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Jason Todd Masterlist – I am the Knight – Tumblr

Jason Todd Masterlist “Fluff – ☀️” “Angst – ⛈” “Angst to Fluff – ” “Crack – ” Jason Todd Has A Sibling?; Gender Neutral Reader; …

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Date Published: 9/4/2021

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I’ll Write It Myself — Night Terrors (Jason Todd x Reader)

A request for my special reader who knows who they are. I really like how this came out! Request: Can I request for Angst 1 (“Why are you awake?

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Date Published: 7/16/2021

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Jason Todd x Reader angst | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs

Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #Jason Todd x Reader angst with no restrictions … Genre: Soulmate AU. Pairing: Jason Todd x Gender Neutral!Reader.

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Date Published: 4/12/2021

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Burden / Jason Todd x Reader Warnings: Angst – Frosties Bby

Burden / Jason Todd x ReaderWarnings: Angst, Swearing, Violence (a lil fluff but that’s not warning needed) Word Count: 2061 A/N: I’m back …

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Date Published: 5/13/2022

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Not Here, Not Now – Jason Todd x Reader

Not Here, Not Now – Jason Todd x Reader I wanna cry, or die, or die crying. This one hurt me a lot while writing and I hope this will touch …

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Date Published: 3/28/2021

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Break (Jason Todd x Reader) – bruce’S baby – Tumblr

Break (Jason Todd x Reader) • Summary: [Y/N] and Jason take a break from each other and she ends up in someone else’s arms.

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Source: jaybirdxarsenal.tumblr.com

Date Published: 6/15/2021

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Drunken Mistakes [Jason Todd x Reader] – Dragon Writer

Drunken Mistakes [Jason Todd x Reader] A/N: I’m sorry but no fluff here. There’s been too much fluff lol Warning: Angst, Swearing (Part 2 …

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Date Published: 3/17/2022

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“Don’t go where I can’t follow” with Jason Todd…

And all my worst angst 🙂 DC Masterlist AC Masterlist GF Masterlist … jason todd x reader imagine jason todd x reader imagines jason todd …

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Date Published: 5/25/2021

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주제와 관련된 이미지 jason todd x reader angst

주제와 관련된 더 많은 사진을 참조하십시오 y/n x Jason Todd. 댓글에서 더 많은 관련 이미지를 보거나 필요한 경우 더 많은 관련 기사를 볼 수 있습니다.

y/n x Jason Todd
y/n x Jason Todd

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I am the Knight on Tumblr

Jason Todd Masterlist

Fluff – ☀️

Angst – ⛈

Angst to Fluff – 🌈

Crack – 🌪

Jason Todd Has A Sibling?; Gender Neutral Reader; ☀️ 803 words

Dick finds out about you, Jason’s sibling

You meet Robin 2.0 for the first time and you’re not impressed

Did I Mention He Was Dumb?; Gender Neutral Reader; ☀️ 322 words

When you tell Jason your type, you realise he’s not always so bright

Honestly I’d Prefer If None Of You Died; Gender Neutral Reader; 🌪; 303 words (inc. Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne)

After a bank heist, you and your brothers have some words about sacrifices.

A Speedster and a Robin; Gender Neutral Reader; ☀️ 306 words

You’re the Flash’s apprentice, what happens when you meet the Batman’s apprentice

Dramatic Entrance; Gender Neutral Reader; ⛈☀️; 400 words

You’ve been paired up with Red Hood, how do you feel with his violent ways?

To Jason you’re just too pure for the world

Some Friend You Are; Gender Neutral Reader; ⛈; 401 words

Gar has a crush on you – however your Jason’s ex – how will Jason react?

You accidentally call Jason something and he wont let you live it down

You have to leave for the week so you spend the morning with Jason

I Just Think This Would Look Nice; Gender Neutral Reader; 🌪; 285 words

Shopping with Jason is never a normal experience

A Prank War Gone Too Far; Gender Neutral Reader; 🌪☀️; 367 words

Your brother is a pain, who likes to hide your kitanas; Platonic!!

You Could Have Just Told Me; Gender Neutral Reader;⛈ 479 words

A misunderstanding leads to the ultimate betrayal; Warnings: Swearing, Cheating, hints of sex but not described in detail.

Tim realises that his tough brother is whipped

When Jason annoys you, you like to make him worry.

Where Does Your Heart Sleep At Night?; Gender Neutral Reader;⛈; 501 words

When Jason finally returns home you confront him; Warnings; Angst, heartbreak, Cheating

It’s your son’s 8th birthday and you reminisce about memories with him

Insulting the Wrong Person; Gender Neutral Reader;☀️⛈; 534 words

The Militia learn what happens when you insult the Arkham Knight’s significant other

Two World’s Apart Series Masterlist – Richard and the Necromancer Side Story

Jason is happy in his new home, his relationships are better, he’s happier and more calmer in life. When he meets a ghost living in your home, how will his life change.

Your Personal Chef; Gender Neutral Reader;☀️; 784 words

Having a Michelin Star chef as a partner was definitely one of the best things to happen to Jason Todd, and he loved to show off your work to his family, more like tease them.

Non Canon! – Joker killed Bruce – A revelation ruins your life, how do you deal with it and what happens afterwards. Warnings; Character Death

Morse Code; Gender Neutral Reader;☀️🌪; 425 words (inc. Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake)

Platonic!Reader – There’s nothing better than talking about your sibling in morse code.

All it takes is a injury and a hidden fact for feelings to be revealed – Titans!Jason

headcannons for how the Batfamily would react to a family member with movement issues

A Wild Discovery; Gender Neutral Reader;☀️; 650 words

You wake up and make a discovery you were never expecting

Batfamily Members with their teams of Pokémon

Incorrect Quotes for one Jason Todd

Batfamily headcannons for when your sibling has to leave and they comfort you.

Batfam with a villain y/n

2x Incorrect Batfam quotes

We going again, no. 3

Yeah you get it, incorrect quotes the 4th

I’ll Write It Myself — Night Terrors (Jason Todd x Reader)

Can I offer you some angst with fluff in these troubling times? A request for my special reader who knows who they are. I really like how this came out!

Request: Can I request for Angst 1 (“Why are you awake?”) , the nightmare one, for Black Widow reader x Jason again???

Warnings: Violence, some gore, panic attacks

Word count: 1,400

You are being tested today. Today, your target will have a pulse, a heartbeat. Today your target is alive.

You stare straight ahead, just as they taught you. You don’t flinch at the noises of pain that comes from your target. You don’t flinch when their body is thrown to the floor in front of you. You don’t flinch when they order you to shoot the target in the head. You don’t flinch when the gun fires. You don’t flinch when brain matter splatters against the walls. You don’t flinch.

“Y/N…” A pained voice breathes out.

Your blood freezes. You know that voice. No, no it can’t be. God, no please. Please, no.

You look down to see Jason wheezing on the floor, blood oozing from his chest.

“Don’t… do… this,” He gasps. “Please… don’t do…this…” He begs, his face scrunching up in pain.

They order you to shoot again. You can’t move. They order you to shoot again. What did you do? They order you to shoot again. Why did you do this? They order you to shoot again. You still don’t move. They order you to shoot gain.You can’t move. You’re frozen in place. Your hands are shaking as more blood bubbles from Jason’s chest. He coughs with a pained groan and blood spills over his lips.

“Please…” He begs, his eyes pleading.

They order you to shoot again. They order you to shoot again. They order you to shoot again. They order you to shoot again.

A shot rings out and Jason stops moving. His head lolls, his eyes empty.

No. No. Nonononono.

They lower their gun, turning to you in disappointment.


You’re on a gurney, strapped down. You can’t move.

“Be still and it’ll be over soon…”

You jerk your head and yank uselessly at your restraints. Please no, not the white room. Anything but the white room.

You hear a tsking above you.

“The more you struggle, the more painful this will be.”

Another restraint tightly wraps around your head, trapping it in place. You jerk again only to be met by a sharp slap.

“Enough! How many times do we have to go through this?”

You bare your teeth around the gag in your mouth, but you’re quickly silenced by the familiar sound of electricity buzzing in your ears. You squeeze your eyes shut, silently begging. Please no. But your begging is useless.

The electricity gets closer, closer, closer until–

You jerk awake, your whole body shaking. Something is still wrapped around your neck. You claw desperately at the restraint, throwing it back only to realize it is the comforter on yours and Jason’s bed. You pant for a moment, frozen in shock and fear then feel the bed shift beside you.

Jason turns slightly in his sleep, letting out a long breath as he resettles.


You reach a shaking hand out and gently feel along his neck, quickly finding his carotid artery. It pumps steadily under your fingers. He’s alive. You let out a relieved, shaky breath, your whole body still trembling and your mind racing.

Blood covers the walls.

You squeeze your eyes shut.

You’re not there.

Leather restraints dig into your skin.

A whimper escapes.

You’re not there.

Electricity makes your muscles spams.

You flinch.

You’re not there.

Screams ring out around you.

You cover your ears.

You’re not there.

Pleads for mercy.

“Stop…” You mutter into the darkness.

You’re not there.

Moans of pain.

“Please… Don’t do…this…”

Tears well up behind your eyes.

You’re not there.

Desperate begging.


You squeeze your eyes harder, forcing tears to stream down.

You’re not there.

A loud ringing.

You knot your fingers into your hair, trying to anchor yourself.

Are you sure?

You whimper again, a quiet, choked sob rattling from your chest.

Are you sure?

Are you sure?

Are you sure?

The bed shifts again, Jason’s arm blindly reaching out and gently curling into your shirt (actually it’s his shirt). He sighs contently, still fast asleep.


You scoot forward, resting your head on his chest, grateful that your boyfriend is a heavy sleeper. As he breathes in, you breathe with him, taking a shuttering breath in, then slowly release it. He breathes in again and you follow suit.

You’re not there. You’re home, safe.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

You reach a shaking hand out, running it along the various scars on Jason’s body. Your fingers first find the thick scar on his neck from his encounter with Batman. They slowly trail over to a bullet wound then down to his autopsy scar.

One, two, three, four, five, six you mentally count, cataloging the various places Jason got his scars from. You feel a thing scar on his rib cage with shaking hands.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

I can see my comforter, I can see my dresser, I can see my bookshelf, I can see my laptop, I can see Jason.

I can feel my bed under me, I can feel the fan blowing wind on top of me, I can feel my shirt on my body, I can feel Jason underneath me.

I can hear the fan swirling, I can hear my tinnitus, I can hear Jason’s heartbeat.

I can smell my shampoo, I can smell Jason’s deodorant.

You take a last shaky breath, your hands still trembling. Jason’s grip on your shirt tightens for a moment as he frowns in his sleep, but it quickly loosens, his face going content again. You noticed early in your relationship that Jason likes to hold onto something when he sleeps, whether it be a blanket, the bars on the headboard, or his favorite, you.

You lay on Jason’s chest for a few minutes, his steady breathing and heartbeat almost lulling you back to sleep, but you jolt yourself. You don’t want to fall back asleep, not yet. You know when you do, you’ll be thrown right back into the dream.

To avoid waking Jason up (since he seems like he’s getting a rare night of peaceful sleep), you pull the comforter up, gently pry Jason’s fingers from your shirt and instead offer the blanket. His fingers curl around the blanket, allowing you to quickly slip out of bed. You pause for a moment, admiring how peaceful he looks, press a soft kiss to his forehead then sneak into the living room.

In the living room, you curl up on the couch, pulling your weighted blanket around your shoulders. Tim gave you the blanket after coaching you through a PTSD induced panic attack. He dropped the blanket off at your apartment, making an off-handed comment about dealing with panic attacks before and the weight helping ground him. You’re extremely grateful for him and this blanket.

Unfortunately, nightmares are a common occurrence in your household, whether it be yours, Jason’s, or whichever of his siblings crash in your guest room to get away from the Manor, so finding a mindless cartoon is familiar. You pull the blanket tighter around you, only partially listening to the episode of Danny Phantom while your mind essentially plays elevator music in the background.

You’re so spaced out on absolutely nothing that you actually jump when you hear a quiet voice ask you:


You look over to see Jason sleepily squinting at you. You frown, hoping you didn’t wake him up.

“Why are you awake?” You ask softly.

“Got cold, I knew you weren’t there,” He frowns. “Why are you awake?”

“Bad dream,” You murmur, opening your blanket in invitation.

Jason’s frown deepens, but he slides behind you, the blanket now pulled around his shoulders and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling your back against his chest.

“You could’ve woken me up,” He tells you, resting his head on your shoulder.

You lean against him, reaching up to run your fingers through his hair.

“You helped me more than you know,” You murmur to him.

He tightens his hold, pressing a kiss to the side of your head and lays back, pulling you back with him. You pull your legs so they lay over Jason’s legs and tuck your head under his chin. Jason runs his fingers up and down your arms, lightly scratching the skin. He kisses the top of your head again.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asks.

You shake your head, your hand tracing one of his various scars.

“I just want you here,” You mumble to him.

“You’re safe,” Jason murmurs to you. “I’ve got you, and I’m not going anywhere.”

You press a sweet kiss to his jaw.

You believe him.

“I love you,” He mumbles into your hair, tightening his hold for a moment.

“I love you too.”

Request are open! I have another prompt so if you sent that too me, I promise it is next on the list!

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#Jason Todd x Reader angst

brutallyjulia · 5 months ago Note “I feel safe with you” but plot twist it’s Jason who-probably-suffers-from-PTSD Todd who’s saying it “Jason who-probably-suffers-from-PTSD Todd” LMAO I LOVE ALL THESE NICKNAMES FOR THE BATBOYS ~~~~~ “jay?” you called out, setting your keys down on the kitchen table before shrugging of your winter jacket and toeing off your boots. snowflakes fell around you as you brushed yoru way to remove any flakes that fell onto your head as you walked from work to your your apartment. by the looks of it, he wasn’t on the couch. normally, he would be waiting for you on the couch before leaving for patrol that night, reading a book in his red hood gear. who would of thought, the big bad red hood would be a literature nerd. but he was your literature nerd. you walked down the hallway towards your bedroom, seeing a trail of clothes lead from the bed to the en-suite bathroom. your stomach fluttered nervously as you approached the room, wondering if today was one of those days for jason. you were greeted by humidity and the quiet drip of water leaking from the sink faucet, the burly form of your boyfriend sitting silently in tub. you could see the shakiness of his body, half-moon indents littering his upper arms. shit, shit, shit. from the times you helped jason deal with his trauma, it was best to give him a few minutes to process his thoughts before he spoke. so you busied yourself in the meantime by taking out a few of the lavender and vanilla candles you set aside just for nights like these, where one or both of you couldn’t deal with the dreams that were plaguing you. the bathroom lit up in soft light a few moments later. you set the lighter aside before kneeling next to the tub, taking a calloused hand in yours and squeezing it gently. he acknowledged you with a light squeeze of his own, teal eyes locked to the spot where the tops of his knees poked out of the water, a down-side of having a rather small tub for a big guy like him. a moment of silence passes before he speaks. “i thought i saw the clown again,” his voice was gravely, like he’d been screaming on end with someone. “i went to get sometime from that convenience store on the corner and i thought i heard his voice.” he takes a shaky breath before he looks at you, and your heart shattered at how vulnerable jason was being. he wasn’t used to someone looking after him the way you did, and it took months for him to gather up the courage to be honest about his past, about his revival after the joker dealt one to many hits with a crowbar. a fresh wave of tears was building on his face, and you were quick to pull him into your arms, not caring if droplets of water was soaking into your shirt. the vigilante shoves his face into your neck as a sob wrecks his body. you combed your fingers through the black and white locks, scratching his scalp the way you know he likes. “oh baby,” you coo, making sure to give him an extra squeeze as his tears dripped down his face. you stayed like that for a few minutes, until his sobs turned into sniffles. he pulls back, eyes red and irritated and he gives you a soft smile despite his wrecked appearance. “thank you. i know i might not show it s-sometimes, but i feel safe whenever i’m with you,” he whispers and you shush him, pressing your lips against his in a gentle kiss. “i love you so much, jay. i won’t let anything happen to you. nothing can take me away from you, i promise.” he gives you a small smile in return before standing up and stepping out of the tub. you immediately knew what he was asking for, judging by the way he glanced at the bed behind you. “now, come on. i know that bed is calling our name.” #jason todd#jason todd x reader#jason todd imagine#jason todd blurb#jason todd fluff#jason todd x reader fluff#jason todd angst#jason todd x reader angst#julia.writes#ask julia#anon#anonymous 539 notes · View notes

redhoodssweetheart · a year ago Text Welcome to My World Genre: Soulmate AU Pairing: Jason Todd x Gender Neutral!Reader Requested: Yes (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED, this was for my 1.5K follower celebration) Word Count: 1.6K Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, fluff Description: You wind up in your favorite comic book character’s world and find out that he’s your soulmate. Jason Todd wants to know how you know his secret identity since he was in his Red Hood gear when you met, but your answer is the last thing he expected to hear. Hey, are you all right? Those five words were tattooed on your inner arm, the first words your soulmate would ever speak to you. Every time someone asked you that question you would tense up and respond waiting for their initial reaction as they realized who you were to them. But the response never came. The “Oh my God you’re my soulmate” never happened. And year after year that passed you felt like maybe you would never meet them. You found solace in comics, in the stories of heroes, and wondering what it would be like to be their soulmate. Your favorite hero, or anti-hero you guess, would be Red Hood AKA Jason Todd. The BatFam comics were amongst some of your favorites and you devoured fanfics written about Jason. Silently you wished that he was your soulmate, maybe because it was easier than feeling disappointed time after time when someone else wasn’t your soulmate. Then the strangest event occurred. You were walking home one afternoon from your shift and there was a blinding flash of light. At first, you had thought that maybe there had been some kind of explosion, or maybe you had died somehow and there really was a white light at the end. Then everything was dark and when you slowly opened your eyes you realized that you weren’t home anymore. City buildings you didn’t recognize rose around you a police car with the letter GCPD written on the side whizzed by. Your heart felt like it had lodged itself in your throat and for a moment you thought that you really had died and maybe this was what the afterlife was like. You took stock of everything around you looking for anything that might give you a clue as to where you were and in the distance, you noticed another tall building. It was a stereotypical skyscraper but written on it was Wayne Enterprises. You blinked and let out a startled laugh, “No way. No, no, no this isn’t real. This can’t be real.” The possibilities that you were dreaming flitted through your mind and you scrubbed your hands over your face as if you were trying to wake yourself up. There was no way you could be in Gotham City. “Hey, are you all right?” Those words. Those damn words. Turning your head you saw him standing there, the red mask obscuring his face, the bat emblem on his chest. “Cool Jason Todd cosplay,” you managed to get out before your head began to swim and you began collapsing, the man before you rushing to catch you before your head could connect to the pavement. “Shit,” he hissed. Then he hit the button for his comms, “Alfred, I’m bringing someone to the cave… uh, well I’ll explain when I get there.” “Understood,” came Alfred’s response. How did you know his name, and why the hell had you thought he was cosplaying himself? He didn’t have time for that now, and he also resisted the urge to check his arm where those very words were etched into his skin. Whoever you were, you were his soulmate. There was no doubting that. He managed to get you to the cave in one piece and Alfred quickly checked you over and gave the all-clear. “It was probably shock,” he told Jason. “You said that they seemed confused, correct?” Jason had his arms crossed over his chest and nodded, “Yeah, it was strange. It was like they had no idea where they were and they thought I was cosplaying.” He unfurled his arms and rolled up his sleep, “Whoever they are, they’re my soulmate.” Alfred patted Jason’s shoulder, “Let’s wait until they wake up, and then we’ll get answers.” Bruce and Dick entered the cave and saw you lying on the medical table, Jason standing over you looking pensive. “Jason what is this?” Bruce asked as he stepped closer to him and the stranger. “They’re my soulmate,” Jason said calmly, his eyes still locked onto you, his mind racing. “Found them looking lost and confused tonight, and right before they passed out they said the magic words.” Bruce’s eyes shifted from Jason to you, “Are they all right now?” “Alfred said that it was probably just shock,” Jason finally looked at his adoptive father. “They knew who I was. Or at least they thought I was cosplaying myself.” There was a moment of silence, “I got a call from Barry, he said there was some type of disturbance. A doorway opened between our earth and another, maybe that’s where they’re from. Maybe there they know who you are.” “Maybe,” Jason didn’t want to jump to conclusions. “Anyhow I’ll get the answers we need when they wake.” Bruce and Dick left him alone after that and he pulled a chair over to wait until you woke. It was several hours later and when you woke up you were still in an unfamiliar place. You would have thought that you would have woken in your bed, proving that it had all been a dream. But it seemed that your subconscious wasn’t done with you yet. This time when you opened your eyes you were in a cave and then everything came crashing back down around you. You were in Gotham. You had seen Red Hood. That must mean you were in the– “Batcave, you’re in the Batcave,” the voice from earlier said, this time it wasn’t obscured by his helmet. When you glanced to your right you saw him sitting there. Jason Todd in the flesh. “You and I need to have a little discussion. Soulmate to soulmate.” You let out a ragged breath, “You’re my soulmate?” He pulled up his sleeve to reveal the words you had spoken to him right before passing out. “How did you know who I was? You asked if I was cosplaying Jason Todd specifically, not Red Hood. How did you know?” Of course, that would be one of his first questions. All vigilantes were super secretive with their identities, wanting to protect themselves. Bruce Wayne was one of the ones that was super protective of his. “You don’t exist,” you blurted out. “I don’t know how I got here, but where I’m from you’re a fictional character.” Jason was quiet for a moment, “All right, let’s say I believe you on that and where you’re from I don’t exist as a living, breathing person. How did you get here?” “There was a flash of light,” you explained, wanting desperately for him to trust you. “The next thing I know I’m standing on the street here in Gotham and you’re coming up to me asking me if I’m okay. I didn’t expect any of this. Do you know how I’m here?” There was a moment of hesitation, “Barry Allen called, do you know who he is?” You nodded, Barry was the Flash of course you knew that. “He said there was an anomaly, a doorway from your earth opened and brought you here to mine.” “So this isn’t some weird dream? I didn’t die or anything like that?” He chuckled, “No, there’s a scientific explanation behind it.” He chewed on the inside of his cheek for a moment, “Do you want to go back to your earth?” Did you? I mean you had just found your freaking soulmate. The person you had been hoping to find since the words had appeared on your arm. Of course, there was a catch and he belonged to a whole other earth. And let’s not forget that he happened to be one of your favorite fictional characters of all time. “Is it okay if I don’t know?” You asked cautiously. He nodded, “Yeah, it’s all right. I know this is a lot to digest.” You blew out a breath, “This is so not how I saw meeting my soulmate going.” “It’s not how I saw mine going either,” he offered you a smile. Then stood and said, “Let me formally introduce myself, I’m Jason Peter Todd, your soulmate.” “Y/N Y/L/N,” you told him. “It’s nice to meet you.” “It’s nice to meet you too, Y/N.” And you swore you could have melted at the tender way he said your name. He took you to a room in the manor where you could sleep and Alfred offered to go out and get some clothes for you since you were left wearing what you had at work. You were grateful for them all and how friendly they were treating you despite the fact that you were a literal stranger. Jason stayed with you and asked you questions about your earth and what he was like in the comics that you had read about him. You talked for hours until you fell asleep beside him, your head resting on his shoulder. You spent weeks in Gotham with Jason, learning all there was to learn about the city and its inhabitants and about your soulmate. Jason was patient and understanding and never pressured you into telling him if you wanted to go home or not. “Jay?” You said one evening as the two of you were lying in bed, he was reading a book and you were on his phone playing some games. He stopped reading and looked over at you to see what you wanted. “I want to stay here with you, I don’t want to go home.” The smile that he gave you nearly made your heart stop, “Yeah?” “Yeah,” you said quietly, smiling back at him. “I don’t think I could ever leave you, and it’s not because you’re my favorite character or even my soulmate. It’s just because I love spending time with you. I love your family and this city despite its flaws. And I just want to stay here forever.” He placed a finger under your chin and tilted your head up slightly, “I would love nothing more than for you to stay with me.” “Good,” you leaned forward and brushed your lips against his, feeling happiness blooming throughout you at the thought of spending the rest of your life here with Jason. #Jason Todd x Reader#Jason Todd x Reader fluff#Jason Todd x Reader angst#Jason Todd#Jason Todd fanfic#Jason Todd fanfiction#Jason Todd fluff#Jason Todd angst#Requested 334 notes · View notes

betrashdocrime · a year ago Text far away, together || jason todd x reader (oneshot) warning : blood, angst, death y/n, the person jason todd crazily loved. she was his medicine when he was sick, his joy when he was sad. the way her (your hair color) hair gleamed in the sunshine and her bright toothy smile always brought a grin to his lips. everyone thought the man was incapable of love, until he met her. a gorgeous woman named y/n, was able to get into jason todd’s scarred heart. she made him feel hapiness again, that there was hope in this life. she accepted him in any way, always understood him. jason couldn’t understand why she loved him, a brutal, angry, broken soul like him. he would never be able to give her the life she always wanted. a small house with a golden retriever and little kids of their own, living in peace. no vigilante shifts, just a calm life. and still, she fell for him. she wouldn’t mind his sarcastic remarks or fits of rage, unlike others, who would just cut contacts with him because of that. but she gave him hope nonetheless, that everything will be okay, that they would be together, forever. ‘oh why did she promise that’, thought jason while staring at their picture, where they were smiling like goofy idiots. his tears dropped onto the frame, making him sob quietly. he remembered that day like it happened yesterday. the day when his angel left him, forever, unlike she promised. it happened so quickly that at first he couldn’t understand anything. the bullet, the blood, the dreadful look on her lovely face. she didn’t scream, not even a slight gasp. just silence. the way her hopeless body fell onto the dirty cement, making her clench the wound that was sprinkling her blood everywhere. he was in a state of shock, not being able to move, like he’s paralyzed. but something made him finally budge, her voice. a quiet whisper, “jason.” he runs over to her, tears streaming down his face. “no, no, no. y/n, listen to me. you’ve got to be strong, try to stay awake.” he says while putting pressure onto her wound, trying to keep alive she puts her left palm onto the side of his face, smiling gently. “promise me, that one day, we will runaway somewhere. far away, together.” she says softly, stroking jason’s face gently. “what, what do you mean? y/n, please you’ve got to stay awake. we will go back to our apartment, get your favorite chinese takeout and watch titanic for the 30th time. just please, stay strong for me.” he says sobbing she kisses the side of his hand gingerly, covered in her blood. and then, her eyes, her beautiful (your eye color) eyes, start to close. “no, no, no y/n. stay awake. STAY AWAKE!” he shouts, crying uncontrollably the moment, he promised to himself that would never happen, that he always would keep her safe, was broken. her lifeless body, laying on his lap, was all his fault. he failed to protect her, the woman who finally showed that his life meant something. but he could never forget something other than her tragic death, her last wish. that one day, they will runaway somewhere safe. far away, together. #jason todd#jason todd x reader#jason todd angst#jason todd x reader angst#sad shit#i cannot write angst#dceu fandom#red hood#red hood x reader#red hood x reader angst 119 notes · View notes

veronica-17-hood · 7 months ago Text damian wayne x reader <3 - damian is aged up - fluff - enjoy “smile dami.” you rushed under your breath, barely glancing at the boy leaning against the wall with a grim look painted across his normally rather attractive appearance, his god like structure. your arm came out to greet the many older couples coming into the mayor’s home, the place where bruce planned tonight’s gala, the gala that has put your boyfriend in a successfully bad mood. you smiled as a man lightly grabbed your hand, brining it to his lips to press a soft kiss before shuffling off after his wife, though that did earn a soft look from your boyfriend who has only nodded in the directions of people walking into the overly large home. he huffed, dragging his lips further down into a frown, so far that his dimples are hidden from sight and his head turned away from where you were standing, his gaze searching for his father to birth yet another complaint about being here and forcing you to do the same. “damian.” you snap, your wrist reaching out to grab his crossed arms, finger tips brushing against his broad and muscular chest before snatching his watch covered wrist. eyes stayed on him as you held onto him, beginning the drag toward the private hallway. his mouth began to open though shut immediately as he stared at your dominant side, a side that doesn’t come out often, though a side he loves more than anything on you. you hand gripped tighter on his wrist, pulling him through the doorway and slinging him around so he was now in front of you, both of you now hidden from the complete mess of the party, all of the brothers going around and most likely complaining to their adoptive father much like your boyfriend was wishing to do. your body spun around much to fast, your eyes blurring as you tried to settle on the tall, broad figure in front of you, still scowling “you need to stop.” “care to enlighten me beloved?” he teased, leaning against the wall now, attempting to be nonchalant of the whole situation, his arms crossing across his chest again, frown faltering. “try to be nice to people.” you spoke softly, annoyed at this point. “it’s all i’m asking for tonight, i know you don’t like it here, neither do it i but- what?” the last word came out snappy, his blown from the darkness in the room both of your eyes settled on each other, watching him lightly smirk midway through your rant. “nothing beloved.” he hummed, completely enamored by your dominant nature, a side you don’t show often though he wish you did more. “don’t do that.” your tone was flat, eyes rolling as you looked back toward the opening, the sound of bruce calling both yours and damian’s name ringing in your ears. “i’m not doing anything.” he spoke quite honestly, unfolding his arms from his chest to motion that he wasn’t doing such. “your trying to get me to fold by calling me beloved.” you sighed in your words, hands placed flat across his two pecks as you started shoving him further back into the hallway, damn was his a brick wall. damian obliged, taking small steps back in order to ease your workload, smiling down at your as you stuffed your head into his chest in attempt to move him faster. you both could hear bruce calling you know and truth be told neither of you wanted to be dragged back out there against your own free will. “i’m not trying to get you to anything.” he spoke again rather honestly, he has been calling you beloved more than your own name the second you agreed to go on a date with the boy. he loved the way it sounded, his beloved. “though-“ he paused, dropping his hands to your waist halting your movements, “it seems you are trying to get me to do something.” a sigh fell from your lips and now your head further buried into his broad chest, not even annoyed at this point rather a combination of over it and happy (because your boyfriend stopped acting like oscar the grouch) “oh beloved you don’t enjoy my teasing?” your head titled upward to meet his emerald burning gaze, a smirk painted across his face. “you are so lucky i love you.” you couldn’t help but smile at your words and at the way damian’s fingers tapped and gripped tighten around your waist when the words tumbled from your perfect lips. and the playful smirk was replaced by a genuine smile down at his beloved. “why is that, hm?” he hummed, swaying you back and forth. “because if i didn’t i would have kicked your ass when you didn’t acknowledge the old woman smiling at you.” you teased back at him, slowly removing yourself from his grasp. a snort escaped his perfect face, “you can dream about kicking my ass all you want beloved, it won’t happen.” your hand tangled to find one of his now empty ones, lightly tugging for him to follow, which of course he did. “cave, tomorrow.” you tested, which of course earned a throaty laugh and an agreement from your boyfriend as both of your shoes clicked in harmony down the marble floors. “i’ll do whatever makes you happy beloved.” he finally spoke as the two of you reached the hallway, smiling as he fiddled with your fingers, the only form of PDA he ever partook in. your stunning smile flashed back at him, your free hand coming to grasp his chin and swipe your thumb gently across his lips. “good, so be try to be in a good mood.” his eyes blew at the sudden contact from your thumb on his sensitive pink skin of his lips, “or what?” he tested, though he had no intention of making you upset twice in one night, he didn’t like you upset and hated fighting with you. “you won’t get your surprise tonight.” and with that you disconnected from him completely, sauntering off into the ballroom without a second glance. and let’s just say dami was on his best behavior that night, even told jason he loved him, was really a sight to see. “what did you just say to me?” jason had to take a double take, what did his adoptive assassin brother just utter to him, and why did he think it was okay. “i love you brother.” damian spoke rather loosely as if they used the term daily, loose smile on his face as he gazed upon you speaking to barbara. “y/n!” jason couldn’t get his words out fast enough, in fact the skilled vigilante tripped over his own feet on his way to you, “i think your boyfriend is broken.” #batfam#batfam au#batkids#jason todd#jason todd fluff#jason todd x reader#soulmates#jason todd x y/n#batfamily#dc comics#damian wayne x meta#damian wayne x you#damian wayne angst#damian wayne x reader#damian wayne#damian wayne fluff#damian wayne au#bruce wayne#bat family#bat kids#dc community#dc batfam#dc batman#dcmultiverse#dc damian wayne 2K notes · View notes embrassemoi · 5 months ago Text 𝐉𝐔𝐒𝐓 𝐀𝐒 𝐈𝐓 𝐖𝐀𝐒 Not much stayed the same after Jason’s resurrection, except one thing. ━━ Jason Todd x Fem!Reader Contents: fluff, angst, bittersweet, blood, 2k Request: Could you do "whatever here that's left of me is yours, just as it was" + Jason Todd?? This song just really reminds me of him! Thank you and welcome back ♥️ Notes: I’ve never written for Jason so I hope this isn’t too OOC. Also this is loosely inspired by The Three Jokers #2/3 A soft exhale accompanied the drag of a bloodied cloth against Jason’s arm, muscles flexing under split skin as gauze sunk deep into his wounds. Sometimes she forgot how much blood a person can hold until night fell and Jason came crawling back to her, reeking of gunpowder. It was late, the churning rain hammered on the roof of her apartment and provided a petrichor scent. But underneath it was the distinct smell of blood and sweat, mixed with antiseptic — as if she used it to try and scrub away the night’s history. The room was pitch black, save from whatever moonlight trickling in through windows and the lamp by her side. Jason laid on her couch, shirtless, as she worked to disinfect the several long, yet shallow gashes across his arm and chest. They had met before the Lazarus Pit and Red Hood, during the early stages of his Robin days. Incidental, but one of the most life-changing moments of their lives. Or maybe just hers. Jason only talked about it once – described the cold quiet peace that death brought and the agony he suffered coming back. It was choppy, told in fragmented pieces that were hard for him to recall. His usual confidence was gone, void of any emotion as he spoke about the ordeal and it made goosebumps prickle across her body faster than any admission of his wrong-doings. Caught up in her thoughts, the lethargy of the day catching up to her, she didn’t catch the soft groan coming from Jason until his arm suddenly jerked in her grasp. It was as if his voice was a thousand miles away, transmitted through several old radios. She snapped back into reality, registering the unnecessary pressure she applied to his cut before pulling away to wrap a bandage around it. “Fuck – easy there,” Jason gritted. “Maybe you’re the one trying to kill me. Was being dead once not enough?” “Stop it, Jay,” she said, rolling her eyes as she continued to apply the gauze. “It won’t sting for much longer.” His voice was strained, hoarse; pain written across his face. “Liar.” She would have been lying if she said that she didn’t get any satisfaction from the grunt of pain from Jason — maybe it would reach him to be careful. But it didn’t last long, soon replaced with concern. He always had to get himself hurt. Always had her worried. Always worried about him. The anxiety built every day, gnawing and clashing against her chest and felt herself gradually reach a limit. “What happened?” she asked, careful to keep her voice flat. “Distracted.” Jason hissed again as she pressed the rag to another cut, this time on his chest. His free hand reached out, fisting one of the pillows on her couch. “Thought heroes didn’t get distracted.” Jason scoffed cruelly, a tick in his jaw flexing as he repeated, “hero.” She worked in silence after that. Whatever happened that night, she could feel it – saw the evidence lining his body and clothes splattered red, no doubt that split blood turned streets into red rivers. It was hard not to let the details of his nightly activities make her numb — to imagine him inflicting such violence when he had only ever graced her with tenderness. And it weighed heavy. Jason Todd did not like to consider himself a hero, no matter how hard he tried to be a protector. Even when he had been Robin, he was reckless, impulsive and emotional — that had never changed, even after the lingering effects of the Lazarus Pit. But everything else did, after the poison wrapped around him like a vessel and breached into anything with a beating heart. Red Hood was an ill-fitted coat. And despite it all, she stayed by his side, growing to love the newly transformed boy. She often wondered if things could have panned out differently if Jason hadn’t remained like this with her: kind, soft, protective. Perhaps there was the possibility she wouldn’t have been consumed by him. “Why so quiet?” She looked up to Jason already staring at her. She tried to smile, but it probably looked more forced than intended. “Just thinking that you need to have higher medical standards.” “And miss your lectures?” he retorted, smirking. “But you always do such a good job.” She made a small, distressed noise, causing him to laugh. “You put too much faith in my lack of medical training.” With bandages now wrapped around his arm and half his chest, she felt like she could finally start to rest, slowing her ministrations down as she neared the end of her work. Her hands fluttered down, dragging them lightly across his bare skin in his most vulnerable state, marvelling at the softness and counting bruises and healed scars, most of which she healed. Jason studied her and they could both feel something stirring inside their stomachs. She brought her fingers up to his hair, brushing away the stark white tendril and felt Jason go still, exhaling slowly as tension immediately returned to his shoulders. “I miss you,” he said. The confession was quiet but boomed in her ear. She forced herself to chuckle. “I’m right here.” “Cut the shit, sweetheart.” His lips quirked up at the corners in a lopsided grin, but everything about it remained humourless. He was unreadable as ever. “You know what I mean.” She tried to brush it off but felt a flare of pain erupt in her chest – loaded with a constraining sob stuck halfway in her throat. It didn’t stop her heart from leaping with treacherous hope. He cared, it whispered, it taunted. He still cared. But it didn’t matter. She was too distracted by Jason’s calloused hand reaching to cup her face, tilting it down. The world seemed to melt away as their faces were inches from each other. She sucked in a sharp breath, watching as Jason leaned in closer, lips briefly brushing hers before pulling away, eyes frantically searching. Pleading. She didn’t think – couldn’t think before drawing him back in with a hand at the back of his neck. She kissed him, soft, gentle, passionately and he responded instantly, making a soft noise at the back of his throat. The hunger in the pit of her stomach grew, before turning into a hallowing disgust. This was their never ending cycle. She forced herself to pull away, taking Jason in, swollen-lipped, messy hair, dazed eyes. He chased her mouth, his chest breathing heavily. “Hey –” “I need a new cloth,” she said quickly, abruptly standing. She didn’t see his reaction but felt his eyes on her back until she entered the bathroom, closing the door shut. She rummaged through the cabinet, finding a few new rags before flicking on the tap and tossing the bloodied rag in to sink. The water ran a deep red before fading to pink, but the image burning her eyes as red conquered everything, making her head spin. Her head fell into her hands, feeling herself tetter on the verge of tears and that choked sob built in her throat – tearing and clawing the flesh as it continuously pushed itself up as a great tremor overtook her. She swallowed, closing her eyes shut – hating that lack of control. Every muscle in her body tightened as if they were holding in her emotions only to barely contain them. She sat unmoving, ignoring the rushing water. The only sound that managed to pull her from her thoughts was her name rasped by a voice from the doorway. Head shooting up, she quickly blinked her tears away, seeing Jason leaning against the frame. “Christ,” she said in a tired voice, leading him to sit on the edge of the bath and moving to kneel in front of him, ignoring the tension by taking the new cloth to his chest. “You do have a death wish.” “Why are you crying,” he asked. “Don’t tell me the kiss was that bad.” She didn’t smile. “Come on, talk to me. Why do you look so worried? I’ll be fine — I’ll start to think you care.” It was nothing short of accusatory and caught the underlying meaning. Then he forced out a stale laugh. “A few slashes are better than a bullet to the brain.” “Shut up,” she said sharply. He continued to joke. “Once you’ve died, there’s not much to be afraid of. If I die, again, then it is what it –” “Shut up!” Jason closed his mouth, shock flashing across every feature. She laughed; for once she had rendered him speechless and laughed bitterly in his face. “You’re a fucking idiot,” she sneered in a trembling voice as she continued to clean his wound. “Stupid, stupid.” She could barely stop herself, now fueled by anger and deep ache. “I can’t believe you.” Jason remained painfully still, his face creased with a deep furrow but he couldn’t look her in the eye. Instead, his head bowed like a puppet with its strings cut. “Okay, go on.” “You could have died and you don’t care. You’re so selfish – and that moment – fuck! We shouldn’t have done that!” “It’s not just a moment for me.” “We can’t keep –” “We can,” he said stubbornly. “Why can’t we?” The question slipped out before he could stop it, and the words burned like acid against their throats. It was a loaded question, one she didn’t know how to answer. Their paths were at a crossroads. Too many secrets, too much death, too much hurt and she didn’t know if there was anything salvageable left. They were not whole – needed time to rebuild, to atone, to figure it out. But even she couldn’t deny something was there, that one thing that had never changed. Something small and unformed. Because no matter how small a love is, it cannot be concealed. And she couldn’t help it, looking at him with matching watery eyes. She was barely restrained by the throbbing of her heart. Goddamn it. “I lost you once,” she muttered softly. He haunted her like a ghost, even if he was alive. “I can’t again. I won’t survive it.” “I’m not planning on leaving again anytime soon,” he said instantly. She closed her eyes until she shook her head, looking up at him. All of her fear seethed inside her like a wildfire. Untamable and catastrophic. Her forehead pressed gently against his, and they stared at each other. “You can’t guarantee that.” “You can’t either.” Her entered body burnt up, tore itself apart and only got worse when she felt his fingers brush and sweep down her neck to roam her body, pressing her closer. “There are things I can’t change – that I will never be able to change,” said Jason, “but I can learn how to fix. And I want to start here.” His touch was achingly soft as he brought her hand to rest above his bandaged chest, above his heart – a worship that never stopped. “Whatever here that’s left of me is yours,” Jason whispered, thumb just grazing over the highpoint of her cheek. “Just as it was.” “But will I ever be enough for you? Has anything been enough for you?” “You,” he said, earnestly lacing his voice. “Red Hood and Gotham have never been enough for me, but you are… I think we could be great together.” It was as time stood still. Neither of them spoke or moved, just soaking in each other’s soft breaths and light touches. However, after a while, that did something to Jason, his eye jumping in panic and misreading the situation. “Then stay with me,” she said in the silence of the room before he could move to leave. A slow smile stretched on his mouth while the realization dawned on him. “Where else would I go?” He bent himself, hands cupping her face and pressing their lips together with an intensity she never knew was possible. He gripped onto her tightly, as if she would disappear. Maybe they work, maybe they wouldn’t, but they’d be damned if they didn’t have that night. “Jason, I –” she murmured. It came out soft, almost a whisper against his lips until he pressed another kiss to her. She feltl his lips pull into a smile simultaneously as a teardrop fell on her cheek. Either from him or her, she couldn’t tell. “Me too. I never stopped.” #jason todd#jason todd x reader#jason todd x you#jason todd x y/n#jason todd fanfiction#jason todd fanfic#jason todd oneshot#jason todd imagine#jason todd fluff#jason todd angst#red hood x reader#red hood#batman#batfamily#dc jason todd#dc x reader#dc fanfic#robin x reader#robin batman 1K notes · View notes i-talk-too-much · 14 days ago Text I just had a thought. imagine being the Batgirl to Jason's Robin, and the two of you had grown up together, surviving in Crime Alley. then, when Jason followed Batman to Switzerland, you followed, being partners in every sense of the word. wherever he went, you went, and vice versa. imagine being in that warehouse - you bleeding out from a knife wound, your consciousness dimming, and Jason brutally injured by a crowbar, his breathing labored. imagine his desperate words telling you to stay awake, to not leave him. imagine his body trying to curl around yours as best he could, trying (and failing) to cover you from the impending explosion. imagine you dying, 10 seconds before the bomb went off. 10 seconds that Jason spent alone in that warehouse before his own life ended. alone with your lifeless body. I wonder what happens after you're both resurrected by the pit. #jason todd imagine#jason todd x reader#robin!jason todd x reader#female!reader#jason todd angst 611 notes · View notes technowoah · 6 months ago Text DATING HEADCANONS (Forever and Always For You) Jason Todd Version An// I tried 😪 hopefully this is good cause I wanna do my boy justice. This is from my personal headcanons and also based on what Ive read of him. Also for a warning there is sexual innuendo and sexual stuff mentioned so do what you want with that... Beginning of your relationship Just to start please give this man all of your love. We all know hes pretty insecure, so he needs that validation from you. During the relationship he will get more comfortable with himself and actually accept the compliments you throw at him instead of dismissing them. Instead of saying "no" and "no im not" he'll say "okay sure" and "If you say so" trying to hide the smile on his face In the beginning he was snarky and somewhat cocky. He still is now. But he was trying to impress you. He really wanted to leave an impression and he of course succeeded. Dates will start off at the most random times. He had Red Hood duties of course. But the dates would consist of late night motorcycle drives. Going to get takeout and eat it on a rooftop. He told you he found the rooftop place by accident. He totally wasnt there a couple minutes ago "Really, have you thought of dating someone for real?" You asked him this question as you two sat on his bike eating McDonald's. "Not really. I dont necessarily do "dates" he stuffed fries into his mouth not caring about modesty at this point. "What? You just fuck and go?" You asked stifling a laugh. He laughed at your comment, "Basically. This is new to me. One of my firsts in a while." "Well I hope to be your first and your last." Okay heres actual relationship headcanons below He will be your weighted blanket whenever you need him. He loves skinship. He has his hands on you most of the time. On you thigh, lightly grazing your knee, elbow, his arm around your neck, hugging you from behind, hugging you regularly. He loves sneaking in small touches throughout the day. Also you both lay naked besides eachother in bed just because its comfortable and you both love the skin to skin contact. He gives the most passionate kisses that knock the air out of your lungs. He loves kissing you, its his favorite passtime when you two are home and have nothing else better to do. Okay but- Jason never really let anyone else kiss anything but his lips, but with you he'll let you do anything to him. Kiss his neck, his chest, his scars, his hands, anywhere and he'll melt instantly, putty in your hands. You both are equal to eachother. He never tries to dominate you in anyhting other then the bedroom. He never sees you as inferior or that he has to protect you 24/7. He invested in self defense training for you, than relized that the trainer was doing a bad job then insisted on training you himself. Of course he wants you safe, but he trusts you to keep out of harms way. But if the bad guys come to you, Gotham is going to burn. The time Jason shared about being red hood he thought you were gonna break up with him. But you supported him and surprisingly to him you were okay with him leaving at random times. He will make up for it if he had to leave during a dinner or a special moment, but he'll leave with nothing more with a small kiss and a hope that you'll forgive him later. Jason likes to spoil you rotton. Either with acts of love or with Bruce's credit card. He drove you to a mall and just gave you his black card "Jay what are we doing here?" "Buy yourself anything you want doll, this whole place can be yours if you want." "This card says Bruce Wayne." "It does? I must've grabbed the wrong card...Oh well, I guess its fate. Let's go!" He can be an annoying little shit sometimes though. Refusing to do stuff around the apartment just because he doesn't want to. He'll sit next to you and just stare at you for no reason. Play with your legs by flopping them around, and that somehow starts a wrestling match that you will lose and that turns into him fucking you so teasingly slow. You belive Jason has multiple personalities. He can be the biggest softy ever. Then the next minute he can the cockiest shit ever. And theres no in-between. You both love play fighting, it comes naturally to you both. The fights never escalate into anything bad or serious, but they do lead to some good "make up" sex. You guys dont fight that often, just some arguments here and there like a normal couple, but never anything that would threaten your relationship. Maybe some things are said in the heat of the moment but its always forgiven unless its something about his past. Still on the topic of fights: Once in a while you both get into a huge fight/screaming match that'll leave one of you leaving the apartment for a certain amount of time. Of course it hurts the both of you, you guys cant spend a long time away from eachother (he'll go away for like a couple of hours now, it used to be days) but sometimes its good to take a break. And of course the make up sex is great but like- You guys know eachother well enough to know whether to cuddle eachother or let eachother have space. No matter what you both will come back to eachother. You both are huge on communication. At first Jason didn't talk to you about anything, but now after an argument/fight let him go to blow off some steam for some hours and he'll come back to talk your ears off and find a resolution to the problem, or both of you apologize for what was said. There are no unresolved issues in your household. Even if it takes a while you two will always find a way to fix something. Also jason just likes talking to you. You guys cant get rid of eachother even if you both tried. He thanks his lucky stars each night for you and that you're still here. This man is truly in love with you. Jason loves cooking for you. Just the sight of you watching him cook as you talk about your day makes his heart flutter. He could open up a restaurant if he wanted to. He learned from Alfred and just purely out of interest so once he learns a new recipe he wants to cook for you, which leads to you both talking about your days while sipping on wine. He loves the small things. Like reading books to you while you comment about what happened. Riding into the night on his motorcycle. Watching you do your morning routine from the comfort of your bed all while he has this love sick look in his eyes. Speaking of cooking you take turns sharing recipes and cooking for eachother. More often than not you end up cooking for Jason because he dosent know the meaning of self care. You try to get him to take days off, in the beginning he wouldn't give in, but now he will willingly take a break if that means you'll be there. The highlight of Jason's life was when your neighbor greeted him without Jason having to introduce himself. "G'morning y/n! Morning Jason!" "Morning Mrs. Thomas!" "Morning." Jason had this smirk on his face as he greeted the older lady. "Hope you both have a beautiful day!" "You too!" You had to look at him. "Whats with the smug face?" "I never introduced myself to her. I guess Im doing my job right." Jason is fucking smooth. He loves to get a reaction out of you by seducing and making you blush (or challenging him and flirting with him back) or saying the cheesist pick up lines ever and making you laugh. It's apart of his job, so of course he is so good at making women fall for him and you fall for it every time and he loves it. "Aside from being sexy what do you do for a living?" "Jay." "Are you a pokemon? Cause I'll like to pik-at-chu.. naked" "Jason shut the fuck up." You tried to not laugh. "I must be in a museum, because you truly are a work of art." "Stop it-" "You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.​" "Okay jason!" You were shying away from his conatant pursuit. "Wanna fuck?" "Is that the best you got?" "No I have more, I just wanted to cut to the chase." He truly loves confidence. He thinks confidence is sexy. Either confidence in yourself or youre confident in something that you do he is drawn to that it attracts him. And he hopes that when he exudes confidence it draws others in as well. Confidence is key. But if you aren't confident in yourself he will make sure that you will be soon. He has the upmost confidence in you and believes in you probably more than anyone else. He worships the ground you walk on in his own way. He isnt "Dick Grayson dramatic" but just notice the small ways he appreciates you. Cooking your favorite meal, stocking the pantry up with snacks, getting groceries at 4 am just so you wont have to go in the morning, even taking time off his Red Hood duties to stay in with you. He flatters you so much as well. This man.. he'll give compliments out like nothing, but he cant take compliments well. Jason slowly opened up to you about his past one night. He told you about his parents, about his death, spilled everything about his current family's identities. It took him a whole night to do so and you listened. He just needed you to listen, but he also encouraged your reactions as well because your reactions are valid to him. He still left some stuff out that night, but one day he'll tell you all of it when he's ready. Like I said, Jay loves to talk with you. Either in person, on the phone, texting, somehow he needs to know you are there. I feel like Jason hasn't been in a long term relationship, so he wants to spend as much time as possible with you/hearing you. He could die at any moment being Red Hood its a very dangerous job and you know that, every time he goes out he knows that as well and he dosent want the recent kiss to be the last. He texts or calls you sometimes during patrol. So he wants to make sure you are there for him and just there and alive period. Jay doesn't forgive himself easily, he can be grim sometimes, and he'll sometimes share those grim thoughts to you at night when everything is dark and you cant see his eyes watering. He feels comfortable and vulnerable at night beside you in bed where he can tell you whats been on his mind. No matter how bad it may seem to you, you will always stay and support and help as much as you can. Jason dosent believe in fate, but he knows that you two were always meant to be together. From the day he was put on this Earth and the day he was brung back onto this Earth he now knows this was the universe's doings. The universe knew Jason needed someone like you in his life and he is never letting you go any time soon. #jason todd reader#jason todd x reader#jason todd x you#jason todd#batboys x you#batboys x reader#red hood reader insert#red hood x reader#red hood headcanon#jason todd headcanon#batboys headcanons#dc x gender neutral reader#dc headcanon#jason todd imagine#jason todd fluff#jason todd angst#red hood fluff#hopefully this isnt ooc but I think this is him#this was mostly for me 🤭#jason todd x gender neutral reader 2K notes · View notes redhoodssweetheart · a year ago Text Star-Crossed Lovers Pairing: Jason Todd x Fem!Reader Requested: Yes @onfir3​ (Requests are open) Word Count: 2K Warnings: Swearing, enemies to lovers, alludes to a sexual relationship. Reader works for Black Mask, mentions of death, bullet wound mention. Angst. Description: Y/N works for the Black Mask and is trying to pay off a debt to him. Jason finds her on the rooftop one night when a deal is going down. From there things become complicated. A/N: I might do a part two to this. There was a gun pointed at his face. Although this was a normal Tuesday night for Jason. He would have considered it a slow night if someone didn’t try to kill him at least once. But there was something about the woman that had the gun pointed at him. Her face was a calm mask and she appeared almost bored by the situation which only intrigued Jason more. Who were you? “Why are you stalking my boss?” She spoke, her finger poised over the trigger, ready to squeeze if he made a single move toward her or Black Mask in the building below. “Well he’s a bad guy and I’m here to stop him before he sets more drugs out onto the streets of Gotham and into the hands of our youth,” Jason said. “But I think the more interesting question is what are you doing working for an asshole like Black Mask?” She narrowed her eyes, “That’s none of your concern, Red.” Jason merely shrugged, “Just trying to make polite conversation, but since you don’t seem to want to chit chat I’m going to have to go.” “Don’t move,” she said, her finger tightening on the trigger. “It’s cute that you think you can stop me,” he said and she could almost imagine a smirk on his face as he leapt into action and knocked the gun from her hand. The next thing she knew she was handcuffed to the side of the building and Jason said, “See you later, sweetheart.” Then he was gone. She let out a scream of frustration and quickly said into her comms, “Red Hood, is here. Protect the boss at all costs.” Then she grabbed the lock pick she had stashed on a necklace and scrambled for her gun. When she got down to the warehouse it was in chaos, but she found Black Mask and began escorting him from the building. “Sorry about this boss, he ambushed me.” He swore and got into the SUV, his drivers peeling away from the deal gone wrong. Months passed and Jason had a few more run-ins with Black Mask’s incredibly mysterious and sexy new bodyguard. He had learned that her name was Y/N and that she was repaying a debt to Black Mask. They had been enemies at first, he was prohibiting her from her duties and getting free. But now things had changed. He wasn’t sure when they had changed, but they had and he wasn’t sure he wanted to go back to how things had been before. He had been out on another mission. This time it had nothing to do with Black Mask, but Joker. That was still a sore spot for him, but he wanted to keep that maniac off the streets, and when Bruce had called he had answered. The night had not gone quite as expected and when Jason arrived back at his safe house he had gained few bruises, a handful of cuts, and at least one bullet wound. He had just taken off his helmet when someone materialized out of the shadows. At first, Jason had drawn his weapon, but when he heard her laugh he had lowered the gun. “Rough night, Red?” He grunted, “You have no idea, sweetheart.” She smirked and said, “Need me to kiss it and make it better?” That made him chuckle, but he winced in pain and dropped into a seat by the lone table he used for his meals. Y/N pulled out the first aid kit just as Jason began removing clothes. This was normal for them. Jason or she would come to the safehouse with wounds and they would dress them. Depending on the severity they might do a little more than that. Jason watched her work, the focus on her face, the way her eyes lingered on the bullet wound. She was going to save that one for last. “What’re you doing here, Y/N?” Her fingers paused and she said, “Needed to see you.” “Why?” Her gaze lifted to his, “Does it matter?” “No, but you’re usually working on Fridays,” he said. “He let me go earlier, he was getting some entertainment sent to him,” she said. “Thought I’d come see my favorite vigilante.” “Awww I’m your favorite,” he said with a smirk. “Don’t let it go to your head,” she said as she cleaned the bullet wound with some alcohol making him hiss. “I may decide to change my favorite to Nightwing.” “You wouldn’t,” he narrowed his eyes and she grinned up at him making his heart stutter in his chest. That had been a recent development. He wasn’t sure when it went from enemies to lover to him actually having feelings for her, but it had and he knew he was screwed. He shouldn’t feel this way about her, but there was a pull and he was tired of trying to deny it. Although he may never bring her attention to it. “Try me, Red,” she said. She stitched up the wound and backed away, “All good. If I told you to take it easy for a few days would you?” When he grinned at her she sighed and said, “Of course not.” “Come here,” he said, dragging her back to him and letting her settle onto his lap. “How much longer until you're free?” She was quiet, tracing his scars with one of her fingers, “Too long, Red.” “Let me help,” he whispered. “I can keep you safe.” “Sionis would never stop hunting me down,” she said looking up at him. She wished - not for the first time - that she could see the color of his eyes. She had wondered if they were brown or blue or possibly green. He never took off the domino mask when they were together, and she never blamed him. She was still the enemy. “It’s better this way.” “He’ll kill you if you fail him,” he said. “I don’t think I want to see that happen to you.” She knew that she was expendable to Black Mask. She was just someone that owed him a debt thanks to her ex. The only thing that had kept her from being on the streets working for him was the fact that she had trained in martial arts and knew her way around a gun. She was more valuable to him as a guard than she would be working the streets. This thing with Red Hood wasn’t supposed to have gone as far as it had. She could still remember the night it had changed. In the rain on that rough. Both of them with their guns drawn. They had started to fight and he matched her hit for hit, but he was holding back. He didn’t want to hurt her even though she was going in for the kill. In the chaos, she had gotten shot and Red Hood had brought her back there to the safe house and healed her. She should have told Black Mask. She knew where at least one of his safe houses were. She could shave some time off her sentence to him, but a part of her had wanted it kept secret. After that night things progressed and turned into something more. She stayed for a while after that, curled up beside Red Hood and when he had fallen asleep she slipped out of his bed and into the night. “Black Mask is planning something big,” Bruce told Jason and the others had they had come together for a meeting. “It’s going down tonight and we need to stop it. Intel says he’s planning on unleashing a new drug, one mixed with Scarecrow’s fear toxins. If this is unleashed on the city there’s no telling what kind of damage it will do.” They knew what they had to do and Jason went to find Y/N. She was positioned on the rough of the building as always. It was like she was waiting for him. “Red, I was wondering when you would show up.” “We have to stop him, Y/N,” Jason told her as he came closer. “I know,” she responded, her voice soft as she spoke. Gunfire started below and Jason wondered what she had planned for tonight. “I’m afraid this is where our story comes to a close, Red.” She couldn’t see it, but he was giving her a confused look, “What does that mean?” There was a mournful smile on her face, “You’ll see.” Then she kicked him, knocking him to the ground and handcuffing both hands to the railing so he couldn’t get away as quickly. She pressed a kiss to his mask and said, “I wish we had met in another life, Red. But unfortunately in this one we’re just star-crossed lovers.” “Y/N,” he sounded desperate as he fought to break free. “Y/N what are you planning on doing.” She didn’t respond as she leapt over the side of the building and down below. “I need backup, I’ve been caught.” “I’m on my way,” Dick said. Dick arrived and began picking the locks of the cuffs she had used on Jason. He had just gotten Jason free when the building exploded. Jason’s heart was immediately in his throat and he raced to the edge, “Y/N!” He screamed your name, but the warehouse was a fiery inferno. He dropped to his knees and Dick was beside him saying his name, but Jason couldn’t hear anything over the ringing in his ears. The bus station was crowded as Y/N stepped up to the counter, “One ticket to Metropolis please.” “One way or round trip?” The bored clerk asked. “One way,” she responded, shoving some cash through the hole in the window and taking the ticket when he gave it to her. She made her way toward the bus terminal occasionally looking over her shoulder, wondering if she was truly in the clear. When Black Mask or his goons didn’t come for her she relaxed some. She relaxed even more once she was on the bus out of the city, a few of her belongings and what little cash she had managed to save clutched in her hands. She was free. Jason sat in the Batcave, his legs stretched out before him fighting back the urge to cry. Dick came over and knelt beside his brother, “Who was she?” None of his family had known about him and Y/N and their little affair. Jason leaned his head back and said, “She worked for Black Mask. She was trying to repay a debt and somehow we became involved.” He closed his eyes and admitted the words he had kept buried, “I think I loved her, Dick.” Immediately Dick threw his arms around his brother, “I’m so sorry, Jay.” Jason held his brother tightly and a few minutes had passed when Bruce cleared his throat causing them both to look up. “They found the body of a female approximately Y/N’s age. They’re running tests now to see if it is her.” Jason had figured that it would take some time. “Let me know when they figure it out. I’ll be at the safehouse.” He got up and went over to his bike, he just wanted to be alone for a while. Entering the empty safehouse felt weird now. He was half expecting her to be there, waiting for him like she usually was. But then it hit him that she was probably dead and a new wave of sadness washed over him. He fell back against the bed and scrubbed his hands over his face. He just wanted the nightmare to be over. He wanted to wake up and find her stretched out beside him with that smirk on her face saying that he was cute when he was asleep. Letting out a pained shout he threw his mask against the wall. It didn’t make him feel better and for the rest of the night, he just lied there until he passed out. In the morning he woke to find a text from Bruce. B: Body wasn’t hers. She’s still out there. Jason stared at the message, feeling his heart pounding in his chest. It wasn’t her. It wasn’t fucking her. But that only left one question. Where the hell was Y/N? #Jason Todd x Reader#Jason Todd x Fem!Reader#Jason Todd x Reader angst#Jason Todd#Jason Todd fanfic#Jason Todd fanfiction#Jason Todd angst#Requested 233 notes · View notes

Burden / Jason Todd x Reader

Burden / Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Violence (a lil fluff but that’s not warning needed)

Word Count: 2,061

A/N: I’m back from the grave, sorry for the disappearance lads but I’m getting back into the swing of things, starting with some Jaybird, Probably gonna change the title but its 1am and I cannot think of anything else. Also not beta’d

Jason had been off recently. He was constantly on edge, being easily set off by the smallest of things. He was more brutal with the low life criminals and much more quick to pull the trigger. At first you had payed little attention to it, brushing it off as one of his usual tantrums or mood swings. Now you were sure it was something else. He had been particularly reckless in a mission Bruce had sent the pair of you on, getting not only himself nearly killed but you as well.

You had planned it all out, you would sneak in from the rafters of the Black Mask gang warehouse while Jason would infiltrate the lower levels. It was to be stealthy and safe for an arms deal was taking place and the members were fully equipped with their own weapons. They weren’t taking any chances, but then again when you had Batman patrolling the streets of Gotham no one wanted to take it easy. You debriefed him of the plan, usually he would make playful comment of mock critisim but on this occasion he was silent, you knew under that dumb red helmet he wasn’t listening, a vacant and cold expression most likely on his hadsome features.

This being said it still surprised you when he charged straight in, not even signalling he would do so to you. No contained rage in his fighting he just went ahead, in a violent and gory outburst. You were dazed for a moment before you realised if you didn’t intervene and help him out he was sure to get himself killed. Bullets were flying everywhere, ricocheting off from the metal pillars, you continuelsy doged and jumped out of harms way while shooting down the opposition with dummy bullets that Bruce ensured you were to use, Jason however was continusely shooting, your eyes caught him as he ran out and proceeded to chuck the empty cases at the gang members before using his fists to furiously beat one to a pulp. In any other situation the ammo throwing would have caused you to chuckle but with the immense danger he was placing himself in you didn’t. Instead you chose to head over to his aid. You pulled his shoulder harshley causing him to drop his hold on the thug and whip round to you.

The sight you were faced with was one you had never seen before. His helmet was cracked arond his left eye, exposing a small fraction of his face, his eye was an icy and cold blue, the pupil contracted with immense rage. His fist was raised and ready to hit but before he did his eye seemed to soften for a split second, recognising it was you. However, they returned to there prior state within a moment and he yanked away from your grip onl to fight another oncoming brute.

The moment left you dazed, slightly afraid but mostly confused and worried at his behaviour. You snapped quickly out of your state before continuing to fight.

The seconds passed as you fought, quickly disposing of the enimies. You glanced at Jason only to see him repeating the same violent beatdown. He threw down the beaten figure, heavy pants leaving his body, all his energy finally gone. You cautiously stepped towards him but from the corner of your eye you noticed one more gang member raising their gun to his hunched over figure, readying to shoot.

“Jason watch out!” you yelled, sprinting to him with all your force and knocking him down with you. As you fell the member shot, the bullet grazing your arm causing you to yelp in pain. Within a second Jason grabbed your gun and shot the guy down. When he was sure there was no one else he pushed you off him standing up and removing his helmet. Jaw clenching, brows furrowed and a dark look in his eyes. By God did he look pissed.

“The Hell do you think you’re doing? You could’ve gotten yourself killed!” He shouted while throwing the helmet to the floor.

Your look of shock and worry changed as he spoke, into one of anger. How dare he have a go at you for being reckless after the stunt he pulled, you were fuming. Holding on to your slight wound and ignoring the pain in your arm you rose from the heap he’d pushed you in. Pulling off your mask so you could look directly at him you spoke,

“What do I think I’m doing? I just saved you’re fucking life Todd.” You refrained from shouting at him knowing that if you’d let go it’d turn emotional, and you were too pissed off at him to cry.

“I had it under control.” He said through his teeth glaring harshly at you. You matched his look back, yet you could feel the tears beginning to well up

“Under Control? You call this under control! You just caused the mission to go tits-up, this is a fucking mess.” You raised your voice, his attitude only fueling your anger.

“I did what I had to and look it worked didn’t it! I would’ve been fine if you just stayed the fuck out of it! You’re such a fucking pain!” He looked directly in your eyes with this. You gasped words hitting you like a ton of bricks. As soon as they left his mouth his eyes softened, as if all the annoyance seeped away as he realised his words. You let the tears slip out, but no other sound escaped. He took a step fowards hand out to softly touch the hand which covered the wound, a small pained whisper of your name on his lips but you recoiled harshly. As he took one foward you took a step back. He spoke again, still softly but slightly louder

“(Y/N) that’s not what I meant-“ you interrupted, not wanting to hear whatever excuse he would come up with.

“Too late Jason, If that’s how you feel I should just leave.” Wiping your eyes quickly you turned around and grappled out. You heard him call your name and his footsteps echoed in the dark warehouse but you ignored him, running to make your way to your motorbike before he could follow. Once you reached the vehicle you decided it was best to go straight to your apartment, Jason would most likely assume you’d meet Bruce in the batcave and get patched up. You knew the wound wasn’t too bad and yu had a medical kit at home; it was nothing you couldn’t handle yourself. And so you left.

It had been a week since the last mission. You walked into your kitchen, hungry but not too keen to finish the left over take out you’d been living on. Maybe some ice cream? It felt like you were going through a rough break up. You and Jason were never anything exclusive but you couldn’t deny the feelings you had for him, you were hopeful he had reprecociated those feelings but now, well…now you’re pretty sure they’re one sided.

You had called Bruce shortly after bandaging your arm about the mission, leaving out the details of your argument with Jason; although he didn’t sound too pleased about his reckless attitude. As for Jason, you hadn’t heard a word from him. Although you suposed that was for the best at this moment, considering how things ened between you that night you weren’t the most excited to see him. Though you had found yourself missing his presence. Sure he was moody and sarcastic but he was sweet at the same time, and ever so chraming.

You sighed lazily petting your cat that sat on the kitchen island. The small feline gazed up at you nochalantly as you stroked their head. Your staring contest was cut short as your phone rang, snapping you out of it. You groaned in annoyance and after you gave the cat one last pat you made your way to the lounge grabbing the phone off the coffee table and dropping onto the sofa while answering.

“Hello?” You said, voice dripping with irritation. You were soon met with an all to familar voice, bringing a smile to your face.

“Dick, hey how are you?” One of the more agreeable bat boys and the oldest, Dick Grayson was a good friend of yours, never failing to make you smile with his (usually) cheerful nature. Today however he sounded exasperated and rather weary, changing your smile into a look of confusion.

“(Y/N) I can’t deal with it anymore, you’ve got to come to the manor.” He groaned out.

“What, why? What’s happened Dick?”, instead of answering he continued.

“Even Damien’s fed up with it, You’ve got to come and fix-“ getting slightly annoyed with his complaining you inturrupted him,

“For God’s sake Dick, what is it?” seemingly bringing him out of the trance he finally got to the point.

“It’s Jason, hes been a miserable ol’git ever since that mission last week, even more so than usual! He just mopes around looking all depressed without you about. It’s like he can’t actually function anymore. He’s lost without you!”

“I don’t know maybe he’s just tired-“

“Tired? Tired! The man’s obbsessed with you, you’re all he thinks of! I swear to god if I hear him mumble one more thing about how he’s messed up or how he misses your gorgeous eyes, I’ll kill him”, He spoke and you were silent, all one could hear was your shallow breaths. “Hello? (Y/N) are you still there?” You shook your head clearing your mind.

“I’ll be there soon”

“Oh thank god, you’re an saint.”

The heavy dark door was pulled open, you smiled expecting to see Alfred but you were instead met with a shorter lad.

“Finally, you’re here.” Damian stated, grabbing onto your wrist and leadng you into the mansion.

“Dami, you don’t have to pull me along. I’ve been here many times sweetie”. He simply hushed you and pulled more, guiding you up the grand staircase and to Jason’s room. Upon reaching he knocked loudly.

“Go away”,

The voice you heard was not what you expected, it was meak and strained, hoarse with sadness.

“Todd you have a guest.” Damian replied, a quiet “I don’t care” was Jason’s response. Damian rolled his eyes and opened the door, pushed you in and fled instantly.

Jason got up from the desk in his room turning around to yell at the young Robin

“Damian I said Go away- (Y/N)?” , he froze and you gentley walked towards him, taking in his appearance. Dark rings were heavy under his eyes, they seemed empty, as if there was no light left in them. His hair was a mess, clearly having had his hand run through it multiple times with stress. A stubble had built up across his face. clearly not his priority at the time. He looked pale and vunerable, you had never seen him like this, as you looked up at him there was no anger just pure worry and pity.

“(Y/N) I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything I said, I just, I was just so angry and scared when you got hurt, what if it had seriously injured you, I should’ve been looking after you, what if you died, I wouldn’t know what to do and-“ You hushed his rambling, placing a finger to his lips. After he had caled you spoke up, brushing a hand through the white and black hairs that had fallen over his eyes.

“I’m okay Jason, It’s okay, I can handle these things, you don’t have to protect me.” Hearing how he geniunelly felt made your heart warm.

“I know, but I should’ve listened to you, I shouldn’t have said the things I did, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” He looked as if he was going to cry at any moment so you acted on the spot, pulling him into a tight hug.

“I forgive you, okay? Everything is good, you can talk to me Jay always remeber that.”

His arms locked around you, pulling you impossibly closer.

“I love you” you mummured quietly into his chest. You couldn’t stop the smile that spead across your face when you heard his response mumbled back into your hair,

Not Here, Not Now – Jason Todd x Reader

I wanna cry, or die, or die crying. This one hurt me a lot while writing and I hope this will touch your hearts too! Luv ya’ll.

WORDS: 1180


Your head was too heated to think reasonably, or to think of anything at all. So you went out with a warm, oversized hoodie covering your body from the chilling city breeze. Your feet took you to wherever, you didn’t care. You just wanted to get out. You weren’t sure what time you’d have to come back, or if you’ll just walk until you the sky turns yellow and the sun greets you a warm welcome into a new day. You couldn’t wait until it does, you sighed, as you continued to take slow steps, not stopping at wherever. Your deep breaths did little to nothing to ease the 10 ton weight on your chest.

But you had to get away. You couldn’t face Jason, not when you were this frustrated. You sucked up all your pride and walked out the door before you could say anything that could permanently hurt him. As much as you thought you were right, you loved him more.

I love him, you kept saying to yourself over and over to the rhythm of your busy feet talking one step at a time. You constantly repeated it, afraid that the anger might soon mask that off and damage your emotions. It helped you, at least. It made you remember how much more painful it would be to lose him than to continuously argue. You love Jason, over and over as if you were trying to remember a term for a big test the next day.

But the hurt, the uncertainty of it all, and when he was so mad he threw a glass bottle on the ground, careful that it wouldn’t hit you. Jason never hurt you, even in his angriest. He never, ever, aimed his fist, a breakable item, or anything at you. It was always at the wall or the ground, but never at you.

You couldn’t leave your area. So you went to other direction, almost circling the perimeter of your neighborhood. You lived in one of the safer parts of the city. The apartment houses were modest, and the streets were almost perfectly clean. You loved how beautiful red maple trees were scattered, and how every time a breeze visited the leaves would dance around in the street. Jason worked so hard to put you here, safe and comfortable, and not like the shithole he grew up in. Your hands were buried deep inside your pockets as you counted your shortening breaths as you replayed your fight.

You threatened to leave him. He did the opposite of what you said and went after the Joker all by himself. As if the first time didn’t end up so badly. You remember saying that to him right at his face, and you remember the fear that suddenly struck the ends of his spine. He was more capable now, of course, but the fact that he practically did the same stupid thing he did that killed him scared you so much that you threatened to leave him if he did it again.

Right after you did, he went ballistic. His temper was never the best. But at that point you didn’t wanna say anything else that would hurt him even more, so you took your jacket and left the room.

You looked at your watch. You’ve been gone for almost an hour. He must have calmed down by now, you thought. You couldn’t help but imagine different scenarios of what would happen when you go back to your apartment.

He could be relieved that you were safe, perhaps, and run to your arms and pull you to a tight embrace. He could apologize for what he did and finally do as you said.

Or, you thought, you could go back to wrecked apartment with torn sheets, broken glass, and a missing boyfriend.

You were afraid you might do the wrong thing and drive him away. You could do something that would anger him more and do even more dangerous missions despite what you say. He could make his life as the Red Hood his only life, you imagined. He’d barely come home, and let you live the rest of your life in guilt if one day, history will repeat itself and he might not come back home at all.

A tear fell from your swollen eyelids. You wiped it off with your sleeve just as your phone rang.


You were hesitant, but pressed the green button and hoped for the best.

You heard heavy breathing and eventually, a faint, subtle whisper that you almost couldn’t hear. “(Name)?”


“Don’t leave me, I’m sorry about everything. Please come back,” you heard him cry. Your chest pained so badly you almost broke down on the sidewalk.

“I’m here, Jay,” you started, “I’m sorry I left. I-I didn’t wanna say anything else that would hurt you.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m just a few blocks away. I’m coming back to the apartment. I’m here baby…”

Then, just as you turned to a corner, you saw him.

Jason never looked so miserable, so visibly afraid of losing you that the sight tore your heart into pieces. He stood several feet away, but you were certain it was him. He had his red hoodie on covering his head. He had one hand holding his phone to his ear and the other in his pocket. He could be anyone, but at that moment, you were certain it was the heartbroken man you left just an hour ago.

“Jay…” the tears were flowing freely by now. You stopped walking, and so did he. You just stood there staring at each other, too dumbfounded to start speaking.

“I’ll start,” he said into the phone. “I’m sorry I didn’t listen and I understand where this is coming from.” You noticed he was getting closer, with small, slow steps with every other word he uttered. “I never mean to worry you, but you know I’d willingly give up being the Red Hood for you.”

“Jay, it’s never about me…” you whispered, “It’s about you and your own good. I don’t want to risk you being hurt every single night.”

“That’s why I’m telling you this. Just give me the word, and I’ll stop. I’ll listen to you for once. I love you.”

“Jay…” you choked back the tears, “I’m not gonna leave you. If this is because of what I said-“

“So what if it is. You’re right. I’m being too reckless and I’m risking my second chance at life,” he said. He was getting closer to you, about 15 feet away, but he still didn’t put down the phone. “And I can’t leave you. I’m lucky enough to be alive again, and I’m not gonna waste my time not being with you.”

“I’m not gonna die again, (Name),” said Jason, “Not here, not now, not when you’re in this earth.”

You couldn’t say anything when the tears just couldn’t stop flowing. You both put down your phones and he almost ran to you, crashing into a tight embrace so you couldn’t pull away.


Break (Jason Todd x Reader)

When you met Jason for the very first time you never thought for a second that you will fall so deeply in love and that your world will radically change. The first kiss, the first time you hold hands, the first hug. You remembered every detail of your love story with Jason, a story you’ll never forget. You learned so many things while being in this relationship and you never in a million years believed that one day you will end up needed someone like you need air.

Jason was your everything.

And you were his.

But as someone once said, a relationship only ends in three ways, none of them being particularly beautiful. Break-up, divorce or death. But the end doesn’t, how you live and enjoy the moments it does. You never thought about this until your relationship started to get cold and the arguments, the fights, the screams, began. You thought you had the most amazing and honest relationship with your handsome, smart, caring boyfriend…but you were wrong.

You didn’t even realized how it happened. It just did. It happened so slowly that neither you or Jason realized that you were getting tired of each other. Both of you needed time to figure things out but you felt like it wasn’t something you had to do together. It was the time for you and Jason to take a pause and think about what you feel and what you want to do.

Both of you came to the conclusion that it would be better to take a break. A day, a week, a month, none of you had any idea how much, but both of you knew you desperately needed to take a break from each other or you will end up breaking each other.

You missed him everyday. There was no time were Jason wasn’t in your head and it was heartbreaking. You hoped he will call because you haven’t heard from him in five weeks. You wanted to pick up your phone and call him so bad, just to hear his voice, just one time, but you couldn’t. He already ignored tens of your calls and you promised to give each other space and that is what you’re going to do. If he wants to talk to you, he knows where to find you.

It was suppose to be just a innocent night out with the girls to make you feel better, but you never thought it will end up like this. You woke up with some of your friends at your door holding bottles of alcohol in their hands with a huge smile on their faces.

“We came to cheer you up.”

You had one glass of wine, some shots of vodka and you had no idea how you ended up in a club. The music was too loud and it was annoying, but you danced anyway, trying to clear your mind and stop thinking about him.

It was so weird how when you had him you wanted space and now that he gives you space you want him so bad. You couldn’t understand.

You suddenly felt two strong hands on your hips and your heart jumped. You hoped it was Jason but you knew it wasn’t him. You couldn’t turn around, scared of the disappointment you will feel when you’ll see another face, not his.

He turned you around and kissed you and you just closed your eyes thinking it was Jason. God, how much you missed him. All the memories you had together, all that good time…You missed that. He didn’t kissed you the way Jason did, and he was in fact shorter that him. His lips weren’t as full as your boyfriend’s…or ex…but you imagined they were. The alcohol was helping a lot, you couldn’t even think straight.

“How about we get out of here?” He asked you and you could clearly see, even though you were completely drunk, what he wanted.

But you did it anyway.

You told him your address and you let him take you home. You thought “I’ll just tell him to go when I’ll get home. I’ll tell him I don’t feel alright.”

But you didn’t.

When he started to kiss you without leaving you to take a breath you didn’t said no. You actually opened the door and let him in. He took off your dress and didn’t hesitate a moment to throw you in the bed.

The bed you and Jason once shared.

This was wrong, terrible wrong. But you convinced yourself that he was Jason, even though your heart knew it wasn’t him. You just felt so lonely…All you wanted was him but it was shattering your heart in millions of pieces knowing that he doesn’t want you. Not anymore.

The next morning your head felt like it was about to explode.

“Wake up!” You pushed the man out of your bed. “You need to go.”

“God, what happened to you?” You could see that he was annoyed by your gestures, but you didn’t cared at all.

“Just get the fuck out, okay?”

“Fine, fine.”

He got up and started to put on his clothes. “Who’s Jason, by the way?”

“None of your business, just go.”

The world was spinning and you desperately needed something for your headache. Hardly, you managed to get up and put something on you. You had to hold on to the walls so you could get in the kitchen, you legs were like gelatin.

“I see you had quite a night.”

This can’t be real. “I must be dreaming.” No, you weren’t. Jason was standing there, in the kitchen, with a glass of juice in his hand. His hair was changed…He looked like he got out of prison. He didn’t had the beautiful black hair he used to have, it was like he was a totally different person. You could see that he was sad and disappointed, it was like the sky felt on you.

“Jason…What…When?” You had so many questions. You wanted to talk to him for weeks and now that he is finally here you didn’t know what to say.

“Does it matter? It’s not like you care. From what I see you moved on.” His words were like a knife to your heart. It wasn’t like that.

“I tried to reach you so many times. Why didn’t you pick up my calls?” You needed explanations. You wanted to know what happened to him, why was he like that.

“I needed a break. You needed a break. But I see that we didn’t have the same concepts when it comes to breaks…I just wanted to put my thoughts together and find myself. I didn’t thought you will find someone else.”

“Jason, I didn’t. I swear this wasn’t suppose to happen. I just…I missed you so much.” It was hard not to let the tears run down your face, impossible actually.

“You missed me so you fucked another guy? In our own fucking bed? Good job, [Y/N].”

“It was just this time…I swear! I missed you and I couldn’t find you. All I wanted was to hear your voice. All I wanted was to know if you are alright, if you are hurt, if…”

“I wasn’t hurt! But I am now…”

“Jason, please!”

“I’ll get my things and I’m out of here. I won’t bother you anymore.”

“Please, don’t leave me again.” You reached for his hand but he rejected you.

“[Y/N], let’s just leave the things the way they are. It’s not worth it. I can’t do this anymore.”

“You can’t do this anymore?! You? I couldn’t sleep at night because of you. You had no idea what impact you had on me when you left. I thought you’ll at least call but you didn’t even bothered to answer my calls. Don’t blame this on me! I’m not say I am innocent but it’s not entirely my fault!”

“Oh, [Y/N], stop with this bullshit! You’re acting like I pushed you in his arms. I would’ve never cheated on you but I see that that’s not mutual.”

“We took a break.”

“You’re right. You’re absolutely right, [Y/N]. I don’t even know why I care. I’ll just go. Someone is going to come after my things these days.”


You couldn’t handle it. Seeing him leaving again was just too much. You wanted to scream after him, to beg him to come back to you, but you couldn’t.

“Oh,you can keep this..” He handed you a small black box. “I bought it for you, you can keep it. I definitely don’t need it.”

He slammed the door behind him and it gave you goosebumps. You opened the small box which contained the most beautiful ring you ever saw. He wanted to propose to you.

Drunken Mistakes [Jason Todd x Reader]

Drunken Mistakes [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: I’m sorry but no fluff here. There’s been too much fluff lol

Warning: Angst, Swearing

(Part 2 – Changed [Criminal Minds Crossover])


Your friends and family always told you to leave him. That you were just a current attraction, that it would never last. How he had you wrapped around his finger and constantly walks all over you.

You never thought about it that way. You always thought it was being flexible. They don’t know his past the way you do. They don’t know that he’s out cleaning up Gotham’s streets every night. Yes, you often bend to his needs more than he does yours.

You’re the one who keeps the apartment clean, cooks dinner, does the laundry, goes grocery shopping, all while attending school and keeping a steady job. Jason would help you if he had the time right? But he doesn’t every day its a new mission with Bats or the Outlaws.

Basically Jason said ‘jump’ and you ask ‘how high?’ But you were used to it. You love him and would do anything for him. And he loves you. One thing you pride your relationship on is that he never even glances the way of another girl.

Well at least that’s what you thought and what his friend would tell you, though you never asked to be told.

Jason had been gone with the Outlaws for a four day mission, but was getting home a day late tonight. It was often the Outlaws would get hung up and ended up getting home later than supposed too. One of them always texted or called if that was the case.

You always stay up and wait for when he gets home from long missions.

Sitting on your couch you skimmed through a book waiting for him to walk through the door, and it didn’t take too long for that happen.

Hearing the noise of keys in the lock, you pulled the book from your face and glanced at the hallway. When the sound of the door opening reached your ears.

Setting the book aside when he came into view. “Welcome home Jay” standing to meet him halfway.

“Hey babe” He replied, but there was something off about his tone and demeanor. “What’s wrong?” asking, a confused expression making it’s way to your face.

He shifted uncomfortable, “[F/n] I did something, something bad” not meeting your eyes. Tilting your head to meet his eyes, asking “What? You can tell me”

“I-I got really drunk last night. Roy, Kori, and I all went out to celebrate the success and we all got super drunk and I honestly didn’t mean of any of this to happen it was all a mistake” his eyes bore into yours with regret.

He’s not going to say what you think he’s going to say is he?

“Jay you’re scaring me” taking a small step back.

“I’m so sorry [F/n], I cheated on you” you could feel your breath stop as tears came to your eyes. “What?”

“It was all a mistake, I didn’t want any of it to happen. It meant nothing to me, I barley even remember last night” not realizing that those words made it worse.

“Obviously it meant something if it’s one of the few things you remember!” yelling through your tears.

“NO! That’s not what I meant” He said before you turned your back. Not able to look at him. Arms crossed over your stomach as tears streamed down your cheeks.

He reached out, when his fingers barley grazed your skin you turned and stepped away from him. “Don’t touch me!” growling shortly. Your tone was a mixture of sadness, anger, confusion, and most importantly betrayal.

“God I was so fucking stupid! I should’ve listened to them, my friends, my family. They were so damn right! What even am I Jason? Other than your goddamn door mat!” screaming at him. You’d never yelled at him like this before.

“You’re not my doormat! I love you [F/n]! You’re the love of my life!” he yelled back. Desperation filling his expression, tone, his whole being completely.

“Then why do I feel so unloved huh? Why do I feel like I’m just something you come back too? Like I’m some goddamn collectable!” You had no idea you felt like this until the words were spilling out of your mouth. He’s been using you this whole time, how can you trust what he’s saying now?

When he didn’t answer, you just shook your head. A scoff escaping your lips, “I’m fucking done” turning your back to get a jacket from the coat rack.

“[F/n] please” he tried to stop you. “I can’t loose you, it won’t ever happen again”

“Well I can’t fucking take this anymore Jason! It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I can’t come back to a empty apartment for the rest of my life. I’m so–” You stopped realizing something, “No, I’m not sorry. I have nothing to be sorry for” Turning your back to him for the last time and putting a hand on the door knob.

“Goodbye Jason, I hope your fling was worth it” Opening the door before stepping out. Not having noticed his attempt to stop the door before you slammed it shut. You stayed leaning against the door, finally letting out a strained sob while covering your mouth.

Jason was leaning on the door by his forearms. His head hanging between his arms. Tears stinging at his own eyes. ‘How could I be so stupid? I’m such a fucking idiot’ he thought before pushing himself up.

Turning around, in a moment of rage he punched a whole straight through the wall. Before finally breaking down.

How could he hurt you like that?


**I might do a part two, but who knows at this point in life. (If anyone wants to see that send me a request or message or some sort of communication thing lol)

***I have one more open spot in my requests if anyone is interested 😉

Straight Outta The Library — “Don’t go where I can’t follow” with Jason Todd…

“Don’t go where I can’t follow” with Jason Todd and fem!reader? I’ve been on a JT kick lately and your writing is giving me so many emotions – Nik


“Don’t go where I can’t follow.”


She could tell Jason was itching to voice his opinions about her departure into another realm. Still though, she paid him no mind lest he somehow change hers about going. The sickness Bruce had come down with was something straight out of her realm, not this one—she was the one responsible for tracking down the cure, or at least the potions that would extend his time.

“I’ll be back before you know it,” she said, tightening the straps of her vambraces. “Pretend I’m on a business trip.”

Jason huffed humorlessly. “A business trip into a demonic realm where you’re not entirely liked by the things that live there.”

She snorted. “Perks of being a demon hunter, dear.” Her eyes found his and she reached out, placing her hands on his shoulders. “I’m going to come back to you. You know that, don’t you?”

Just like that, his mask melted away, the epitome of worry and fear etched onto his face; he grasped her waist and begged, “Please don’t go where I can’t follow you, baby.”

“I promise,” she affirmed, kissing him with all the love she could muster. “I’ll come back.”

“You have too,” he whispered. “I need you.”

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