.

“He’s kicking,” Jason says proudly, looking down at your bump.

Dick’s face lights up.

“Really?” He exclaims. His eyes dart down to your stomach for a moment, his hand raising in excitement but he hesitates, knowing how annoyed you’ve gotten with people touching you without permission.

You roll your eyes– Dick is not some random stranger trying to touch you. You certainly don’t mind if he wants to feel the baby. You grab his hand and place it on your stomach, his face lighting up with excitement. He waits then there’s another flutter.

“That is so cool!” Dick grins, shifting his hand to feel the baby kick again. “You guys haven’t picked a name, have you?”

“Not yet,” You tell him.

“Well, I personally think Dick Jr. would be a great name.”

“Well, I personally think you’re wrong,” Jason tells him bluntly.

Dick squawks indignantly, making you laugh.

“Come on, Jay, you said something about leaving?” You ask.

Jason glances at Dick.

“Cover for us?”

“Of course,” Dick grins. “But just consider Dick Jr,” He winks playfully.

Jason chuckles, shaking his head in amusement as he loops his arm in yours.

“Dick, I can think about it until the day the baby is born, but it will never happen,” Jason promises.

Dick mumbles something about Jason being unfair, but waves you two away.

“Come on, your Highness,” Jason teases, escorting you from the banquet.

A few weeks later, you’re relaxing in bed, reading the latest book Jason gave you, Catcher and the Rye, while he gets ready for bed. You feel your son kick, his kicks getting stronger with each day. You smile to yourself, placing your hand where you can feel his feet kicking you and continue reading.

The bathroom door opens, revealing your shirtless husband who crawls across the bed, his head laying next to your hip while his hands rub your stomach.

“He’s kicking tonight,”You tell him.

Jason lights up.

“Really?” He asks.

“Mmhm,” You shift his hands to where he last kicked and watch Jason grin at the feeling of tiny feet kicking.

“You know, we are going to need to come up with a name,” Jason says, leaning down to kiss your stomach. “This guy will be here in a few more months.” He kisses your stomach again then crawls up the bed to lay back against the pillows, pulling you against his chest. Jason kisses the top of your head, leaning over to read the page you’re on.

“I know…” You tell him.

You and Jason had been tossing around baby names, but nothing was sticking. Neither of you wanted to name your son after anyone in your family and no one had yet to offer a name both of you liked. Naming a person is hard.

“Have you thought of anything else?” You ask, abandoning your book to cuddle with your husband instead.

“How about Liam?” Jason offers, taking a hold of your hand and playing with your fingers.

You wrinkle your nose.

“I knew a Liam in school who was a little shit.”

Jason chuckles, kissing the side of your head.

“Okay, not Liam.”

Neither of you wanted an extremely common name, but you didn’t want to do a strange name either. Finding the middle ground was difficult.

“How about Nathaniel?” You offer.

“Well, that would depend,” Jason starts. “I like that name, but it’s kind of a mouthful, so rather he or his friends… or my brothers would give him a nickname,” Jason rolls his eyes, probably thinking of Dick’s fondness of nicknames. “It would likely be Nathan or Daniel… or Nate. Do you like any of those names?”

“They’re fine names, but I’d prefer those as middle names,” You admit.

“I agree… How about Taylor?” Jason offers.

“Taylor Todd?” You repeat.

Jason giggles behind you.

“If you say it fast enough, it sounds like tater tot.”

“Taylor Todd, Taylor Todd, Taylortodd, Tayortodd, Taytortot,” You start laughing. “It kind of does!”

“So, not that one,” Jason decides. “We suck at this,” He admits.

You chuckle, leaning into him, your copy of Catcher and the Rye catching your eye on the nightstand.

“How about Holden?” You ask.

Jason looks down at you for a moment and follows your eyes to the book, pondering the name.

“Holden?” He repeats. “Holden Todd. I actually like that a lot.”

“It would be suiting for us to name our kid after a book,” You chuckle, recalling how you and Jason finally connected with each other years ago.

Jason grins, wrapping his arms around you and kissing your temple.

“Yeah, it would,” He places his hands on your stomach. “Hey, Holden.”

Holden kicks again, making tears bubble in your eyes.

Your pregnancy hasn’t been the worst. Sure, you had some morning sickness and been more emotional than you’re used to, but you haven’t gotten any strange cravings, your mood swings aren’t too severe, and you haven’t been overly bloated.

Despite the relatively smooth pregnancy, at month eight of the pregnancy, you’re ready for Holden to be here. Your back and feet are sore, you’re exhausted all the time, and you’re tired of not being able to see your toes. Also, you now have the bladder of a squirrel. A squirrel. You just want to meet your son.

You’re tired of going to banquets when you’re pregnant. The elaborate dresses you have to wear to the banquets are already a lot, but peeing in said dresses every thirty minutes? Yeah, you’re tired of being pregnant.

Just like all the other banquets, you know random people are going to touch you and your stomach, ask invasive questions, and try to tell you what to name your baby. You’re probably going to get overwhelmed by all the smells and people then get very irritable, but this is the last banquet you and Jason have to attend for a while, so you’ll put on your kind queen face and behave.

As servers bring in another round of food, you head swims from all the smells. You grimace, trying to ignore the overwhelming smells while listening to whichever lord ramble to you and Jason. Jason wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you close. Instead of focusing on the varied food smells melding together, you try to focus on how Jason smells.

Focusing on the fresh scent helps some, but soon, even Jason’s familiar smell blends to the cocktail of food around you, making your head spin even more.

“I’m going to get some fresh air,” You tell him quietly, rubbing a hand over your swollen stomach.

“I can come with you,” Jason offers, taking your hand as he goes to follow you.

“No, stay and socialize. I’ll be okay,” You promise.

Jason looks reluctant, but agrees. You kiss his cheek and excuse yourself from your company then slip onto a side balcony. The instant fresh air eases your headache, making you sigh with relief as you lean against the large, stone railing. You kick off your shoes, toeing them to the side and out from under your long dress. Holden kicks, making you chuckle.

“Nothing smelled good in there, huh bud?” You ask, fondly rubbing your stomach.

You’re so excited for Holden to be born. You can’t wait to see what he looks like, to hold him, and know that he’s really here.

You’re excited to be a parent and you’re even more excited to watch your husband become a parent. Jason’s relationship with his birth father was terrible to say the least. Meeting Bruce was one of the first strokes of luck Jason came across in his life, even if it was in the form of King Bruce Wayne catching twelve year old Jason stealing wheels from the royal carriage.

While Jason is also excited to meet Holden, his anxiety about becoming a father is no secret to you. Despite being nothing like his father, Jason is still afraid of becoming him. You know Jason will never be like his father. Jason is going to be a fantastic dad who is going to love Holden so well.

While daydreaming about the day your son will finally be born, you didn’t notice the balcony door open.

“Well, what do we have here?” That voice sends chills down your spine.

You spin around to come face to face with Roman Sionis. Roman was one of the few people you were unfortunately very familiar with prior to your marriage with Jason. His kingdom strong armed your parents’ kingdom into an alliance, meaning Roman often made appearances at your family’s banquets. He’s always made you incredibly uncomfortable, even when you were little.

“The Queen, knocked up with no King to protect her,” He hisses, taking a step toward you.

You feel your chest tighten. Jason’s war with Roman was no small ordeal. He nearly destroyed Roman’s kingdom, forcing the man to rebuild from the ground up. You hadn’t heard from Roman in so long that you’d figured his kingdom was destroyed, but if he’s at a banquet at the Russo kingdom, then that doesn’t mean anything good either.

“So, what are we going to do?” Roman asks, staring at you menacingly.

He takes another step. You step backwards but your back hits the railing. Roman steps closer. Your hand quickly covers your stomach, protectively.

“King Jason has left his poor, defenseless wife out here alone with me,” Roman steps into your space, forcing you to lean back against the railing. “And,” His hand lays on your stomach, making your skin crawl. “She’s pregnant with the precious heir to the throne,” He hisses.

Your heart races as you try to figure out your options. Roman has backed you into a corner. While you have training, unfortunately, that training doesn’t account for all the extra weight in your stomach. Your center of gravity is completely thrown right now. Any hit you try to land will be uncoordinated and likely easily blocked by Roman.

“Well, I guess I need to teach the King a lesson about taking better care of his things,” Roman slips a dagger from his pants and your eyes widen.

“Stop–” You say, finally finding your voice but Roman pushes a hand against your mouth forcing you back farther.

He presses the tip of the dagger into your stomach. Thankfully your dress is thick enough that the blade doesn’t puncture the fabric, but it’s not armor. If Roman puts any pressure, he’ll stab Holden.

Your arms shake against the banister, your whole body pinned by Roman’s. A layer of tears sting in your eyes.

“Sh, don’t worry,” His face hardens. “It’ll only hurt for a second. Maybe your precious King will learn a thing or two about what it’s like to lose something precious.”

You feel him press the blade harder against you, your heart pounding in your chest. Holden kicks the hand you’re holding tightly against your stomach, snapping you out of your stupor.

No. He’s not going to hurt your baby. You refuse to let him.

You shove Roman back as hard as you can, then throw all your body weight into a hard punch to his face. Your hand instantly screams in pain and you nearly fall over, not prepared for your extra weight to fling you forward.

“You bitch!” Roman yells, wiping blood from his nose.

He runs toward you, but there’s someone else tackling him to the ground before he comes close to you. Relief floods your system when you realize Jason is on top of Roman, beating his face to a bloody pulp.

“Stay,” Jason punches him between each word. “The. Fuck. Away. From. My. Wife!” He screams.

Roman collapses backwards, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as his face bleeds profusely. Jason stumbles to his feet then quickly rushes toward you.

“Are you hurt?” He demands, cradling your face.

Tears spill over but you shake your head, your brain catching up with the terrifying event. Jason pulls close, holding you tight as you sob against his shoulder, so relieved that Holden isn’t hurt.

“Come on,” Jason whispers to you, kissing your head. “Let’s go home.”

Despite the gentleness in his voice, you can feel him trembling with anger.

That night, you curl up against Jason, his strong arms wrapped tightly around you. He reaches one hand down, rubbing his thumb over your stomach.

“Thank you,” You murmur to him, not specifying what you’re thanking him for.

The way Jason’s arm momentarily tightens let’s you know that he knows what you’re referring to.

“Nothing is going to happen to either one of you while I’m around,” Jason promises, pressing a kiss to your head.

You smile, curling against Jason’s chest, knowing he will do anything to protect you and Holden.

A month later, you’re looking over the early draft for new kingdom policy in Jason’s office when you feel a gush of water.

“Jason…” You say quietly then a contraction hits, one much harder than the smaller ones you’ve been experiencing all day.

You’re bent over, holding your stomach, your other hand gripping the side of his desk. Jason is instantly on his feet squatting in front of you, not sure how to help.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” He asks, helping you lower into a chair.

Another contraction makes you grab your stomach, your eyes squeezing shut for a moment as you take a breath.

“My water broke,” You manage, feeling another smaller contraction.

Jason’s eyes widen at the implication, but springs into action.

Ten hours of labor later and you’re collapsed on the bed, your back pressed to Jason’s chest as you hold Holden close to your chest. He’s sleeping peacefully, his eyelids fluttering. You press another kiss to the top of his head, already covered in dark hair.

“He has your eyes,” You quietly tell Jason, stroking your fingers over Holden’s nose. “And your head, full of hair.”

Jason grins, gently rubbing a hand down Holden’s back.

“He’s got your nose,” Jason points out. “And eye shape.”

You smile fondly at your son, your chest brimming with love and affection.

“We made a pretty cute kid,” Jason grins.

You turn to look at Jason, kissing him softly.

“Yeah we did.”

Welcome to the world, Holden Daniel Todd, you think to yourself. It’s a scary place, but nothing is going to happen to you, not while your dad and I are around.

You press another kiss to the top of Holden’s head and feel Jason’s arms tighten around you.

“I love you,” He whispers into your hair.

You turn, kissing him again.

“I love you too,” Then lay your head back against Jason’s chest.

Jason shifts so he’s holding you more closely against him and one hand lays on Holden’s back. You’ve never felt more loved and safe in your life. As another bout of happiness warms your chest, you fall asleep to the sound of your husband’s heartbeat and the feeling of your baby breathing against your chest.

Shout out to anyone who catches that Witcher reference. Hope you enjoyed! Request are closed until I am caught up again. I’m already working on the next request, hopefully it’ll be done sooner than this one was!

I’m Pregnant {Jason Todd x Reader + Batfam}

warnings~ maybe a curse or two

summary~ the reader and jason are expecting a child, and have to announce the news to the batfamily. this is technically a part 2 to Wonton Soup (the reader finds out that she’s pregnant and has to break the news to jason) , which I highly recommend that you read before reading this, but you don’t absolutely positively need to 🙂

a/n~ oh my gosh i loved writing this one too! i know it took me awhile to finally post, but i think it turned out pretty great. i definitely tried to work on making sure all of the characters would act as expected, and i think i did okay at it! i hope you guys enjoy this, i made it as long as i could without it seeming to drag on and on and on and o-

“Are you sure you’re ready to do this?” Jason whispered to you as he pulled the into the driveway and set the car in park.

“The most ready I’ll ever be,” You assured him with a smile.

Jason stepped out of the vehicle and ran around the front of the car, and opened your door, “For you, m’lady,” he bowed clumsily.

“Why! How chivalrous!” You said breathily and high, doing your best impression of an 1800s dame. Jason held out a hand to help you out of the car seat, and you took it. “You know, Jay, I’m only 2 months pregnant. You don’t need to act like such a dork.”

“And let you get out of the car by yourself? I think not,” Jason said as he held your hand and used his other to close the car door. Hand in hand, the two of you walked along the paved driveway, towards the manors entrance.

“Do you think we should tell them before eating or after?” You asked Jason.

“Probably before, and then we could just get it over with.” You nodded in agreement, then you both reached the door. Jason knocked on the wood, and Alfred swiftly opened the door to greet you both.

“Miss Y/N! What a pleasure,” Alfred put a gentle hand on your shoulder to lead you into the grand foyer, “I’ll take your coats for you.”

Jason handed Alfred his coat and unnecessarily helped you take off yours, “Thank you, Alf. I’ve missed ya,” Jason awkwardly smiled at Alfred and handed him the coats.

“Perhaps you two should visit more often? The family could always use more friendly faces around here…especially Bruce,” Alfred said in a proper manner as he hung the coats on the rack.

“We definitely will,” you started, “I love this place.”

Alfred gave you a kind look, “You’re always welcome here. Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment, Master Tim and I are cooking dinner. I hope you like lobster thermidor!” he said before swiftly leaving the room.

“Tim can cook?” You looked over at Jason, who was scanning the house.

“Beats me. I didn’t know he could do anymore than sit on his ass all day playin’ minecraft or somethin’,” Jason said smugly.

“Don’t be an ass tonight, Jay. Seriously. You know how much I love your family, I really want to get closer to them all. Don’t ruin this for us,” You said sternly.

“Sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to upset you, especially on a night like this…How about we go find Dick and tease him about his unfortunate name?” Jason joked. You rolled your eyes, but jumped at the sound of the voice that came from behind you.

“Hello, Y/N,” Damian said monotonously, “Todd.”

“Hi, Damian! I haven’t seen you in awhile now! How has school been? Do you like all of your new teachers? Do you have lots of new friends?” You asked in the kindest voice you could.

“Don’t talk to me like I’m a child,” Damian said grimly.

“Hey, listen to me you little shithead, don’t you dare talk to her like that unless you want a boot up your ass,” Jason crossed his arms and moved by your side.

“Very well. School has been lackluster. The teachers are simpletons. I don’t need any friends,” Damian said quickly, then walked right past you and into the dining room.

“Don’t mind him, Y/N. You know he’s just…well….troubled, as of lately,” Jason assured you.

“It’s fine. He used to like me, though. It’s only been a few months since we’ve last seen him, what changed?”

“He’s probably just angry that we don’t visit enough. I know he loves you, baby,” Jason rubbed your back. At that, Dick came running down the stairs and stopped in the middle of the staircase. His bowtie was crooked and his hair was disheveled.

“Oh! You two are already here! Sorry I’m running late, Barbara just texted me about some special announcement that you were going to tell us. By the way, she’s going to be here in about ten minutes. Y/N! You look beautiful tonight! I haven’t seen you for awhile, now. What’s for dinner? It smells del-”

“For fucks sake, Dick, Stop talking!” Jason exasperated, “You’re gonna give me a fuckin’ migraine!”

“Sorry, sorry. Tim gave me some of this special kind of coffee. He said it’s supposed to keep me up alllllll night! I have a night patrol after this dinner, I figured it’d be a good idea. You know what was a terrible idea? Jar Jar Binks. Everybody hates Jar Jar Binks. What was the point? What was the fucking poi-”

“DICK! SHUT UP!”, Jason yelled. You hit his arm for being overdramatic, but your head admittedly started to hurt, too. When Bruce heard Jason yell, he came down the stairs, too.

“What’s the problem?” Bruce asked.

“Tim fed him some kind of supersonic coffee and now he won’t shut up,” Jason rubbed his temples. Bruce groaned, “I told Tim to stop drinking that damned coffee, and now he’s given it to his brother. Of course.”

Dick coughed to change the topic then gave you a hug, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, Dicky. Lay off the coffee, though. You smell like you just soaked yourself in coffee beans,” You smiled.

“Will do. I can’t stop shaking. It’s kind of freaking me out. I feel like I’m practically dancing! Wow. This is exhilerati-”

“Dick, why don’t you go into the kitchen and drink some water?” Bruce interrupted him. Dick nodded his head and walked out of the room.

“Thank Goodness,” Jason took a deep breath.

Bruce gave you a grin and then an awkward hug, “I haven’t seen you in so long. We’ve all missed you.”

“From now on we’ll be coming here more often, it’s boring without you all,” you said.

Bruce looked like he wanted to talk to Jason, but wasn’t sure what to say, so he just stayed quiet, “I need to go have a word with Tim, I’ll see you during dinner,” then he turned and walked to the kitchen.

You took a heavy breath and looked at Jason. He looked almost hurt that Bruce didn’t speak to him. His expression broke your heart, “Jay…I think he just wasn’t sure what to say.”

“It’s been 5 months, Y/N. He had plenty of time to think of what to say. No, ‘How are you?’, No, ‘I’ve missed you?’, That was it? Just a strange look and a shuffle out of the room?” Jason said gloomly.

“You of all people know he has trouble communicating, Jay. It’s just his personality…He’s not a people person,” You tried to console him.

Jason snapped out of his melancholy state and smiled at you, “Not like it matters anyways, we have bigger things to worry about.”

Barbara burst into the front door, “Did I miss it? Please tell me you didn’t announce it yet.”

“Relax! We didn’t tell them anything yet. We’re waiting until dinner is ready,” you gave her a quick hug.

“Oh man! I’m so excited! I’ve kept this secret for a whole week now, I don’t think I can wait any longer. Dick keeps asking me why I’ve been so excited for no reason, now he’ll finally know it’s because I’m gonna be an aunty!” Barbara jumped up and down.

“Be quiet! You don’t want them to overhear you,” You giggled.

“Dinner’s ready!” Tim yelled from the dining room. The three of you hurriedly walked into the area and the aroma was intoxicating. Luckily, seafood was exactly what you were craving. You wanted to dig in, but you had an announcement to make. Barbara sat down next to Dick and couldn’t stop smiling. Alfred walked around and put the servings down on every placemat. After everybody got food, you and Jason stood up at the end of the table.

“We have an announcement that we would like to make,” Jason proclaimed.

Everyone looked at you curiously and put down their forks.

“I’m pregnant!” You announced.

Everyone was completely silent, except for Barbara, who was squealing. Bruce started to choke on his lobster, “Did I hear you correctly? Pregnant?” You nodded and grinned, waiting for a reaction. Dick’s mouth was hanging open, and a piece of lettuce from his salad fell out. Tim’s face was twisted and he looked beyond confused. Alfred was beaming.

Damian looked completely disgusted,

“Ew! You two have had sex?!?”

This made Dick start crying of laughter, and Barbara tried to keep him from falling out of his chair and onto the floor. Jason’s face was bright red, his cheeks flushed and his stance no longer confident, but extremely awkward. Tim still looked beyond confused, and Bruce looked almost…angry. He stood out of his seat and stalked over to you. You were afraid he was going to yell at you, but instead of that, he just quietly wrapped his arms around both you and Jason.

“I’m so happy for you both,” He whispered as he squeezed you both. When he let go, he looked at Jason and put his hands on his shoulders, “I’m so proud of you, son.”

Jason looked like he was on the verge of tears by the simple, three-lettered word. He pushed past Bruce’s grip and just hugged him. As they hugged, Dick finally got over Damians comment and stood up from his seat to finally congratulate you. He wrapped his arms around you and swayed back and forth.

“I can’t wait to be an uncle! I can’t wait! I never got to have an uncle! I’m gonna be the coolest uncle ever, because let’s be honest, Damian will be a total buzzkill and Tim’s just gonna talk about computers and smart stuff and just go on and on and on and o-”

“Dicky, thank you so much for the enthusiasm, but you’re squeezing me too hard and talking far too much,” you patted his back.

“Oh, sorry!” He let go of you. Barbara jumped up and down and punched his shoulder, “We’re gonna be the best aunt and uncle ever!” Dick got excited and started jumping with her, so both of them stood in the middle of the dining room jumping around.

Damian stood from his seat walked over to you and Jason, “Although I am revolted by the repulsive thought of you two…sleeping with eachother…I happen to be quite excited for each of you.”

Jason laughed at Damian’s attempt to congratulate, and ruffled Dami’s hair, “You’re gonna be the biggest killjoy of an uncle known to man,” he laughed.

Damian pryed Jason’s arm away from his hair and looked almost offended by his comment, “A killjoy? Are you being serious, Todd? The kid will love me! As everyone does. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was named after me, too,” Damian looked up at you. This made Jason snort and you chuckle.

Tim interrupted the conversation and gave you a bear hug, “Sorry it took me so long to congratulate you. I thought I drank too much coffee and started to hallucinate…anyways, I’m really excited for you both. How far along are you?”

“Only two months,” you answered.

“I hope it’s a male heir,” Damian spoke up.

Jason rolled his eyes dramatically and you gave Damian a funny face at his choice of words. Alfred finally came over and gave you a short hug, “I must say, I thought that Jason would be the last to have a child. Or no child at all. You’re going to make a phenomenal mother, Y/N.”

Over everyone’s words, Alfred’s always seemed to affect you the most. Your vision started to blur with tears, and Jason put his arms around your waist, giving you a kiss on the head.

“As absolutely fun this crying and jumping and hugging is, I’m starved,” Damian said, “Can we eat and talk about your pregnancy?”

wonton soup

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Baby Fever: Jason Todd x Fem!Reader

Baby Fever: Jason Todd x Fem!Reader

Summary: You find out you’re pregnant, and try to find a way to break it to everyone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as planned.

Rating: G

Warnings: Swearing, pregnancy. But fluffy!!

A/N: Here’s something a little different! It’s one of my favorites!!!!

You stared down at the positive pregnancy test in your hands with wide eyes. Although you weren’t planning on it, you couldn’t say that you weren’t happy. Unlike most of your family, you’d always wanted children, even after you became a vigilante. The problem was, you didn’t know how Jason would react.

You’d started dating about a year ago, and neither of you had yet to tell the family. You both liked privacy, and you knew that once you told them, there would be absolutely none. You suspected that Alfred already knew, but he didn’t push and you didn’t ask.

You had never once talked about children, and although you knew he secretly loved them, he may not want some of his own.

You sighed and set the test on the table, placing a hand on your currently flat stomach. Tonight, you were supposed to be going to the manor to help Robin with patrol, as everybody was busy doing something else. You obviously couldn’t do that now, but at least the rest of them wouldn’t be back for a few days, so you had enough time to think about how to break the news.


You took a shaky breath in, then out. Standing on the front steps of the manor, you attempted to calm your nerves and a pounding heartbeat. You’d have to give Damian a reason as to why you couldn’t go out on patrol with him, and there was no point in making up excuses. You’d have to spill the beans sooner or later.

Finally, you brought up the courage to knock on the door and smiled when you were met with Alfred’s friendly face.

“Hello, Miss Y/N. It’s a pleasure to see you,” he said. You smiled and pulled him in for a hug. His warm smile and calming demeanor soothed your shaking a bit.

“You too, Alfred,” you replied as he led you towards the Grandfather clock. Slowly, you made your way down the steps, a small pit beginning to form in your stomach. You were only telling Damian and Alfred, and yet you still couldn’t stop fidgeting.

“So, I know that I said I would,” you began, glancing back at the elderly man. “But I can’t go out tonight.” He raised his eyebrows at you as you both reached the end of the staircase and proceeded on.

“That won’t be a problem, but if you don’t mind me asking, are you all right, Miss Y/N?” His brows were furrowed with worry, but right now you didn’t notice. If you didn’t go out then that would mean Damian would have to cover all of Gotham on his own, and that was nearly impossible. You anticipated Alfred being more concerned with that, rather than just blowing it off.

“But what about Damian?” You asked, stopping to turn around. A hint of a smile flashed across his face, and he gestured to the room before you. You finally looked around, and took a step back with a jolt. Gathered before you were Bruce and all of his sons. You suddenly felt very sick to your stomach.

“What’s going on? I thought you were all busy?” You questioned, a slight edge to your tone. You saw Jason quirk a brow in your peripheral vision, but carefully avoided his gaze. Bruce raised his eyebrows at you.

“We just got back. Is everything ok?” Your stomach was churning, and cool sweat began to bead upon your forehead.

“I’m.. yes, I’m fine,” you mumbled, looking at your feet. You hadn’t even told Jason yet, how were you supposed to tell everyone else as well! You gulped, panicking.

“I’m.. I’m pregnant.”


Fuck, fuck, fuck. That was not supposed to happen.

Silence echoed throughout the room, and you looked at all the boys’ faces. You could tell Damian and Bruce were surprised, even though they attempted to hide it. The rest of them didn’t bother. Their jaws dropped, their eyes were practically bulging out of their sockets, and you saw Jason’s face pale in the corner of your eye.

“What?” Bruce managed to sputter out. “How… did this happen?” You glared at him.

“Gee, I don’t know, maybe I ate something funny,” you deadpanned. “How do you think, Bruce?” The panic was eating away at you now and you fought the urge to fidget. You refused to look at Jason, you didn’t want to see his expression.

Dick shot Bruce a dirty look. “That’s not what he meant, Y/N. We’re just.. surprised. I mean, it’s not every day that someone in the superhero community has a baby,” he said. Moving forward, he placed a reassuring hand around your shoulder, his face breaking out in a huge smile. “We’re happy for you!” The feeling in your stomach eased slightly, and you smiled back, leaning into him for a quick hug. When you pulled back, the whole room was upon you.

“Yeah, you’re going to be great!” Tim piped up excitedly. A hint of a smile was pulling at Bruce’s lips and he stepped forward, placing an awkward hand on your shoulder.

“They aren’t wrong, Y/N. I look forward to meeting the baby,” he said. Tim rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, hopefully he doesn’t adopt it,” he muttered, and Damian snickered. Bruce shot him a glare.

“Thanks, guys,” you mumbled.

“I suppose you will do a good job of mothering the child,” Damian piped up, and you chuckled. You reached down to ruffle your fingers through his hair affectionately, and he squirmed away from you. “Who will help you?”

You furrowed your brows. “What?” Damian raised an eyebrow. “I mean, if you guys want to, I would appreciate it, but I’m not going to force-“

“No, who.. aided you in the creation of this child? They are going to help you nurse it, correct?” Your eyes widened and you couldn’t stop your face from turning beet red. Tim groaned and Dick sighed, turning to Damian to probably tell him off. Bruce shifted awkwardly, looking just as uncomfortable as you.

“Um, I..” You looked around nervously, your eyes wandering to Jason. He hadn’t seemed to have processed anything his brother’s had said, and instead still appeared to be in shock. You raised your eyebrows at him, silently pleading with him to say something. He snapped out of it, clearing his throat.

“I… what?” He said, running his fingers through his hair. Everyone looked back at him, and Tim rolled his eyes.

“Shortstack over here was just asking Y/N who her baby daddy is,” Tim replied. Jason’s eyes went wide as he realized what that meant, and your stomach did a couple flips. What were you supposed to say? Hi, yes, we’ve just been going out for a year behind your backs and now he’s going to be the father of my child. Haha, nope.

You sighed, realizing that you were going to have to tell them sooner or later. “Guys, listen. I, uh,” you gulped, stealing a glance at Jason. He looked how you felt, pale and slightly sick. But nevertheless, he nodded, encouraging you to go on. You took a deep breath. “I have a boyfriend. And, uhm, we’ve been dating for about a year now.” More shocked faces.


“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Did any of you guys know about this?”

You stumbled back, overwhelmed at all of the questions at once. Stumbled right back into Jason, who placed a steadying hand on your shoulder, pulling you closer. Alfred coughed, grabbing everyone’s attention, and held up a hand, stopping all of the other’s questions.

“Please, let Miss Y/N breathe. I’m sure she’s just as surprised as all of you are, and interrogating her is not going to help matters,” he said sternly. Dick took a step back and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Sorry, we didn’t mean to overwhelm you,” he spoke up soothingly. Damian stood with his arms crossed and his shoulders set, trying to mask his curiosity but failing. Tim made no effort to do so, just leaned back against the computer desk, patiently waiting for you to get your bearings and continue.

You leaned back into Jason, grabbing onto his other hand and holding on for dear life. The movement did not go unnoticed; Bruce’s eyes flickered to your adjoined hands and back to your face. He raised his brows, narrowing his eyes at you. You couldn’t stop yourself from nervously tapping your thigh under his penetrating stare.

“I.. I have to go.. I’m sorry, I have to go,” you muttered, pushing Jason away and hurried up the steps, away from their worried voices and accusatory stares. You made it all the way to the bathroom, before finally retching into the toilet. You knew that sick feeling hadn’t been for nothing. Apparently, you’d been pregnant long enough that the morning sickness was already there. You wiped your mouth on your sleeve, leaning back against the wall and curled into a ball.

You couldn’t stop the intrusive thoughts from coming. What if they don’t want this? Don’t want me to be with their brother, of all people? Their son? What if he doesn’t want this? Doesn’t want me after this? You took a shaky breath in, throwing your head back and hitting the wall behind you. Tears ran down your face, blurring your vision.

Hey,” someone murmured softly. You jumped, looking up at the doorway. Jason.

He reached back and closed the door, then sat down next to you. You wiped your eyes, leaning against him. You stayed like that for awhile.

“What’s wrong, doll?” He finally asked. You looked up, searching his face. His brows were furrowed, his eyes full of worry. He reached for your hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“Do you want this?” You blurted out. He tilted his head a bit, quirking a brow.


All of the emotions you’d felt in the last couple of hours had taken a toll on you, and now it was like a dam exploding. Everything just came out. “Did you ever want them to know about us? Do you want a baby, Jason? You’ve never wanted to be vulnerable, to let people know that you have emotions. You don’t want them to know you have weaknesses, that you aren’t actually this big tough guy that you’ve made them think you are. You don’t want them to think you could actually feel things.” Your voice had started out barely audible, but now it was loud and raw. Salty tears were rolling down your face again. “Do you still want to be together after all of this?” Your voice broke on the last note. Jason’s eyes widened, mouth ajar.

“C’mere, Y/N,” he murmured, reaching out and pulling you into his lap. Your breathing was heavy, and your face was stained with tears. He cupped your cheek and wiped the tears away with his thumb, quietly humming. “I’ll always want to be with you, no matter what. You are what got through to me after I’d come back, you are the one that made me realize it was alright to feel things. That it was alright to love. I don’t want that taken away from me, not now, not ever. I wanna be there for you whenever you need me. Whether it’s a bad day at work, a crippling injury, or a certain baby coming into this world,” he whispered, grinning a little as he gripped your chin and tilted your eyes up to his. “I’ll be there.” You felt the corners of your mouth tilt up the slightest bit, and you pulled him closer for a brief kiss. You were still uneasy, though.

“What about your family? What will they think?” He chuckled, hugging you to his chest.

“You’ve worked with them for years, doll. I’m pretty sure they love you more than they love me.” You giggled and punched him on the arm, giving him a look of amusement and slight disapproval. “I wouldn’t worry about it, Y/N. They’ll be happy.” You let out a sigh of relief, all of the tension bleeding away as you sagged against his chest.

You closed your eyes, relishing in the feeling of just sitting there with him, in perfect harmony. A tiny sigh escaped your lips as he began rubbing soothing circles into your back.

“Are you ready? For a family?” You asked. He looked down at you, caught off guard.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready, you know? Sometimes things just happen, and they can be good or they can be bad. But,” he continued, fiddling with a lock of your hair. “I am excited, if that’s what you meant. I do want a family with you. It’s just not something I’d ever plan for. I think I’d be too scared to actually go through with it if we had planned it.” You chuckled, leaning into him.

“You don’t have anything to be scared of, Jay. I see the way you interact with kids. Lian, even Damian sometimes. You’re going to be a great father,” you murmured against his chest. He held you close, planting a soft kiss on top of your head.

“I love you, you know that. Nothing in this whole world could ever change that, Y/N.” You smiled, letting out a tiny sigh.

During Your Pregnancy – Jason Todd

A/N: The baby fever is still going, but the Batboys need their fair share!!


∆ Jason fell into utter shock when you told him you were pregnant

∆ “Jason? …Can you speak?” – “…..” – “Jay….” – …..”

∆ It took him a solid two hours before he could actually say anything

∆ “I’m excited.” – “You don’t look it.” – “My heart’s pounding. Is that normal?”

∆ When he told Bruce, Bruce nearly tackled you

∆ “I’m finally getting a grandchild! I mean… Congratulations, Jason and (Y/N).”

∆ Jason became super protective of you, much more than before

∆ “Sweetheart, I can handle myself,” – “Uh, you’re the love of my life, and you’re currently carrying my kid. No way am I letting you out of my sights.”

∆ So when he left for patrol, he was a nervous wreck. He called you like every fifteen minutes just to make sure you and baby Todd were fine

∆ “Jason, the baby’s fine. I’m fine.” – “Okay, I’m just making sure. I love you both so much.”

∆ When the baby finally started kicking, you had never seen Jason grow more excited

∆ He would touch your belly all of the time, just to make the baby move

∆ Not to mention the endless conversations he’d have when he arrived home and you were asleep in bed

∆ “I have no idea what I’m doing, but please love me… I promise I’ll give you everything I didn’t have.”

∆ You both wanted to keep the gender a surprise

∆ Although both of you were tempted to find out every appointment

∆ “Mr. and Mrs. Todd, are you positive you don’t want to know?” – “We’re sure… Maybe… No… Yes!”

∆ As the pregnancy winded down, Jason became more and more excited, possibly more than you

∆ “I just want to meet our baby. We’ve been waiting so long.” – “I know, Jason. Me too.”

∆ Labor was pretty harsh, but Jason stayed by your side the entire duration

∆ “Jason, I don’t think I can do this much longer,” – “Love, you’re doing so well, I’ve never been more proud of you.”

∆ It was filled with a bunch of tears

∆ You even found yourself gripping onto Jason for dear life

∆ Finally, after four more agonizing hours, your baby entered the world

∆ “Congratulations, Jason and (Y/N)! It’s a girl!”

∆ Jason lost it and so did you as your daughter was placed onto you

∆ “Hello, sweetie,” – “Jason, she’s beautiful.” – “Just like her mother.”

∆ Motherly instincts kick in, right? Well, imagine fatherly instincts. Because Jason got them as soon as his little girl was placed onto your chest. His protective mode heightened

∆ You both decided on the name Amelia Kate Todd

∆ As soon as Jason held her, he was wrapped around her finger instantly

∆ “Hi, baby girl. I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve waited so long for you.”

∆ Crying at the sight of them

∆ “Jason, you’re a wonderful father already.” – “You really think so?”

Day One: Christmas Buns [Jason Todd x Reader]

Day One: Christmas Buns [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by anon: “The reader tries to tell Jason she’s pregnant during Christmas dinner (oh the buns? They are in the oven) in front of the batfam (ps I really really love your blog)”

A/n: Day One of the batfam christmas special has begun!! I hope you all love this fic! This request was adorable and I absolutely loved writing it. Also anon I don’t know if I said this before but it made my day for you to say you love my blog! Happy Holidays!! 💚❤️💚❤️


You and Jason had discussed kids before and were planning on a family soon. You had been married for a little over a year and your mother was already badgering you about when she’d get to be a grandmother. She even began to prod Jason about it, which he would simply look at you and make some sort of comment to make you blush and hit his arms because it wasn’t appropriate to say in front of you mother of all people. However your mother found his comments quite entertaining.

Though, her prodding did begin to push you and Jason to begin trying. For the time being, condoms had become a thing of the past. However, attempts were futile for a while, but there was one morning where you woke up and had to rush to the bathroom after feeling nauseous. That led you to getting an at home pregnancy test and learning that you were in fact pregnant!

It was hard to contain your excitement and giddiness around Jason, along with the signs that you were pregnant. Deciding that you’d surprise Jason on Christmas when you went to the Manor for Christmas.

And damn could that day not come fast enough. You were unusually giddy that morning but Jason just chalked it up to it being Christmas Eve and this was one of your favorite times of the year. So he brushed off the excitement as nothing more than that.

Little did he know that you were planning to make your big announcement to him tonight at dinner.

When the time came for you to head to the Manor you were basically dragging Jason out of your apartment. Barely giving him time to put on his scarf and gloves to protect him from the brisk Gotham air. “Geeze doll give me a sec” He chuckled as he grabbed his keys and wrapped his scarf around his neck.

“Come on Jason! You take so long!” You whined from the front door, dramatically draping yourself against it. He chuckled and rolled his eyes when he caught up to you. “You’ve been spending too much time with Dick.”

You rolled your eyes before grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the apartment. He shut the door and locked it behind you both before intertwining his fingers with yours and heading toward the elevator. On the ride down to the first floor you hugged his arm, “I’m so excited for Alfred’s Christmas ham and cookies. And I know Dick will have hung up mistletoe everywhere so I have even more reason to kiss you.” You grinned up at your husband.

Jason chuckled and wrapped his arm around your waist. “You don’t need a mistletoe to kiss me.” A smirk grew on his lips. You chuckled and pushed up to kiss him quickly, but instead kissed his nose rather than his lips. He frowned down at you and causing a laugh to bubble from your throat. “You’ll have to get me under that mistletoe to get one on the lips.”

“Or I could just steal one.” He smirked again.

You poked him in the stomach, “You’re no fun.” He laughed before pulling you closer, “I’m plenty fun, what do you say tonight we have some extra fun and maybe finally get that other present we wanted.” You bit your lip to keep the smile from spreading on your lips. “Maybe” Kissing his cheek quickly before the elevator doors opened and you pulled him out and toward the front doors.

After the drive to the Manor you were quick to get inside and get warm. Spending plenty of time talking with the family and catching up since you last saw them. Which was only a few days prior. None of them seemed to realize you were a month along making you very proud of your ability to keep a secret from a family of late night detectives.

As dinner drew closer, your excitement began to boil over a little. You’d hug Jason’s waist or arm tighter. A large smile was always on your face. He began to become suspicious of your strange behavior.

When you noticed this you retreated to the kitchen to give Alfred a hand and before Jason could draw any hints at to what you were excited for. Alfred happily accepted your company and you helped him cut the ham and get things ready. With your help the food was finished a bit faster and you helped him set the table as well.

With everything set Alfred called the family to dinner and you happily sat in the chair next to Jason. He smiled at you before pressing a soft kiss to your lips. Earning a groan of disgust from Damian. “Must you do that over the food.” You simply chuckled, “You’ll understand when you have a girlfriend Damian.” The young man simply scoffed “I have no intention to have a relationship.”

You chuckled again, “We’ll see how you feel when you’re a teenager and that sex drive is out of control.” Countering and earning a snort out of Jason and laughter from the others. Even getting a chuckle from Bruce. The comment made a small tinge of pink paint the young assassins’ face.

Alfred came out of the kitchen holding the basket that was filled to the top with rolls. “I had forgotten to get the buns from the oven.” Alfred set them down before going to take his seat.

This was your chance. Smirking you slipped your hand in Jason’s before whispering as he took a sip of his water, “Those aren’t the only buns in the oven.” The comment caught him off guard, causing it to go down the wrong pipe, resulting in a coughing fit. Drawing the attention of his family. They all asked if he was ‘okay’ but he just stared at you wide eyed. “YOU’RE?!”

With a beaming smile you nodded, “Yes! You’re gonna be a dad!”

The entire family’s jaw dropped as Jason quickly stood and pulled you up with him. Hugging you tightly and kissing you before pulling away and resting his hands on your stomach. “How long?”

“A month” You chuckled and put your hands on top of his. “I’m surprised nobody figured it out. You are all detectives.”

Jason laughed before kissing you again. Soon the entire family had stood up and came to give you a hug and wish you congratulations. Everyone was ecstatic about the news. Steph squeezed you so hard Jason freaked out a bit because he didn’t want anything to hurt the baby. Making you roll your eyes and laugh, better get used to that now.

“This is the best Christmas ever!” Dick cheered before hugging you and wishing you congratulations. “If it’s a boy you’re naming it after me right?” He chuckled and you nodded before sarcastically answering “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Jason chuckled before he did something that seemed to shock everyone. He accepted a hug from Bruce. A wider smile made it’s way on your face at the sight, hearing Bruce whisper to Jason. “I’m so proud of you, you’ll make a great father.”

You swore you were going to cry hearing Bruce say that to Jason and the look on Jason’s face was priceless before he returned Bruce’s hug.

Chuckling you walked over and gave Bruce a hug as he congratulated you. You wiped away a couple happy tears on your sleeve before wrapping your arms back around Jason. His reaction and the families’ reaction was more than you could ever ask for. And from the rest of the baby talk that happened at dinner, you knew this kid was going to be spoiled!

Jason Todd X FEM! Reader: But I’m Not Pregnant…

Hey Guys! Lyz Here!

This is a special Fic I wrote especially for @just-me764. I hope you enjoy it, my baby. We all love you very much and are wishing you good luck and wisdom for your piano exam last? (a few? Long-time?) week.

Word Count: 4,074 Words

Summary: after an attack on the city, Jason comes to your apartment with…your sons?


You lie awake in your bed dreaming of someplace else, someplace that was safer than this. Safer for the both of you, while the storm rages just outside your window. It was always stormy in Gotham but this night was different. The hail seemed to pelt down with force, desperately trying to rip the pipelines off the side of your apartment and shatter all of your windows. The wind howled through the silence of the night, coming in from under the door and piercing your ears with it shrill noise. Cop cars wailed and people were shouting, you were scared; Jason was out there tonight.

Suddenly interrupting your thought, your window flew open, it bashed against the walls as the wind continued to push it. A figure flew through your window, covered by darkness they edged closer and closer to the end of your bed. Heavy breathing filled your ears as you heard a release of gas when the figure removed his mask. You let out all of your pent up breath as soon as you heard the man’s voice. You reached over to your lamp to turn it on so you could properly see the face of your love.

“New suit?” you asked him seductively, “You look pretty good.”

“Please, (Y/N),” he was practically gasping for breath, “we have a bigger problem at the moment. The boys are in some pretty deep shit.”

God, way to kill the mood, Jason. Whatever – you would help him anyway.

“I’m sorry…we?” you questioned him, “I’m not a robin.”

“It’s not that kind of help, please. I’ll tell you more once they get here.”

“Wait, they’re coming here?” you were shocked, you can’t be seen like this, your room was a mess, you and Jason haven’t cleaned in weeks.

Before Jason couldn’t even say another word there was a knock at the door, it kept repeating itself as if someone was trying to bust the door down. Jason ran straight for the door without even asking any questions as to who it was.

“Take the baby before it pukes on me again!” a boy yelled.

The young boy at the door practically threw the baby at Jason and stormed around the room or a few seconds looking for the bathroom. As you walked over to Jason about to ask him to shut the door so you two could talk a smaller boy came running down the hallway crying. He latched onto Jason and flopped onto the floor as he cried into Jason’s boots.

“Richard,” Jason screamed. You bolted backward when he did shielding your ears, damn that oy can yell. “How dare you leave Timothy!”

You knew he must be mad now, he seemed to be using first names.

“Whatever, asshole. My parents are dead, you can’t tell me what to do.”

This was getting too confusing for even you. you had to know what happened, what’s going on now, and what’s going to happen to these young boys.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“So you’re telling me,” you paused for a deep breath before you continued, “someone-“

“Some villain,” Jason corrected you.

You looked at him harshly before continuing. “Some villain, was able to study and harness the power of a cryogenic sleep chamber and was able to reverse engineer it to make the boys children again?” you tried to sound like you understood what he had explained to you but truly you were just repeating what he had said. You had absolutely no clue how this had happened and how you were meant to help to fix it.


“You’re telling me those three boys are Dick Grayson, Timothy Drake, and Damian Wayne?” still shocked, you were only able to wrap your head around the thought that these were the boys. “Wait,” you needed to know one thing before anything got any more complicated “but who’s who?”

“Uhh, this machine still seems to obey the laws of time so Dick is still the oldest, meaning he was the angsty teenager you saw storm into our bathroom, Tim is the next one, and Damian is here.” He said the last part softly as he was rocking the baby boy in his arms.

“Time? What laws of time Jason? This thing obviously doesn’t obey any laws, period.”

Jason was stumped now, he didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know the first thing about taking care of children. That’s why he brought them here; he thought you could be able to help.

“I thought you might be able to help,” it was hard to get out the next part for him, “ya know because you’re a girl.”

“I’m a girl. Great,” you threw your hands in the air as you rolled your eyes and leaned back in your chair. “I can magically fix this because I’m a girl. That’s perfect Jason.”

“Arent you meant to have some sort of maternal instinct or some shit,” Jason questioned. You were all starting to get a bit angry now.

“Shit!” Timothy chimed in.

You both turned around to see timothy propped up against the side of your chair trying to cross his arms like you had them, and look angry like Jason. You and Jason both winced, you would definitely have to make some lifestyle changes if you were to accommodate these children.

“Okay, new plan,” you sighed, “we get these boys in bed and figure everything out in the morning.”

“I’m completely with you,” Jason started hesitantly, “but where are we all meant to sleep?”

You looked around your house with a concerned look adorned on your face. You and Jason would have to sleep on the couch if the boys wanted to sleep in the bed. The plan was set, you and Jason got the boys into bed. Although dick was a pain to convince, he ended up sleeping on the edge of the bed away from the other boys. Arguing about who would look after Damian, you both decided it would be best if you left in the bed with the boys. Sleeping on the other edge of the bed you kept Damian up by your head, wrapped in your blankets and secured in place with pillows. In the middle of the bed was Tim, he stuck close to you through the night and something about having these boys in your bed made it somewhat easier to sleep.

Out like a light, Jason came and brushed your hair out of your face as he planted a goodnight kiss on your forehead. He walked over ad situated himself on the couch, covering himself with blankets and wrapping some extra clothes up to make an extra pillow, everyone was straight to sleep.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Awoken from your sleep so abruptly, you groaned as you had to use your arm to prop your self up. Looking beside you could see Damian squirming in his blanket, looking close to you you couldn’t see Timothy, now you were really worried. Looking all around the room frantically while you tried to pick up Damian carefully you finally found him. In the night, Dick had rolled over and wrapped his arms around little Tim, almost concealing him from sight completely.

“What’s wrong?” Jason asked with a groggy tone.

You swung your legs out of bed as you held Damian close to your chest, he flung his arms at you as he used his hands and tried to claw at your chest. You walked over to Jason, maybe he could help you.

“I don’t know what he wants,” you said sleepily.

“isn’t there a list for this kind of stuff?” Jason asked. “ya know, food, drink, burp, play, shit?”

“No swearing!” you reminded him.

Although he was right about the things that a baby needs, you had gone over a special list with him as to what you can and can’t do while the boys are children. One of the most important things being that you two were not allowed to swear while the boys are children as you could already see that Tim was picking up all the bad words that you two were saying to each other.

“Okay,” you started, “if you can take him into the kitchen and feed him that would be great. I think there’s some applesauce in the fridge for him to eat. If he doesn’t want to eat warm some milk up for him and feed to him in a syringe if there is any left in the medicine cabinet.” You started to walk off to get a cloth from the bathroom that you could use as a diaper until you were able to go to the store and get the proper supplies that you needed. “Oh, about the milk,” you suddenly remembered something, “I read something about testing the temperature on your wrist first to make sure it’s not too hot for the baby. It should be a luke-warm temperature because that is most like the stuff he would naturally get.”

Damn, Jason was right about girls having a motherly instinct, you guess it just needed time to kick in. after you had found some soft cloths you walked back into the kitchen to find Jason trying to feed Damian some applesauce, it looked like he was getting very mad. Quickly you placed the cloth down and took the small spoon from Jason’s hand, you twirled the spoon in the air to get Damian interested while making whooshing noises with your mouth, the oldest trick in the book – here comes the airplane.

He hed the food in his mouth for a few seconds, giving you just enough time to look at Jason cockily as if to say “I’m gonna be a better parent than you.” he started crying again before he opened his mouth and let the food plop out onto Jason’s shirt, Jason was degusted, he was a brat from birth he knew that much now.

“Why you little-”

Before the bay could come to any harm you chirped up. “Well, that just means he must need something other than food.”

At that moment the microwave beeped. You looked down and through the window to see the small glass of milk. You opened the microwave and took the milk out, sticking your finger in it and letting drop onto your wrist you determined that it was an okay temperature. Placing the cup down you picked up Damian so Jason could wipe his shirt off. Walking over the cupboard with Damian held close to your hip you found a syringe and walked back to Jason. He took the syringe from you and sucked up some of the milk. Alas, Damian didn’t want to go anywhere near that plastic monstrosity.

It was far into the morning now and you and Jason had tried everything to get Damian to stop whining and start to settle down again. By this time timothy and Dick had woken up and now had headaches. Jason had set up the TV for the boys while you went out into the hallway of your apartment. You tried everything and you were starting to get tired, you were relieved when Jason finally came out into the hallway. You rushed over to him and handed him baby Damian.

“We’ve tried everything!” you were the one whining now, “I’m starting to think he really is just a brat!”

“We haven’t tried everything..” Jason said hesitantly.

“What, Jason,” you were yelling at him now. You were so tired and worried at the same time. “what more can we do?”

“Give him propper milk,” Jason said softly as he stepped closer to you and pushed at your collar bone.

“What the hell Jason?” you covered your chest and took a huge step away from him, “No way!”

“Bruce said they won’t have a memory of any of this anyway so I’m sure you’ll be fine”

You sighed, right now you just wanted to go to bed. At this point, you would try anything. You held your hands out to him and he passed you the baby. He opened the door for you as you both walked back in, him going to sit with the boys on the couch to watch…what the hell is even on tv at this time of the night, wait was that Godzilla? Nevermind, you walked down past the kitchen and into the bathroom, closing the door behind you you sat against the bathtub and started to breastfeed baby Damian.

Finally walking out of the bathroom with a sleeping Damian you placed him back into bed and collapsed onto Jason. You saw that Jason had put Dick and Tim back to bed and the TV was switched off. You took your place in bed huddled with Damian. Now you were able to go to sleep properly.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

You were violently shaken awake from your sleep to see a small blue-eyed boy bouncing on top of you. You tried to roll over but the small boy followed you down as he continued to giggle.

“I want breakfast,” he sang, “what’s for breakfast?”

You rolled over with your face stuck into the pillow, screaming into it you now realized that last night hadn’t been some crazy dream. The boys had all been reverted back to their younger selves and were now demanding you make them breakfast.

“Jason!!” you yelled for him hoping he would already be up but you only just then remembered that he would have gotten a terrible night’s sleep on the couch. “Go make breakfast!” you yelled louder this time thinking you had to wake him up.

“Richard,” you heard him groan, “make breakfast.”

Realizing that Jason wasn’t wanting to get up either you practically rolled out of bed and hobbled over to the kitchen. Taking Jason’s jumper off the back of the couch as you walked past him you put it on over the top of your spaghetti strap top, it was just long enough to almost cover your shorts.

Looking into the fridge, you pulled out some waffles and chucked them onto the counter. Ripping the box open you put then into the toaster to defrost as you scoured the cupboard for honey or maple syrup. Timothy bounced over to the counter as Dick wandered over with his arms crossed against his chest.

“I don’t like sweet things,” he grumbled.

“Then starve,” you sassed him.

Walking over to the crying baby in your bed you picked him up and rocked him in your arms as you brought him to the counter. You got the applesauce out of the fridge and brought it over to where the boys were eating. There you joined Timothy, happily chewing on his stacked waffle sandwich, and Dick, chewing a tiny piece of waffle with a disgruntled face. Carefully feeding Damian you waited for Jason to get up before you went into the bathroom again to feed him some more.

“What are we gonna do today momma bird?” Jason sang.

“Get some proper clothes for these boys,” you said in a grumbled tone as you looked Jason up and down.

“What’s wrong with the clothes I gave them?”

“They’re yours from years ago”


“You had a terrible fashion sense years ago,” you said as you rolled your eyes. Jason gasped at this; he knew it was terrible but he always loved to play the dramatic one in the relationship.

“Leather jackets will always be in season and you know it,” he sassed you as you walked off to change into something you could wear out to the shops.

Cleaning up after boys, you took everything you needed and put it in your backpack. Carefully taking Damian you were able to make sure Dick was in sight as he continued to play on his phone. Jason picked up Tim and carried him as he quickly got tired of walking and ‘needed to be carried or his legs would fall off’. Walking into the first store you went straight to the baby section and picked out some onesies for Damian. Looking through what the store had you picked out a few plain onesies that he could wear, nothing too fancy. You didn’t want to get carried away; he wasn’t going to stay like this forever after all. God, you would love if they stayed like this. Well…Dick might be a bit of a pain so he could change back.

After meeting up with Jason again you looked through what he had picked out for Tim and Dick. Tim had helped him pick some nice tops as well as some cargo shorts and some shoes that would fit him, as well as the necessities. Dick, of course, had picked some jeans and a few grunge tops, he obviously wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.

Quickly, you paid for the clothes and headed for the next store. Just a normal pharmacy, you picked up some proper formula for Damian and some diapers too. You walked to the counter quickly and picked up a small rattle on the way. Paying for everything once again you loaded everything into Jason’s car and started to contemplate what you were all going to have for lunch. Taking a vote you all decided on mall food for lunch.

Walking back into the mall with the boys you spotted a bunch of reporters on the way in but thought nothing of it. Suddenly you heard one of them shout and run towards you and Jason. Flashing cameras blurred your vision as you bumped into Dick.

“Jason, Jason,” The people yelled at you both, “Jason Todd, is this your wife? Is it your girlfriend? How long have you been hiding her from the public eye? Are these your kids? What are their names? How old are they? Jason, what’s her name? Jason,” they were throwing questions at you a million times per second and you were starting to get dizzy at how much you had to turn your head to listen to what they were actually saying

Your eyes were going blurry from all the cameras flashing in your face, taking gapped steps you accidentally bumped into Dick or was that Tim? Suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder guiding you towards the front of the group of reporters. Looking behind you dizzily you could see Jason leading you, holding Tim in his arms as he curled into his shoulder to avoid the bright lights. You tried to keep looking around, where was Dick? Finally catching sight of him you realized he had finally put down his phone and started paying attention to his surroundings. In his hand was the corner of Jasons Jacket – leather of course – balled up in his fist.

Continuing to push you forward, Jason led you all down the crowded hallway until you found an elevator. Quickly running in he slammed the button to close the door and pressed the top floor – the parking roof, although this wasn’t where they parked it would be a temporary escape from the paparazzi for now until they could make it back to their car or until they could find another way out. Putting Tim down in the elevator, Jason pulled out his phone and began to dial a number.

He waited for an answer, “Yes, Hello? Alfred?” Jason asked, “I need you to come and pick us up from the mall on 97th street, by the park.” Jason paused as he listed for a while, you weren’t bae to hear what they were saying. “Yes, apparently moving to the other side of the city wasn’t enough to stay away for the public eye for long. Thank you so much for the help, Alfred.”

Reaching the top floor, you all got off and started walking around the parking lot to try and get to the ramp exit when Alfred would be coming to pick you all up. They only had to wait a few minutes before Alfred had arrived, he was, after all, conveniently out on a shopping trip for Bruce. Pulling up in the car, Jason got into the front and you hopped in the back between Tim and Dick with Damian curled in your lap. Driving off, you passed the paparazzi on your way out, you heaved a sigh of relief, thankful that you might not ever go through that again.

Finally arriving at the Wayne manner, you followed Jason in as he went to go and speak to Bruce. Hopefully, he had some way to turn the boys back to normal. Talking with him for a while you were relieved when he told you that you would be able to leave them at the Wayne manner for tonight as the aging chambers would be ready for all three of them by the morning. Although you were happy to have the three of them out of your hair you were somewhat sad to see them go.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

After Alfred took you back to the mall to pick up your car you and Jason haded straight home, you both had had enough drama for one day and you both agreed that you didn’t want anymore. Both collapsing onto the bed of your shared apartment you cuddled up next to Jason – after all, it had been a whole 2 nights since you were able to feel his body warmth. You sighed as you felt all of the tension in your body melt away, his chest heaved up and down as he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer.

“Well that was fun,” he whispered to you with a small giggle, “I can’t believe what those reporters were asking, can you?” he cleared his throat as he put on his high-pitched squeaky voice, “Jason, when was the wedding? Why wasn’t I invited? Are these your children? Ha” he scoffed at the final sentence, “like we’re at that stage of our relationship.”

You hummed in response, why was he being like this? Should you tell him what you really thought of the time you spend with the boys and him?

“Babe?” he asked, he must have been concerned about you when you didn’t give him an answer like you usually do. He pushed back now when you didn’t even answer his call, “(Y/N), what’s wrong?”

“Hmm? Oh, it nothing,” you sighed as you rolled over pulling his arms back around you as you scooted back into his chest to become the little spoon. You should really tell him. “Ya know, Jason,” you started softly, “looking after the boys was really nice, don’t you think? Especially Damian, because he was so young. Have you ever thought of having a child like that?” you instantly regretted saying something.

“Well yeah I’ve thought about it but what of it?”

“What if, ya know,” your voice started to get softer and softer now, “a child might be good for us? Maybe we would want to have children together.”

Jason sat up from where he was laying, he cocked his head to look at you, “Do you want to have a kid?” he asked – almost judgementally.”

“That’s the thing, I don’t know.”

Jason rolled you over to face him and he lay back down close to your face as he whispered softly, “it sounds like you do know but you just don’t want to tell me for some reason.”

“Well, you just went on about how you think we aren’t ready for that so of course I would be scared to mention it to you.” rolling over again you just wanted to escape from the argument you had created.

It was silent for a few moments before you could fell Jason’s lips press agoing the back of your shoulder softly, carefully working his way up past the nape of your neck to your earlobe.

“Maybe a child would be good for me, for us.” He whispered into your ear.

You rolled to face him as you wrapped your arms around his neck to bring his face closer to you as he wrapped his hands down and around your hips to pull you forward. He gave you a long kiss on the forehead before he rolled over with you as he laid on his back. He pushed his arm behind your head as you brought your arm up to place it on his chest next to your face. Your legs intertwined with each other as you drifted off to sleep. Maybe this whole shenanigan had a good ending after all.

Jason Todd x Pregnant!Reader Melancholy by marilsan on DeviantArt

Literature Text

The grief is strong. Unrelenting. It hurts. It aches.

The only thing to provide comfort is the blankets wrapped around you. You wrap them as tightly as possible as if it would squish the feelings out of you.

If only.

If only that could happen. It’d be so much easier. It would be so much easier not to feel. To just be numb. So much easier. Then you wouldn’t have this heavy weight on your heart. The overwhelming thoughts, circling around your skull in a roller-coaster, would no longer plague your mind. No longer would you feel heart-ache. No depression. No sorrow. No anger. Nothing. The happiness is the only thing you’d miss but it was hardly ever in your reach anyways. Not at the moment, anyways, and it felt like it’d never come again.

“It’ll get better, sweetie.”

What do they know?

“I know it hurts but you’ll get through.”

That’s not what you wanted to hear.

“It’ll pass.”

No. It won’t.

A broken heart hurts. The pain is crippling. It keeps you in bed. It prevents you from doing anything. You haven’t even gotten up to get a drink of water even when your poor throat cried out in thirst.

Then the anxiety sets in.

It’s not normal. It’s not rational. It’s erratic.

Do my parents not love me? This is Gotham. Did I lock the door? What if someone comes in? Where is Jason? What if I ate something bad? How would that effect…? What if he doesn’t like it…? What if he leaves. He never said he wanted kids. What if I do something wrong? I’m not fit to be a good mother – I can’t even take care of myself…

The weight on the bed is the only signifier that your husband came home.

The weight increases ten-fold. Your heart screams. Ready to break. Ready to explode. Your stomach wasn’t feeling too good either. You were feeling sick. Sick beyond compare. Beyond measure.


Jason’s husky voice is the most seducing thing you had ever heard. On many occasions, it serenaded you into his arms and made you forgive him for things that you might not have let fly with anyone else. At the moment, it held no such effect. Instead, it burdened you even more. The worry is overbearing. What if you never heard that voice again?

A hand on your back. Tentative.


Pet-names. Ha. That wouldn’t work.

“What’s wrong?”

That’s all you needed to hear for a muffled sob to trigger. Your face, stuffed in a pillow, laying on your belly. A position you wouldn’t be able to maintain for the next few months when your stomach begins to swell.

“Hey, hey, hey.” Jason hushes, something not usual for his character. He was being oddly sweet too.

You peeked at him from your pillow.

He looked as handsome as ever. If it were any other time, you would have thrown a hand through his hair and a kiss on his lips.

“What’s wrong?” He asks. He makes no move to invade your privacy. Something you appreciated, as you were not in an affectionate mood at the moment.

“Jason.” You breathed. The tears running down your cheeks burn your skin and you probably looked terrible. Ugly. Absolutely ugly. How could he even marry someone so gross-looking? “I’m… I’m not ready…”

Jason made no move, no expression. “Ready…?” He edged on.

It hurt just to say it. The struggle just to say a few words was incredibly stupid, yet that’s how it happened anyway.

“To be a mother.”

Jason stayed silent and the silence killed you.

You knew it. He’d hate it. Rejection. Time to leave. Time to pack your bags, run off to your mother’s house, and beg her for a room to stay in for the rest of your days. This couldn’t happen. Absolutely not.

“Are you serious?” The first question to snap you back into reality.

Reality was worse.

“Yes.” You stressed in a sob.

You were too weak to protest when Jason’s strong arms lifted you from the bed, cuddling you to his chest, while his right hand settled rightly on your stomach. Like it belonged there.

“In here?” He asked. His eyes were glued to your stomach, fingers edging the thin fabric of your shirt upwards to get a look at your skin.

“Yes.” This time your answer is weaker but the sobs have stopped.

“A little Jason?” He said. He almost sounded as if he were in awe but you knew that wasn’t possible. Not until his hand leaves your stomach, pulling you even closer to him, as he embraced you hard to his chest.

“Thank you. Thank you.” He whispers. “I promise. I promise I won’t leave you. I won’t leave you or him… or… her… I don’t know…”

You open your mouth in shock, even as he buries the crook of his nose in your neck.

“You… you’re okay… with this…?” You speak out in gasps.

“I’m more than okay. I’m ecstatic.”

He pulled back but not without placing a peck on your lips. An unexpected but not an unwelcome action.

“I’ll try to be there. As much as I can.” He said, eyes determined.

Grief forgotten, you stare at his eyes, and observe his unshaken resolve. Without thinking, one of your hands raises to caress his cheek.

“I love you, Jason.” Words, overused, but powerful. So powerful. You’d give your everything for him. It was more than a statement, it was a promise.

“And you, my adored.”

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