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Yes, its true and was embarrassing.
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Jerking Off With My Friends at

Everyone in the veo had lost their clothes, and the woman was giving one man, and then the other a blowjob while they were fondling her tits.

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Another friend and I starting in the summer between 6th/7th grades d the same to start with then started jacking each other off. I had 2 separate friends …

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My Dad Caught Me Masterbating With My Friend
My Dad Caught Me Masterbating With My Friend

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  • Author: Jake Orion
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  • Date Published: 2017. 2. 8.
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Jerking Off With My Friends at

I don’t know if this is the kind of thing you want to write about, but here’s a little story you might like. It’s totally true, as I’m sure you’ll figure out. I mean, who could make this stuff up, and why would they? I’m a little embarrassed to tell it, but, well, not really.

So, my friends John, Brian, and I were hanging out at John’s house, which we often did. His parents were seldom home, so we could do anything. We had been high school buddies, and now we were in junior college. By the way, we all did well, went on to various universities, and now are professionals with our own families and so on.

Even though his parents were seldom there, we never did anything that you’d call bad at his house. Oh, we snuck a bottle of Jack Daniels once and sampled it. We didn’t even get drunk, as I recall. We were good kids. Anyway.

This one time, Brian pulled a video out of his backpack. It was in the days of VHS tapes. Remember those? Kids these days don’t even know what “rewind” means. So, we figured it would be a basketball game or something. He announced it was a porn video. Brian and I immediately sat up straight. A porn video? Really? Oh, we were instantly excited.

Brian made a production out of putting it in the VCR. First he asked whether we really wanted to see it. Then he said it was probably too severe for us – it would bend our minds. Finally, John and I jumped on him, wrestled it out of his hands, and put it in the player.

A moment of snow on the screen, then opening credits. And then three people, two men and a woman, getting together in someone’s living room. Not very exciting so far, but of course we knew it would get better. There was rapt attention in the room. No of us said a word. More of the three people, in their clothes, pouring drinks and so on. We couldn’t stand it. Finally Brian grabbed the remote and fast-forwarded to where they’re playing strip poker, and starting to lose clothing.

Kind of knowing what was coming, I started to bone up, hoping Brian and John weren’t noticing. I didn’t think to do so at the time, but if I had looked at their pants, I probably would have noticed them being in the same state.

Finally, the tape started getting good. Very good! Everyone in the video had lost their clothes, and the woman was giving one man, and then the other a blowjob while they were fondling her tits. I think you can imagine where the video went from there, but this story isn’t about that.

So by now, all three of us were suffering severely from boneritis, and not saying a word to the others.

I kept thinking I should do something to break the ice. I had often fantacised about seeing my two friends naked, and when I let my imagination run really wild, like when I was wanking in bed at night, I could imagine wanking with John and Brian.

But nothing was happening. Oh, the video was exciting, but I wanted something more. And I believe they did also. But no one was doing anything about it. What should I do? What should I say? If I didn’t act fast, the video would come to an end, and this would have been a missed opportunity. But I didn’t want to sound ‘gay’. Back in the day, that was a big deal, believe it or not. We’d go to great lengths to act ‘right,’ the way a man was supposed to. Geez!

So, geting up my courage, and hoping my voice didn’t sound strange – you know, high-pitched, or shaky or something, I finally said, “Boy, that video really gets me going. If you guys weren’t here, I’d probably jerk off or something.”

‘Oh, oh,’ I was thinking, I just admitted jerking off to my friends. Error!

But no, they both said “me too,” almost in unison.

It was John who started to launch into exactly what I would have done, had I been more brave. He said something like, “Hey we all do it, right? Might as well admit it. Why, if you two weren’t such prude ladies, I’d go ahead and wank right here, right now, in front of you.”

“Why don’t you just go right ahead then? it won’t bother us.” Brian answered.

John shot back, “Not unless you do it too. I’m not going to be alone doing something so weird.”

And that kind of dampened the conversation. He said “weird” and that’s the word that scared us to death in those days. No one wanted to be ‘weird.’

I knew it was up to me to rescue the situation. “Dudes, I liked how they played strip poker in the video. Would it be too weird if we did the same thing?”

Oops, I didn’t mean to use the word “weird.” It just slipped out. That had the exact wrong effect. Or so I thought.

John said, “Not weird at all. We’re all horny. We all know we’ll go home and jerk off. We might as well do it here, and get it over with.”

We mumbled our agreement, and John, being the brave one, started to pull down his shorts. Hesitantly, Brian and I did the same thing. Next thing you know, we’re all sitting side by side on John’s sofa, with our erections sticking up. No strip poker needed. You can probably picture it: Three skinny 19-year-olds, still without hair on their chests, sitting there, not knowing quite whether it is OK to actually wank in front of each other or not. In fact, we were even afraid to actually look at each other’s dicks.

We started by lightly touching ourselves. No one said anythnig. After a few minutes we started lightly stroking ourselves. The video ended, but we didn’t really care. We were now starting to get into it. We spread out on the couch a bit so we could open our legs wider and not bump our knees into each other. Somehow, I guess we all thought that would be ‘gay.’

Brian came first, while John yelled at him to be careful not to get jizz on the sofa. I wanted the situation to last longer, but then I came, and now staring fully at my dick, John then squirted also.

We quickly pulled up our shorts, and all kind of mumbling, admitted that what we just did was “OK,” “Yeah, it was nice,” and so on.

We did have several more wank sessions after that. We pretty much followed the same format, but we added in the strip poker effect. We really seemed to enjoy playing that until one person was totally naked. The next rounds were about the loser being told to do something. It was usually things like “stroke with your left hand,” or “see if you can suck your own dick (which none of us could do),” or “try not to cum for five whole minutes,” which none of us could do.

In time, the dares became much more severe, and we actually did them. Like, “Jerk off Patrick” (me), Put a finger in John’s ass,” or “Blow Brian.”

Every now and then the three of us get together over a few beers, and we’ll occasionally talk about those years, but we have never recreated old times. We may someday, but it’s just too complicated with our wives and kids and all to think of.

I have two teenage sons. They are popular. I wonder if they’ve had the opportunity to play like Brian, John and I have. I hope so.

Erotic adult sex stories

When I was a young man, I was addicted to masturbating. I mean, addiction may not be a strong enough word. I would masturbate 4-5 times a day on average and I could have done it more if not for all the sports I was involved in. I would jerk off first thing every morning after waking up, 1-2 more times at school, once more when I got home and then a final time when I took my shower at night.

Along with my addiction to beating off, I also quickly took a liking to jerking off in risky situations where the risk of getting caught was high. The first time I did it was in the 8th grade. I would get a ride to school every day from my neighbor’s mom. She had a big late 80’s Cadillac and I would always sit in the back by myself. While driving to school that day I got a boner for no reason (only guys can understand that) and I started to panic that it wasn’t going to go away before we got there.

I quickly grabbed my backpack and set up a barrier between my crotch and my neighbor’s mom just in case she turned around. I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out and began to quickly tug on it. I had been masturbating for about a year now and I was good at it and quick. Within less than a minute I shot my load all over the back of the passenger seat. I took a piece of paper out of my backpack and as quietly as I could I wiped my cum off the seat and then rolled up the paper and threw it in my backpack. We pulled up to the school a few minutes later and I remember being so turned on by it that I headed straight to the bathroom and I jerked off again before my first class and that was the beginning of my voyeurism fetish.

This continued on the next couple of years as I became more and more adventurous with my masturbation. I would jerk off in bathroom stalls when my mom took me shopping and I would leave the stall unlocked so that people would walk in on me. Now that I look back it probably wasn’t the safest thing to do but I wasn’t thinking about the danger back then just the thrill.

One night during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school I stayed over at my buddy’s house for almost an entire week straight. We lived just a couple blocks apart so I would frequently run back home to change and then go back to his house. We spent most of our days outdoors playing various sports and then came home at night and played video games until his parents went to sl**p then we would watch the cheesy porn shows on their cable black box. We would always get boners and we both always ended up excusing ourselves from the room at different times to “use the restroom”. I think we both knew what the other was doing but we never really mentioned it.

One particular night during my week long stay we watched the porn as always and my friend excused himself from the room. I couldn’t wait for my turn so I decided I would jerk off in his room while he was jerking off in the bathroom. I quickly pulled my dick out of my boxers, spit in my hand and began to beat my cock with fervor. I had my attention split between the porn on the TV and listening for the bathroom door to open in the hallway.

I had already jerked off about 5 times that day so this one was taking a little longer. I was starting to get close so I leaned back against the bed and closed my eyes. I was nearing the end but still intently listening for the door. Within a matter of seconds I was blowing my load all over the carpet in front of me. I continued to stroke until all the cum was out and then I let go of my cock and just sat there relaxing as I went limp.

A few more seconds passed and I opened my eyes and to my horror my friend was standing there in the doorway looking at me like he had just seen a ghost. I quickly scrambled for a pillow and put it over my lap and let out a “What the fuck Jason! How long have you been there?” He said he just walked up but I could tell from the look on his face he watched more than he was letting on. I was completely embarrassed and he just walked in his room and jumped on his bed and turned the channel. After a few very awkward and silent minutes he turned the TV off and said good night.

In the dark I sought out the cum drops I spread all over the carpet and rubbed them into it as to not leave any hard spots. Once convinced I found them all I laid down. I was so embarrassed at being caught but at the same time I was extremely turned on. We would see what tomorrow would bring.

He woke up first that next morning and then when breakfast was ready he woke me up. We had a normal day and we both acted like nothing had happened. We did our usual routine of playing outside with our friends all day and then back home at night for video games. Once his parents went to bed that night again as usual he flipped on the black box and we began watching porn. We watched for about half an hour when I finally had reached that time so I got up to go to the bathroom and I turned towards my buddy and he was on his bed and had his hand down his pants rubbing himself.

I acted like I had just got up to stretch so I turned and raised my hands in the air and gave him a profile view of the tent I was pitching. I did a couple of torso twists then I quickly sat back down. I sat Indian style with my back against the bed and I pulled my cock out from my boxers. Trying to be inconspicuous I slowly began to stoke my cock with my friend sitting behind me on the bed rubbing his.

I was getting really turned on by the excitement of it all but I was not getting close to cumming as I wasn’t able to stroke myself fast enough. A few more minutes passed and I could feel my buddy move on the bed. I quickly tucked my cock away as best as could and then my buddy’s legs appeared next to me hanging over the edge of the bed. At first I thought he was getting up off the bed but he stayed in that position. I took a glance to my right and my buddy has his cock out and was just beating away as if I wasn’t there. I took this as a cue that he was comfortable with all of this so I untucked my cock and began stroking it again.

Once we were both jerking off we didn’t last that long. I could hear my buddy breathing deep and then within seconds some light grunts and he shot his load all over the carpet next to me. I soon followed and I shot my load all over my lap and legs. We sat there silently for a few seconds and then my buddy got up and grabbed a towel from his hamper and wiped the carpet then handed it to me and I cleaned myself off and threw it back in the hamper. He turned off the TV and we went to bed.

That next morning we woke up and again it was business as usual. However just before noon the weather took a turn for the worse and it began to rain so we headed back to his house. It was the middle of the day and both his parents were at work so we stayed downstairs and watched TV. After watching a rerun of Sanford and Sons my buddy said that he would be right back and he ran upstairs. About a minute later he returned with something in his hand. He held it up and shook a VHS tape in his hand and said “Wanna watch?” I asked what it was and he said it was the “good stuff”. I knew what that meant so I said eagerly shook my head yes.

He threw tape in the player and came and sat next to me on the couch. He sat so close to me that our arms were touching. The video started to play and it was a real hardcore porn tape. Not that fake soft core shit they play on the cable channels. Within seconds we both were sitting there with raging hard ons from all the action. We both sat there not reacting and for the first time I got a good look in daylight at how big of a bulge my buddy’s cock was making in his shorts. I was getting so horny and I couldn’t take it any longer so I unbuttoned my shorts and then zipped down the fly. I pulled the band of my boxers down a little bit and then pulled my cock out. There I was sitting arm and arm with my best friend and my rock hard erection was within inches of him. I spit in my hand and then took hold of my cock and began to stroke it.

As I started jerking, my buddy followed suit and pulled his gym shorts down and unleashed his huge cock. It wasn’t the biggest cock in the world but for a 14 year old it was massive. He was also uncircumcised which was something I had never seen in person. The other thing I noticed was that he had massive balls. He began stroking as well and we were both masturbating side by side.

This lasted for a couple of minutes and then my buddy said that he was going to cum. He leaned forward and scooted to the edge of the couch and to my surprise began unleashing rope after rope of thick white cum all over the coffee table. I remember saying “Holy shot that’s a lot of cum!” and he turned towards me with a big smile as if he was proud of it (and well he should be). I followed suit just seconds later and did as he did by scooting to the edge of the couch. I began to cum all over his cum already on the table. I didn’t put out nearly as much as he did but it was respectable in my own right.

He both plopped back on the couch and laid back admiring our work. Both with our cocks out still and wet from our cum. My buddy got out and went to the kitchen and came back with some paper towels. I took them and began to clean up. The table had these grooves in it and it was a bitch to clean up. It took a good 5 minutes to clean the table of all our cum. I handed them the dirty paper towels and he took them back to the kitchen and threw them away.

He came back and sat on the couch next to me (both our cocks still out) and he asked what we should do now. My eyes were glued to the screen as the girl in the movie was getting double penetrated by two big cocks and I couldn’t turn away. I asked my buddy how many times a day he jacks off and he said 2-3. I nodded approval and he asked me the same question. I lied and said the same thing as I didn’t want him to think I was some weirdo or something.

We sat there watching the porn and within a couple of minutes I was starting to get hard again. He looked over and was shocked. I saw him looking at my now half erect cock and I told him “I bet you $5 I can cum again before you do.” He sat there for a second thinking about it and then said “You’re on!” He stood no chance.

Before he was even fully erect again I was already reaching for the paper cup sitting on the coffee table and I blew my second load in 15 minutes into the cup. When I finished my buddy exclaimed “I’m impressed” and that he couldn’t cum that close together. I said “I’m a pro” and lifted my glass as you would during a toast and I downed my cum. His jaw dropped. With this surprised look on his face he said “You eat your own cum!?’ I asked him “You don’t?” He was just kind of stumped. I told him it’s easier than cleaning up and he kind of had that look like he never thought of it that way. I wasn’t about to tell him that I also thought it was kinkier than hell to do that as well.

He gave up jerking his cock and we both put our cocks back in out shorts and sat there on the couch watching TV. I told him that he owes me $5 and he said that he would buy me lunch. We ended up walking to McDonald’s when the rain stopped and the rest of the day went as usual.

Night time came again and we retreated to his room to play video games. Again, as was the routine, as soon as his parents’ lights went out he turned on the black box and the porn. This time he sat on the edge of the bed immediately. This time I dropped my pants down to my ankles and sat right next to him on the bed. We both had our cocks out before we were even hard and we jerked ourselves erect.

This time I didn’t care about the porn. I laid back on his bed and had my cock pointing straight at the ceiling and continued to jerk off. My buddy like my idea and he too laid back as I did and jerked off that way. In no time at all I was ready to cum and I pulled my shirt up to my neck and shot my load all over my stomach and chest. My buddy was watching me as I sat up and scooped up all my cum off of me and ate it. Once I had finished that I tuned on my side and watched my buddy jack off. Watching him stroke his big cock was getting me super excited and I decided to take a chance.

I reached over and began to play with his balls. He stopped jerking off and pulled his hand away and I immediately pulled mine away. I apologized and said I got caught up. He told me not to worry and he wasn’t mad and was just startled. He said it even felt good. I took his cock back in his hand and began stroking again. I looked at him and he gave a little nod of approval and I reached over and began playing with his balls again. It was almost a two hand job but I managed with just one.

I then decided to take it the next step and I took his cock in my hand. He pulled his hand away but this time I did not react. For the first time ever I had another man’s cock in my hand. It felt awkward to stroke it since it felt completely different than mine and the angles were weird but I managed. I finally found somewhat of a groove and I began to get a good rhythm stroking his cock. I could tell that he was enjoying it as his hips starting to move in rhythm with my hand.

He couldn’t last at all and I could feel the familiar jolt of a cock about to cum in my hand so I pointed his cock straight up and he began to shoot thick gobs of cum 2-3 inches up in the air and then come crashing down back on the head of his cock. As I continued to stroke him it started to spread the cum all over his dick and it was now acting as a lubricant. I began to squeeze tighter as he was finishing cumming and I pulled back his foreskin and wiped it clean with my thumb. He looked up at me with a look of pure enjoyment and I asked him if he would be weirded out if I tasted his cum. He hesitated for a second and then said “Be my guest.” I stuck out my tongue and touched it to the thick cum that was on my hand and then pulled it back into my mouth. It was a little more bitter than mine but much thicker with its own distinct taste. It didn’t taste bad so I began to lick the rest of it off my hand and ate it. He then grabbed a towel from his hamper and cleaned off his cock. I stood up, pulled my boxers back up and laid down on the ground. He turned the TV off and the night was over.

That next morning we woke up and it was already raining again. By the time we woke up both his parents were gone and there was a note on the table saying breakfast was in the oven. We ate and then laid on the couch. The rain subsided later that morning and the sun came out in full f***e. We called a couple of friends up but everyone was either already doing something else or not in the mood to play anything. So we decided to just spend the afternoon in his backyard playing in the pool.

My buddy asked if I needed to run home and get my trunks and I told him not to worry. He ran upstairs and got his trunks and when he came back down I was already in the backyard. He came out onto the patio and I was just standing there completely naked. I turned around, ran towards the pool and yelled “Cannonball!” as I jumped in. When I had resurfaced I could see that he was in the process of removing the trunks he just put on and followed my cannonball with a cherry bomb.

We spent the next 30 minutes or so playing various stupid little games that we have made up over the years. After I defeated him in a game of pool basketball he yelled for a break and he got out of the pool and ran back inside the house. He came back out a minute or so later with a couple of glasses of water. He walked up to the edge of the pool and reached down and handed me my drink. He then sat on the edge of the pool right in front of me. I don’t know if it was by accident or by design but my face was just a few inches away from his cock.

At first I tried to act like I didn’t notice but it was too hard to hide my curiosity. I sat there staring at it as if it was an inspection. Forgetting that I was staring at it I looked up and he was just looking down at me with a big shit eating grin on his face. By now I was beginning to play with my cock under the water. I leaned over and put my cup on the pools edge and I scooted closer to him. By now he was starting to get hard so I took his cock in my hand and began to stroke him. He put his cup down and put his arms back behind him and leaned against them.

Now that I was in a better position to play with his cock I continued to stroke him with my right hand and began to play with and squeeze his balls with my left. Every time I squeezed he would throw his head back in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I was starting to get the urge to take this to the next level so I took the opportunity when it presented itself. I gave his balls a good squeeze and when he sent his head back I leaned forward and gave the head of his cock a lick. He immediately whipped his head back and looked down at me unsure of what just happened. I acted like everything was normal.

This time I gave him a squeeze again but this time I took the head of his cock into his mouth. I could feel that his head whipped back in place again but this time I did not stop. All I could hear him say was “Wow” and I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth. I did not know what to do as my only experience with this was what I’ve seen in pornos. So I began to bob up and down on his cock. I could only get about 3-4 inches of him in my mouth but it didn’t matter to him. No more than 30 seconds after I put his cock in my mouth he told me he was going to cum and so I pulled his cock out and began jerking him off.

Within seconds he began to spasm a little and he began shooting his cum onto my face. I figured it was the right thing to do since it was what they did in pornos so I opened my mouth wide and tried to aim as many of the shot into my mouth. Only a couple got in my mouth while the rest ended up on my face or in the pool. When he had finished I took the head of his cock back into my mouth and pulled his foreskin back and cleaned everything up with my tongue. Once I was done I swallowed all the cum I had collected in my mouth as he just sat there and watched me in amazement.

We sat there silent for a few seconds and then I asked him if that was his first blowjob. He said that it was and then he apologized for cumming so quick. I just laughed and said it was ok. He then asked if that was the first time I had ever given one and I said yes too. He then asked if I was gay and I told him I didn’t think so, and that I was attracted to women. I said that I was probably bi-sexual. He let out a little chuckle and said that he can’t believe that his first ever blowjob was from his best friend.

Over the next handful of weeks we spent practically every day together. I gave him on average 2-3 blowjobs a day when we hung out. The more and we did this the better I became at giving head and the longer he could last. We also kept working towards me being able to deepthroat his cock. It was a slow process but every day I could get a little more down my throat and eventually my gag reflex began to subside as I learned how to control it.

Our breakthrough happened a couple weeks after the first blowjob when we watched a porn where the girl laid on the edge of the bed with her head hanging off and tilted back as far as possible. The guy then had a straight line from her mouth to her throat and he basically had sex with her face and was going all the way in and the girl had no problems. As we were watching this happen we both looked at eachother like a revelation came to us at the same time.

My buddy asked if I wanted to try that and I gladly said yes. We were at my house this time and my parents and s****r were home but they were all doing their own thing. I got up, quietly locked the door and stripped my clothes off. Jason followed suit and he too stripped down and revealed his semi-erect cock. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him towards me and took his cock into my mouth. I played with the head a little and massaged his balls until he was hard as a rock.

I pushed myself back onto the bed and swung my legs around so that they were at the head of the bed. I then laid back until I was flat on my back. I wasn’t quite in the perfect position so I moved a couple inches towards the foot of the bed. I titled my head back and the edge of the bed went perfectly into the crook of my neck. I looked up at Jason and said I was ready and opened my mouth wide. He placed the head of cock in my mouth and I wrapped my lips around it. I gave him a little nod and he slowly began to inch his cock into my mouth. To my surprise, he was able to slowly slide his cock all the way into my throat without any real resistance.

Once he was all the way in he just held it there for a few seconds almost as if he was savoring the moment. I couldn’t see anything as his huge balls were covering my eyes. He slowly pulled out about halfway and then slowly pushed all the way back in. He did this for about a minute or so and then I pushed him back a little so that I could talk.

He asked if everything was ok and I said it was good and that he could go faster if he wanted. He reinserted his cock and went back to slowly sliding in and out but within a few seconds he began to pick up the pace. Every he would go a little faster he would ask if I was ok and I would give him the thumbs up. After a few minutes he reached a fairly swift pace and he was officially fucking my throat. Without his asking I gave him the thumbs up again and he asked “Faster?” I held my thumb up again and he increased the pace of his thrusts.

By now the sound of his balls slapping against my face was starting to get a little loud so I felt around for the remote control on the bed and was able to grab it and turn the sound up on the TV to mask it. When I did this Jason leaned forward and put his arms on either side of me to hold himself up and began to really pump his cock in and out of my throat. I increased the volume a little more as I was beginning to make sounds with my throat on every deep thrust and the slapping was getting louder as well.

He was fucking my face so hard that it was driving my head into the side of the bed and causing the bed to creak and hit the wall.

Within about 30 seconds of hard face fucking Jason gripped the sheets on the bed and I could feel his cock start to quake. He pulled out and was going shoot it on my face but I reached out and grabbed his cock and took the head into my mouth and began jerking his cock until he exploded in my mouth. I did not break the seal that my lips had around the head of his cock and I took every thick rope of his cum in my mouth. While this was happening I began to cum all over my chest and I hadn’t even been stroking myself. I was so excited and turned on by what was taking place that I came hands free.

I finally felt in my mouth that he was no longer cumming and I opened my mouth to show him his work and then I swallowed the entire load. Once I had swallowed it all I took his cock back into my mouth and he stuck his cock all the way back down my throat and kept it there until I was out of breath. His cock went limp and I released it from my mouth. He leaned forward and began scooping up all my cum from my stomach and chest with his hand and fed it to me as well. We got dressed and we went to sl**p.

This carried on the entire summer that year. We began to get more and more adventurous. We even attempted anal at one point but he couldn’t even get the tip of his cock into my ass so we gave up on that and just stuck to me giving blowjobs. We began to seek out situations where I would give him head in a public setting as we were both into the rush you get when doing that. I gave him multiple blowjobs at the movies. I gave him head on a public bus when we were the only ones on it. The bus driver saw us but said nothing. We live near the mountains so we would go biking and pull off the path and I would give him head within view of the trail. Most of the time people would just give us a disgusted look and move along, on occasion the guys would stop and jack off while watching us.

Once the school year started back up we didn’t do it as much due to being at school all day. However from time to time we would meet up in the bathroom and I would give him head in the stall. One time we almost got caught as he made a noise as he came in my mouth. It was a teacher and he yelled out “Who’s in here?” Jason yelled out it was him. The teacher asked what was going on and he said his stomach was hurting. Satisfied with the response the teacher entered one of the other stalls and Jason and I quickly made our exit.

Once Jason got his license our favorite thing was road head. We would even drive to fast food joints a couple of cities away and we used love seeing the reactions of the people at the drive thru window as he pulled up with my head in his lap bobbing up and down. Most of the time people would just laugh. No one ever really got mad. We would go to restaurants and I would jerk him off under the table. This one night we went out to eat at a sit down restaurant and we sat on opposite side of the booth. Throughout the meal I was rubbing his cock with my foot under the table. Towards the end of the meal we both ordered dessert. He got cheesecake and I got a scoop of chocolate ice cream. As we were waiting for our dessert I was able to get him arm with my foot. I was wearing flip flops that night and I had my bare foot up the leg of his shorts and was skin on skin with his cock.

Jason at this point put his arm under the table and began to jack himself off. A minute or so later the waitress showed up with our desserts. Jason kept jacking himself under the table as she set down the desserts and asked if there was anything I needed. We said we were good and she left. Just as she left he grabbed my ice cream and put it under the table. After about 30 seconds I could see that familiar look he got on his face and I knew what was going on. Another 15-20 seconds passed and Jason brought the ice cream back up and sat it on the table. As clear as day, my chocolate ice cream was almost completely covered in his thick white cum. It looked as though he poured marshmallow sauce all over the top.

I began eating the ice cream and surprisingly enough it was actually a good compliment to the chocolate ice cream. The salty and slightly bitter taste of his warm cum mixed well with the cold sweet flavor of the ice cream. By now I had my hand under the table and had pulled my cock out of my shorts and was jacking myself off while eating the ice cream. About half way through the scoop I was about to cum so I grabbed the empty glass that my soda was in and came into it. Once I was done I placed it back on the table next to my ice cream.

When the waitress came back to drop off the check she started to take away some of our dirty dishes. She grabbed the glass with my cum in it and asked if I was finished. I held out my hand asking for the cup and said “One second.” I tilted my head back and lifted the glass. It was a clear glass and you could see the cum slowly pour down the inside of the glass unlike any liquid they sold. As it reached the edge of the glass it began to pour into my mouth and only a complete idiot would not have known what it was. As I was doing this I could see her do a double take looking at my ice cream. By now she knew what was going on. She didn’t know what to do at first. I finished drinking my cum and I handed her back the glass. She took it and quickly walked away. Jason and I both let out a laugh. We paid the bill and left her a hefty tip.

We had many adventures like that but none as blatant as that was. By the end of high school it was becoming a more rare occurrence for us as I was getting ready for college and he was working getting ready to be next in line at his dad’s cement business. The last time we had an encounter was the day I went off to college. He drove up with me to drop me off. I gave him 3 blowjobs that day and the last one occurred in my dorm room after he helped me get settled in. That was the last time I ever gave my best friend head. We are still best friends to this day but he is married with a wife and k**s and I’m still as kinky as ever!

Jerking Off With Friends Before College (Pt 2)

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Submitted by Dawson


Hey guys! Thank you so much for the positive feedback about my first story!

So after the initial jerk off, Timothy and I hardly saw each other that summer before college (Kacen and I had an uneventful jerk session where he kept falling asleep so I really didn’t do anything with him after that) and then before we went our separate ways, the guys in me and Timothy’s friend group went skinny dipping (lots of Spank Bank material that night!), and then for 3 years that was the last night I saw Timothy naked.

He moaned “Fuuuuuuck” and our cocks erupted with cum, filling the fleshlight with our jizz and making it warmer and sticky and easier to slide up and down

So jump forward 3 years and we’ve kinda lost touch, until Timothy calls me and tells me that he’s visiting a relative who moved near where I lived and he wanted to also visit me while he was seeing his relative. I agreed and we set the date. It was a bit awkward when he arrived at my apartment and we didn’t really know how to talk to each other. Until he pulls out a thick stack of papers from his bag. The title was “Summer Lovin’” and it was a gay erotica novel he had written about our magical night of masturbation and he wanted to get my blessing to publish it.

“Was that night really so special you wrote a book about it?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he said, “it was. I don’t know why but even three years later I haven’t been able to forget it. That’s why I stopped talking to you, because every time I got a text from you I got a boner and every time we would facetime i was leaking precum. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t control my dick around you.” He confessed. At this point I could feel the blood pulsing into my dick and I could see the outline of his getting clearer and clearer.

I sat in contemplation for a moment. Then I reached over and grabbed his boner.

“Wanna recreated that night?” His eyes lit up and I ran to grab my computer as he took off his pants. I pulled up an hour-long porno similar to the one we watched that night. We stroked each other’s cocks played with our balls and had a wonderful hour of phallic pleasure. His meat felt perfect in my hand and his fountains of precum wet my fingers and made the sexiest lube possible that i rubbed all over his dick and mine. I could feel him tensing up and both of our breathing was getting harder and harder. We were both going to cum soon. I slowed down.

“Why are you stopping?” he panted, “Keep going, I’m almost there.”

“I have something, I’ll be right back.” I ran into my room and pulled out the clear Fleshlight I kept in my underwear drawer, then ran back into the living room (thank God my roommate was staying at a friend’s that night). “I have this!” Timothy saw what was in my hand and laughed.

“Shit man, you should have pulled that out a while ago!” He motioned to grab it out of my hand but I stopped him.

“Wait, I have a plan.” I told him. We moved our sweaty bodies to the carpet on the living room and brought ourselves close together, legs split to where it looked like we were scissoring. My dick was going crazy with pleasure from the feeling of his next to mine. I looked into his hazel eyes and he knew what I wanted to do. [BOB1] He pressed our dicks together and let the lips of the fleshlight engulf the tips of our dick, then move it’s way down out shafts. He moaned and I groaned and I repeated the up and down movement, getting faster and faster. Then it got to the breaking point. He moaned “Fuuuuuuck” and our cocks erupted with cum, filling the fleshlight with our jizz and making it warmer and sticky and easier to slide up and down. I kept going until I knew i wasn’t going to cum any more, and when I pulled it off completely from our dicks, it dripped with nut and our cocks and pubes were drenched. He huffed and tasted some of our semen solution. He smiled “yummy.”

And after that he ended up transferring schools and moving up to live with me. We had an initially friends-with-benefits relationship that grew into more. He is currently a successful gay erotica author (as successful as an erotica author can be) and I am a certified sex therapist. We host a monthly jerk-off group for our area and have been engaged for a year! So basically masturbating with a friend helped me find my true love! So yeah thanks for reading!

(all names and titles have been changed for safety purposes)

Please thank Dawson for submitting his experience. Lave a comment below! Join our NEWSLETTER for weekly updates and know when a new post like this one arrives, and why not send us your own experiences of bating with buddies, your fantasies, or just your opinions on male sexuality? Visit the CONTACT page to share your own story.

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When I was 12 I learned to jerk off, my next door neighbor friend told me how to Sex Story

When I was 12 I learned to jerk off, my next door neighbor friend told me how to

29-Nov-20 1544 words | 7 | 2.90 2.90

By Mike w

When I was told my friend and next door neighbor Jeff taught me how to jerk off and felt good feeling that funny tingling sensation through your whole body I wasn’t shooting any semen yet for I didn’t hit puberty yet I would tell Jeff I’m good at folk to jerk off I had four people in my family two sisters and two brothers so most of the time I did it when I was going to sleep anytime I had the chance I would grab my 4-in cock jerk away until the funny feeling tingled in my ball sack when I was 13 I hit puberty my cock within 3 months groove to amazing southern and 1/2 in my balls were three times as big as they were and I crew pubic hair on my crotch nothing I started shooting rarest couple covered liquid little skirts my friend used to ask me if I was shooting come yet so when I started shooting little spurts I told him he said wait till you shoot a full load you’ll see it’s amazing we snuck up to my older brother’s room one time and looked at dirty p*** magazines vaginas cocks balls used to get me turned on my friend looked at me and said how much semen are you spraying now Mike I said about four small spurts of clearest thin liquid how does it feel when you come Mike it feels great how much do you shoot out of your car oh I shoot quite a bit and we both laughed I noticed looking at his bulge in his pants he was hurt as a rock so it was high but I was hiding that rather well.

I heard you expressing before is that a flashlight in your body or are you happy to see me and being left he said the magazine for getting him really horny and that he had to bust enough and I said what does that mean next thing I knew he pulled down his pants and his beautiful her cocks from interview I will show you in a rather big ball set bigger than mine do you want to see what it looks like for you a man to shoot his c** oh yes that would be great can you as he took his cock in his hand and started jerking his big for having cock it looked really good watching him do this he was laying on his back on my bed me next to him he told me rub my balls with your hands oh no I can’t do that just do it make my balls feel good as I did what he ordered they were warm big and swollen as I was fondling his balls he lied and told me he was going to come the next thing I knew he was shooting semen sick ropes of man juice out of his penis head oh I’m going to come he said and he did it was amazing never seen anything like that in my life his body jerking back and forth squeeze my balls Mike squeeze him squeeze the baby batter out of my balls baby yes I did but he said when he was done he told me to clean his c** off his chest I took a dirty used shirt and wiped him clean he said hoof that was nice that feels nice coming in front of another person I do it with my girlfriend he said it turns me on she likes watching me jerk off now I want to see you masturbate Mike oh no I can’t do that Jeff just do it as he reached for my pants and gun did my butt lose and fly and jerked my pants down if you won’t do it I will do it for you and I said okay if you want to I wanted him to jerk me off he started jerking me off with a big glasses on his mouth and told me to tell him when he was when I was going to shoot it didn’t take long I was so horny and it felt so good I told him I was going to spray as I tilted my head back and close my eyes I felt the warmth and facing all over my penis I look back down as I was shooting my cement he had his mouth wrapped around my cock and was eating all my semen it was amazing watching another person do that to you me never had anything like that happened to me it continued on for a year or so man him jerking each other off until one night we were watching a movie with a sexy little teenager and they were talking about having sex he said come on Mike let’s go upstairs we went upstairs and started our session now I was almost 14 and I was shooting rather big . Watch of sucking or eat thick ropes of semen out of my shaft.

Tonight like do you want to trade something different I said what do you have in mind he said I will suck you off like I always do but you never suck me off before I always wanted to but I was a little scared too didn’t want to be gay he laughed and said everybody does it I suck your older brother off he sucks me off all our friends I didn’t know were all doing this as he took his pants down and shoved his wrecked penis next to my mouth and said just do it suck on my cock for me I want a few your mouth on my cock I open my mouth and you showed his 7-in cock deep in my mouth and starting frosting like a mad animal within minutes he was breathing hard and told me he was going to shoot I want to watch you swallow my semen swallow my hot load and started throbbing deep into my mouth and I would have choked to death if I didn’t swallow as fast as I could to keep up with his shooting cock oh yeah suck it baby suck my c** baby first time ever sucking a man’s cock I suck many of our friends off we used to have a garage we would play games and two or three of his other older friends would suck me off and then in return I would suck them off we would always end up swallowing each and all the cum. This happened a lot until I was around 16 my friend had a girlfriend and so did I and I was having sex with girls and it felt a lot better having a girl’s mouth on my penis than a guy’s just more of a turn on one night my friend called me and told me he had some beers do you want to spend the night at my house I did I knew what was going to happen I did not want to cheat on my girlfriend but it happened me and my friend Jeff had oral sex with each other and about 3:30 or so I heard him wake up go to which I thought was the bathroom next thing I knew he had his older brother 24 at the time come in the bedroom with him and woke me up and said Mike I got a surprise for you Scott wants you to suck him off I did not want to do it but I had no choice so I sucked him off until he shot his man sperm down my throat he moaned and moaned as he kept shooting rope at the rope of semen into my mouth and down my throat yes suck that cumout of me baby eat my load eat it Patrick’s pretty sick really turned me on I slept a lot of my friends cocks off but this guy was a man the next thing he did is ordered me to stand up and he got on his knees and gobbled my penis and gave me the most intense blow job I’ve ever had. You really knew what he was doing tickling my cock with his tongue sucking and scraping his teeth on my foreskin it felt intense when I shot my load I told him I was going to come and he looked at me and said yes do it I want to eat your cum. come in my mouth boy and nobody ever talked about it to anyone except for ourselves that’s as far as it went with gay sex never had anal or never penetrated a boy’s butt hole but sucking and getting sucked was a regular routine until I was around 18 all my friends were in the service removed away but they were definitely some fun times 20 years later I still think about the times but in 20 years I haven’t sucked a cock off I am married with two children now but still think about how turned on I used to get with a heart cock pumping its load knowing I was making a person shoot his semen using my mouth kind of turned me on


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By Mike w

Gay story: Wanking with a school friend

5/5 – (1 vote)

When jerking off with a school friend becomes a hobby

It started with a harmless dick comparison

Hello, my name is Tom and I am 18 years old. At the moment I’m still going to school, but I’ll graduate soon. I’m very dirty and jerk off twice a day, but nobody knows about that because I don’t talk about it with anyone. I have five dildos, including one double dildo and one horse dildo. At school I wear Analplugs almost every day because I’m so dirty. There I would also love to have a really cool jerk off with my school friend, but I didn’t dare to talk to him about this sensitive topic.

I’ve been doing it in the bathroom with a double dildo

There’s a boy in my class named Jacob. He is very open and even watches porn at school or talks to his friends about horny porn movies. My dream is to jerk off together with my school friend. I’ve come up with a plan to make this happen. I put an extra an anal plug with a crystal woman in my tight asshole before I went to him. I also took my double dildo and a tube of lubricant with me. When I was with him, I went to the bathroom one evening and left the door open.

I watched a porno with my boyfriend’s favorite actress and jerked off really horny. I was moaning extra loud so he’d see me. When he then came to the toilet, because I was already 30 minutes away, he saw me doing myself with a double dildo on his toilet. I pretended to be surprised, but he just laughed. He asked why I watch porn in the bathroom and not with him on the TV.

” Just click on this link if you want

So we went into the living room and, once dressed, watched a porn movie. When the porn was over, he suddenly said that his cock was much hornier and bigger than mine. Of course, I claimed the opposite. My friend said that we should do a dick comparison. He said that the loser should get a fair punishment for his little cock and had the idea that the winner should be allowed to jerk off in the loser’s mouth and swallow everything. I agreed and we got our dicks out at the same time.

Jerking off with a school friend as a new weekly occupation

He had a huge cock and I knew immediately that I had lost. My buddy had six inches and I only had six inches. He laughed and ordered me to kneel before him. When he began to jerk off, his tail became 4 cm longer again. I was really afraid to swallow his cum because I’ve never done it before. He jerked his horny stick so fast that he came after only two minutes and sprayed all his cum in my mouth. He just laughed out loud and told me to swallow everything. I did it and was immediately addicted to this horny white liquid. He told me to lick the jizz off his dick. I did as I was told.

But just as I was about to start licking his cock, he rammed his full 20 cm into my mouth cunt. I did a deepthroat for a minute and my friend came right back into my stomach again. Afterwards he let go of my head and laughed out loud. I was so horny, but also angry with him and suggested a wank. He said whoever comes last gets his dick shoved into his asshole by his friend. To simplify the whole thing, we lay opposite each other and together we pushed my double dildo up our ass.

We started wanking at the same time and I came early. I just laughed and without warning I pushed my cock into his extremely tight bumhole. I fucked him in the ass for five minutes without a break and then I put my cock from his chocolate hole directly into his mouth and came. He swallowed all my cum and looked very happy. We do that every weekend now!

Friend from school jerked off watching bf and I masturbate each other

This story happened the day after my bf Peter fingered me during class while our classmate Jon watched. If you want to read that story first: [Previous story](

Peter’s parents were away for the weekend, so we had his place to ourselves. Jon texted us saying that he got really turned on watching me get fingered and asked if he could get a better look next time. We decided to have him over the next day and go with the flow. I’d always been very open about sexual stuff with Peter but I’d never done anything with more than one person so I was nervous but excited at the same time.

Jon arrived after lunch and I could tell he was pretty nervous himself, so we drank a couple of beers to take the edge off. We were sitting in Peter’s room, Peter and I were sitting on the bed and Jon was sitting in a chair next to us. We talked for a bit, never touching on what had happened the day before, until we ran out of things to talk about. I decided to take one for the team and started to rub Peter’s leg and started making out with him. Jon was looking at us in complete silence, with lust in his eyes taking sips of his beer. I was wearing sweatpants so Peter was able to slid his hand underneath easily, he was wearing gym shorts so I could see his cock starting getting hard, rising up from his crotch.

I removed my pants to get more comfortable, and also for Jon to get a better view. I opened my legs while Peter kept rubbing my pussy and I massaged his cock over his shorts. Jon’s face was completely red, but I could see in his eyes that he was enjoying the show. “You can touch yourself if you want” I told him. Jon’s hands were shaking, but he eventually was able to unbuckle if pants and put his hand under his boxers and started masturbating. When he did this I removed my panties so that I was fully on display. Peter also removed his shorts but stayed in boxers with one hand fingering my pussy and the other jerking himself off.

Jon started to get more comfortable with us so he took down his pants. He was wearing boxer briefs, so I could see the outline of his rock hard cock sticking out. He stuck one hand under his boxers and started jerking off without looking away from my pussy. “I don’t want to be the one showing it all off” I told them “You have to take off your boxers too”. The boy shared a look not knowing if they were completely on board with the idea, but they eventually removed their underwear as well. They were both rock hard by this point. Peter’s cock is about 7 inches long while Jon’s is a little smaller, about 6.5 and curved to the left, which I’d never seen before.

I grabbed Peter’s cock again and started jerking him off. Jon still wouldn’t look away from my pussy being fingered and was jerking off ferociously. Out of nowhere, Peter asked Jon if he wanted to see something even hotter and stuck his head in my lap and started licking my pussy. I was not excepting that so I let out a huge moan. Jon stood up so that he could take a better look and a few seconds later he started to cum, squirting all over the floor. Peter turned over on his back and also started to cum all over himself, even hitting me with a few squirts of cum on my body.

We got ourselves clean and said goodbye to Jon. Things got a bit awkward between us and Jon for a few days, but eventually everything got back to normal and the three of us ended up getting together one more time before Peter and I broke up, but this time things got even hotter. I’ll share that story soon

The post Friend from school jerked off watching bf and I masturbate each other appeared first on Hot Indian Sex Stories | Hindi Sex Stories.

My Boyfriend and his Bud

My Boyfriend and his Bud

by Dirtynerdychick47 ©

This all started when I borrowed my boyfriend’s laptop to browse reddit. I noticed in his recently viewed posts he had been browsing a subreddit dedicated to guys jerking each other off. My boyfriend is 5’10” 250lbs, dark hair, light brown eyes, and a real man’s man. He’s an extremely intimidating looking man, and the idea of my manly boyfriend jerking off another guy made me incredibly horny.

I created an anonymous account and asked for advice on the subreddit of how to explore the idea, and after getting some great advice and a million dick pics in my inbox I decided to watch some porn watching porn with him was the best way to see his reactions.

We watched a few different videos and as I was scrolling through random videos I “accidentally” came across a video of guys jerking each other off that someone had recommended.

“This looks so hot!” I told him, “let’s watch this one please.”

“Why would I want to watch two guys jerk off?” he asked.

“Because I want to see it,” I asked in my best cute voice, “Please baby, the idea of two strong men jerking each other off sounds hot.”

He reluctantly agree and acted like he didn’t want to watch at first, but once the video was playing he was rock hard. I started jerking his cock while we watched it.

“I’d love to see get jerked off by one of your friends babe,” I said huskily as I work my hand up and down his shaft.

His eyes were glued to the screen and he was grunting with pleasure. I jerked his cock faster and squeezed his shaft tighter.

“Would you jerk one of your friends off while he jerked your hard cock baby?” I asked breathlessly.

He closed his eyes and moaned. I thought I saw him nod his head a bit, but I wasn’t sure. So I tried another tactic. I let my other hand move down to his balls, I slowly traced them with my fingertips and gently squeezed them.

“You guys could jerk each other off over my tits,” I said, “You could both cover my big tits in your hot cum.”

His eyes were closed now and he was constantly moaning, and looked like he was in heaven. I’d never felt his cock so hard. I repositioned myself, getting on my knees in front of him and continued stroking his cock aimed at my face.

“Would you do it for me Papi?” I asked with a moan, “Would you jerk off a friend for me?”

“Yessssssss” he hissed between clenched teeth.

Then I felt his cock swell in my hands and exploded all over my face, neck, and chest. We fucked like rabbits the rest of the night!

I knew my boyfriend was off work a few days later and had his best friend coming over to hang out. I would be going into work late and I came up with a plan to tease the hell out of them then leave them alone, to see if anything happens.

Finally the day came and my boyfriend’s best friend Pete showed up late in the afternoon while I was still asleep. They got comfortable and started playing video games. My Boyfriend told him I was home but asleep so they stayed pretty quiet. When I woke up I heard their faint conversation from our living room.

I was super nervous about my plan but I got up the nerve and walked out of my room in one of my boyfriend’s t-shirts and my favorite pink panties.

I acted surprised to see them and a bit shy at first but said hi and talked to them for a bit. Pete was being a complete gentleman and doing his best not to stare at me. I asked them if they were hungry or wanted anything to drink and Pete said yes and asked for a drink. My boyfriend told me later that as I walked to the kitchen Pete’s eyes were glued to my ass peeking out from under the shirt as I moved.

“Damn man, you are lucky as hell,” Pete whispered to my Boyfriend.

“I know,” My boyfriend replied with a grin.

I came back with drinks for both of them and some chips. I made it obvious I wanted them to look by needlessly bending over our coffee table and giving them both a good look at my ass. I walked around the living room a bit pretending to be straightening up here and there. I was talking to them both the whole time and eventually sat between them on the sofa for a bit. My legs on display and the crotch of my panties just visible.

I watched them play for a bit and noticed they were both playing badly as if they were distracted. I saw their drinks were getting low and asked if they wanted anything stronger to drink. My bf said definitely and asked me to make them drinks. As I got up I kissed my bf and shamelessly pointed my ass in Pete’s direction. I swear I could feel his breath on my ass.

“You know I can see your girlfriend’s panties right?” Pete asked my boyfriend, “Do you want to let her know?”

“I can see them too,” My boyfriend said, “I’m not sure if she realizes how short that shirt is, let’s just enjoy the show.”

I moved back and forth between the kitchen and the boys. I could see that Pete was staring and that his cock was tenting in his shorts. I sat down with them on the sofa again and I could tell the whole situation had my boyfriend hard as hell too. I with them a bit longer and my bf kept rubbing my thighs making my shirt ride up giving Pete a view of my panties.

I felt Pete’s hand brush my outer thigh a few times “accidentally” and I would occasionally fidget in my seat or lean forward to get chips or have a sip of my drink. I knew they were getting great peeks at my ass. Every time I leaned forward Pete would look at my boyfriend nervously before staring at my ass almost like he was making sure it was ok.

Eventually it was time for me to get ready for work and as I got up I placed a hand on both of their thighs to lift myself up. As I did I squeezed my boyfriend’s cock and let my hand brush Pete’s gently. While I was in the bathroom Pete had noticed I hadn’t closed the door all the way and they could see me in the gap undressing and stepping into the shower. He didn’t mention it to my boyfriend.

At this point Pete was barely playing the game any more just watching me lather up my body through the frosted glass of the shower doors.

“Damn your girlfriend is so sexy!” Pete said, “Do you think she realizes how much she is teasing us?”

“Oh I think she knows,” My boyfriend laughed, “She loves to be a tease.”

When I stepped out of the shower Pete had a perfect view of my wet naked body. He bit his lip and grunted a bit then looked over at my boyfriend suddenly afraid he was caught. Pete kept adjusting himself trying to hide the fact he was hard.

I bent over to search under the sink for my blow dryer giving him a nice view of my tight shaved pussy. Pete moaned when he saw it. My boyfriend looked at him and Pete looked at the TV pretending he didn’t see anything. I finished up, put on my robe, and walked out. I watched them both as I walked to the bedroom and blushed when I got to my room. I knew I gave Pete a good show. I was so incredibly excited.

When I came back out they were still playing and I walked over to my bf kissed him deep and squeezed his cock openly so Pete would be sure to see. When I left Pete was so distracted he was playing like shit so my boyfriend asked him what was up.

“Did you notice your girlfriend left the bathroom door open?” Pete asked.

“I thought he saw the door opened but I couldn’t see anything, plus I was focused on the game.” My boyfriend said.

Pete told him what he saw and apologized.

“Don’t worry about it,” my boyfriend said, “What did you think?”

“I got a great peek at her shaved little pussy,” Pete told him, “It looks so perfect!”

“It really is, and she’s so tight too” My boyfriend said.

Pete bit his lip at that.

“Do you want to see some more?” My boyfriend asked, “I mean since you got a peek anyway.”

Pete just nodded. My boyfriend linked his phone to our TV and pulled up a few pics of me he had and showed them off. Pete was drooling over my tits and ass, but he reached down and squeezed his cock.

“It looks so smooth” Pete gasped when he saw the pictures of my shaved wet pussy.

“Mmmhmm” Was all my boyfriend could say.

“Do you want to see a video clip I have of her playing with her pussy and moaning my name?”

“Fuck yeah!” Pete responded eagerly.

My boyfriend pulled up the short 30 second clip and they watched, when it was over Pete stood up and his cock was standing straight out under his basketball shorts.

“I really need to jerk my dick!” Pete said desperately, “I’m so fucking hard it hurts!”

“I need to jerk off too ” My boyfriend told him, “I have some more videos I can put on if you want to watch them too.”

Pete sat back down reluctantly but said yeah. That’s when they both pulled out their cocks and my boyfriend put on a minute long video of me using my Hitachi and a dildo.

My boyfriend has a pretty big cock, about 8 inches and really thick. Pete’s cock is about the same size as my boyfriend but maybe a bit longer. They both started jerking their own cocks and barely made it to the end of the video.

When they both came some of Pete’s cum landed on my boyfriend’s leg. Pete apologized and my boyfriend laughed and reached out with his own cum covered hand planning to wipe it on his leg in return but he decided to reach for his cock and see what happened.

Soon as my boyfriend’s hand bumped Pete’s cock he gripped it. Pete jumped but didn’t pull away and my bf took that as a sign and slowly started sliding his hand up and down his shaft. Pete bit his lip and my bf kept stroking him using their cum as lube. He after a few minutes Pete reached over, grabbed my boyfriend’s cock, and started stroking him too.

My pictures were on the TV in slide show mode and they stroked each other while looking at my naked body. They had both just cum so they weren’t trying to make each other cum just stroking each other and looking at me enjoying the feeling.

My boyfriend felt Pete’s cock starting to throb as his own cock was starting to react as well, they were both close. They were stroking faster and moaning both matching the others speed till they both came almost simultaneously and all over each other’s cocks. There was an awkward pause then they both sighed and cleaned up.

They went back to playing Playstation in silence.

“That felt really good,” Pete said, “Fuck I’m still really horny.”

“It felt great!” My boyfriend agreed, “I’m still horny too.”

With that they turned off the game and my pulled up another video of me and they stroked each other again side by side. They were both going back and forth from watching the video to each other’s cocks and moaning and telling each other how good it felt.

My boyfriend told Pete his hand felt great and Pete said he was stroking him perfectly. Pete stopped to play with my boyfriend’s balls and my boyfriend did the same to Pete.

“I’m gonna cum!” Pete moaned out suddenly, “That feels so good!”

“Cum for me,” My boyfriend responded, “Cum while I jerk your big cock and you watch my slut gf cum”

My boyfriend’s words sent him over the edge and Pete moaned loud and came all over my boyfriend’s hand.

“You like me cumming in your hand while your slut gf fucks herself on TV?” Pete said, “You like me stroking your cock while we watch her?”

“Fuck yes!!” My boyfriend moaned loud as he came all over Pete’s hand.

They sat there slowly stroking each other’s cock, and catching thier breath before they cleaned each other up. Before Pete left he said they had to do it again some time. My boyfriend agreed.

Jerking Off For Friend’s Mom

I found out a few years ago that I really enjoy flashing my cock to older women. I work in a local paint store and a few years ago an attractive brunette older woman came in. I found myself getting hard. Not sure why I did it, but I went back to the bathroom, took off my boxers, and went back out to the front. I pulled my zipper down a little bit so that if she looked, she would see my cock. I stood next to her as she sat at the design table as I was looking away, with my cock right at her eye level.

When I looked back, she was looking and said, “You left your fly open, sweetheart.”

I apologized, and she just said, “These things happen.”

She came in a few days later with her girlfriend and we were all just talking. I decided to go commando after my initial thrill. I saw both of them stealing glances and my growing cock. When they went up to the front, I stood behind the counter, pulled out my cock and began jerking off.

The thrill of just them turning around made me explode all over the counter. I quickly cleaned it up but knew I was hooked. Over the next few months they came back in more than once. I even got a chance to rub my cock on her ass as I reached around her to grab a paint chip. One time they were both talking to me on the other side of the wallpaper rack and I just was slowly jerking off. When I came, she just smiled and asked me if everything was okay. I smiled and said yes.

One time I was jerking my cock to the woman at the front counter as her paint shook; she turned just as I was cumming, I took my hand off my cock as my cum shot all over the machine and the side of her can. When I went to the counter, she said it looked like I made a bit of a mess back there and smiled.

I smiled and said, “Yeah but your paint is perfect.” She has been in a few times since then.


This episode started at the beginning of last summer. I went down to the shore to stay at my friend’s mom’s house. I am forty-two and in good shape and she is around sixty-five, with short blonde hair, and tan. After a few days, she asked me to help her with some basic painting, so I did. I did keep stealing glances at her, as she is in good shape and was wearing a blue bikini . After we finished, she suggested I use her outdoor shower to clean off, saying she was going to lay out and then use it after me.

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